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24 Nov 2016

The Flying Dogs Of Jupiter “American Dream” 1975 US Private Psych Blues Rock

The Flying Dogs Of Jupiter “American Dream” 1975 US Private Psych Blues Rock
Rare private press from New Jersey sounds like mid-70s Grateful Dead, they definitely have that party atmosphere jam band pass me the bong, brother vibe. Opening track is “Don’t Ease Me In”, which I do believe was The Grateful Dead’s opening track as well, wasn’t it? Files near The Walnut Band, Max Creek, Snakegrinder, etc. Prefered track ‘Open road" ………… 

Formed around 1974 in Union County NJ. Very little information is available currently on them. This author stumbled upon a mint copy of Flying Dogs of Jupiter album American Dream in his step-fathers record collection. He was for many years friends with the band. They later went on give way to a band called 'The Spuds’. The Spuds website reveals this about the Flying Dogs: 
“The Flying Dogs have the distinction of being the first garage band to release a full length LP on their own label. This isn’t a claim we make. This was told to us by a guy who says he knows this stuff. Anyway he bought up all the available copies of the Flying Dogs Album "American Dream”, put them in his catalog and sold them all off at $15.00 a copy. Shit, we couldn’t even give them away when we made them in 1975. Now we have seen them for sale at vintage music stores for $100 a copy. Go Figure! 
The Flying Dogs had a jamming kind of thing going when it was not cool to be a jam band on the local club circuit. Their best audience was found at the colleges. They had a ton of equipment that they built themselves to make their scene happen, and a dedicated road crew to make it all work for them. This road crew had a name. And guess what, the name that these guys went by was (The Spuds).“……….. 

A group of Westfield, Union County (NJ), formed approximately in 1974. All the musicians of the original composition of the studied together in school, where he gained first musical experience playing at dances. After high school, he decided to continue his musical career. But it was a jam band that played everything from Chuck Berry to «Captain Beafheart», «The Fugs», «Commander Cody», «The New Riders», «The Dead», «The Doors». And because they are addicted to drugs, and organized concerts endless spontaneous jams. To record an album to organize their own «Jovian Records» and in 1975 released the «American Dream». In support of the release of numerous live shows on local radio and concerts around New Jersey were organized. Because of the passionate love of musicians to the drugs in the group there is a periodic change in the composition. By the end of 1977 the group broke up as a result of a failed investment of money and consequent material troubles. Later, an unsuccessful attempt was made to revive under the name «The Spuds». In 2011, the group met a few new line-up and re-start active………….. 

Alan Grigg — guitar, vocals 
Lenny Northover — saxophone, flute 
Curt Hansen- bass 
Ed Tristram — guitar, vocals 
Steve Roberts — drums 
Chris Szeliga – harmonica, vocals 
Bob Thena — kazoo 

01. Don’t Ease Me In — 3:56 
02. Open Road — 4:18 
03. Can’t Help What You Want — 8:50 
04. Dead End Boogie — 5:23 
05. Shop Around — 6:49 
06. Another Man Done Gone — 3:36 
07. Let Us Get Together — 2:45 
08. American Dream — 6:03 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..