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13 Nov 2016

The Ensemble Al-Salaa “The Sojourner” 1974 US Spiritual Jazz Funk

The Ensemble Al-Salaa  “The Sojourner” 1974 US mega rare Spiritual Jazz Funk
First, I must clear up some confusion regarding Strata Records, Inc. and Strata East Records. Although, they are closely related they are NOT the same label. Strata East was set up as the East Coast extension of Strata Records, but established as its own company and roster of artists. 

I have so many memories associated with this record I inherited from my brother as kid. I think I was 12 when he just left the record with me and said, “This record is yours to learn from.” This is such a spiritually uplifting album that when I was a kid I would just dream and dream about life while listening to this record. I had even memorized the lyrics! My all-time favorite on this album is most definitely “Optimystical.” What an incredible song with such infectious vocals. Moreover, one cannot help but be brought to tears when listening to the incredibly moving and soulful moving track “Peace….. 

01. Music Is Nothing But a Prayer (Turnbull) - 8:00 
02. Ecstasy (Parker-Al-Rouf) - 3:12 
03. The Sojourner (Salamu-Crawley) - 5:09 
04. Circles (Turnbull) - 2:20 
05. Traces of Trane (Al-Rouf) - 3:29 
06. Vibration Love Call (Al-Rouf-Turnbull) - 5:01 
07. Malika (Al-Rouf) - 6:58 
08. Optimystical (Turnbull) - 3:32 
09. Peace (Salaam) (Seals-Crawley) - 8:14 

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