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22 Nov 2016

Steeplechase “Lady Bright" 1970 US Heavy Psych Hard Rock

Steeplechase  “Lady Bright" 1970 US Heavy Psych Hard Rock
The only album by this very short-lived band is a rather uninspired and mediocre mix of psych rock, blues rock and hard rock. I’m not that into this LP. Some of these songs have potential but most of them are pretty lame I think. Even the name of this band is stupid. ….. 

Produced by Eddie Kramer, an hard edged rock outfit from New York, strongly influenced by Uriah Heep, with lots of guitar/keyboards interplay and good vocals. All their material was penned by the group members (Radicello, Spinella and Parrish) and some tracks are quite good, notably Wrought Iron Man and Lady Bright, this one with the guitar of Kim King (from Lothar and The Hand People) who also engineered the album. ….. 

Dean Parrish – vocals, guitar 
Bobby Spinella – organ, piano, harpsichord, electric piano, backing vocals 
Tony Radicello — bass, backing vocals, organ, 12-strings guitar 
Joey Forgione — drums, percussion, backing vocals 
Kim King – guitar 
Paul Fleisher – horn 

01. Wrought Iron Man — 3:20 
02. Shorty Stokes — 3:47 
03. Down On The Town — 3:27 
04. Talking Bout You — 3:07 
05. Lady Bright — 4:20 
06. In The Valley — 2:22 
07. Mary Clarke — 4:20 
08. Seashore – 4:28 
09. Never Coming Back — 3:25 
10. Cherry Blossom – 2:53 

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