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18 Nov 2016

The Love Depression “The Love Depression” 1968 Venezuela Psych Garage Rock Acid Fuzz

The Love Depression “ The Love Depression”  1968 mega rare Venezuela Psych Garage Rock Acid Fuzz Souvenir Label
“What an amazing record this is. On same label as Ladies WC. This masterpiece is full of fuzzguitar, acid leads and pumping sounds. Covers only this time but played so wild that you will like it better than the original composition. This album is as good as Ladies WC. Realy amazing Psych artwork too.” 

Alvaro Falcón: Guitar,Piano,Organ,Harmonica,Background vocals (he was 17 at the time). Jesus “Torito” Toro: Drums and Lead vocals / Richard Aumaitre: Bass and Background vocals. Recorded in Estudios Continente,Caracas,Venezuela April 1968…… 

The Love Depression, power very heavy and powerful and violent style to fuzzer we both enjoyed trio. Yes, Thursday, first day of the recess to Wirtis - not for its own sake: competing refuses to go to the office - I bring Venezuelans Love Depression. I contextualize: it is set heyday and splendor of psychedelia in Venezuela, the band ranging from 68 to 71. Three years. It’s not much. However Venezuelans was enough to generate a band so characteristic and universal as The Love Depression . I mean, on the one hand are a particular band, that is - this feature is given in every good band - after one or two heard, once heard made her innocent impression and then reaffirmed and recognized the sounds; we began to detect the particularities that single out the rest. And there, ready to intoxicate only deepen with those nuances that we have found in the new band we hear. All right. I went to hell. Let’s go back. As I said, The Love Depression arise and recorded this, their unique and monumental album in ‘68 Great year. Yes . Well, they record a most outstanding in the song disc, according Wirtis and critics; is Gon`na ride , theme distinguishes itself bill so heavy and saturated fuzz. . Then they shipped with covers in Hendrix and Cream Wave - in fact there are versions of the two - particularly executed by The Love Depression 
The band was: Alvar Falcon (guitar, harmonica vocals and keyboards!), Richard Aumaitre (bass and vocals), Jesus “Torito” Toro (drums). Friends disk: Alfredo Rugeles (keyboards), Willy Perez (keyboards) and Steve Scott (Harmonica) 
Well, I leave my brothers awful band. In addition, for the badass punk glad, I hung in wordpress , The Pleasure Fuckers to. On the other hand morning more. 
Now: The Love Depression !!!!!…by Garagelatino….. 
The Love Depression. 
Richard Aumaitre ex-bassist of the successful band “the Darts” with Alvaro Falcón (guitarist Snobs) and Jesus Bull “Torito” come together in a group and launch one of the best and most representative albums of the second half of the 60s in the history of Venezuelan rock. 

the love depression was a power trio of psychedelic rock formed in Caracas, Venezuela in early 1968 and disintegrated in 1969. 

it was composed by Alvaro Falcon (Guitar electric piano, organ, harmonica and vocals), Jesus Toro (drums and vocals) and Richard Aumaitre (electric 4 and 8 strings bass, vocals). 

Previously Falcon had been a member of The Snobs, Richard Aumaitre Los Darts and Jesus Toro the Nasty Pillows (a group heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix). 

Shortly after its creation, were signed by Jesus Perez Perazzo, manager of the label phonogram, to participate in disc compilation bringing together some of the artists catalog label. Compilation discs were psychotomimetic Live an experience in 1968 and Second psychotomimetic experience in 1969, the label offered Eventually recorded three albums but these studio albums only one of the same title. launched in April 1968 he came to fruition. 

The disc is considered collector ’s item in Venezuelan discography because only 4,000 copies were printed. 

Like many other bands of the era, The Love Depression recorded topics from groups or Anglo solo interpreted in English. This record clearly shows up where the influence of psychedelic music arrived in Venezuela in late 1960. 

In 2003 the German label Shadoks Music, which specializes in psychedelic music, reissued the album on CD describing it as “a masterpiece with interpreted so furiously that taste more than the originals. "versions 

Meanwhile, Ned Raggett critical (all Music Guide), although according to the accent Toro, disagree on the overall merits of the disc. Besides praising the one original song (Gon'na ride) wrote that although the selection of topics is reasonably standard to record versions, selection of Highway Child, 51st Anniversary and Stone Free instead of the obvious Purple Haze and Foxy Lady show more originality at the time that Lenny Kravitz showing today. He also mentioned that to have versioned the infamous Toad group Cream the group was really inspired or simply insane, especially by the attempt of Jesus Toro (incorrectly identified as Richard Aumaitre) to mimic the battery Ginger Baker. 

Greetings ……by…Pineapple EddioMarch 7, 2011 5:32……. 

Rock trio formed in 1967 by Alvaro Falcon (guitar, piano, organ, harmonica, vocals), Richard Aumaitre (bass, vocals) and Jesus Toro (drums, percussion, vocals). Its members came from recognized bands like The Darts (Ricjhard Aumaitre), Nasty Pillows (Jesus Toro) and L will Snobs (Alvaro Falcon). Unlike most groups cultivating the sound coming rock in Venezuela, do not focus on rhythm and beat are oriented towards musical proposals developed by bands like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, combined with soul elements. His only recording, The Love Depression (1968), is considered a collector ’s item of great value today. Basically it contained versions of songs by Jimi Hendrix, Procol Harum and Cream; as well as an original song ( Gonna ride ). It can be considered one of the first recognized bands in Venezuela adopted the format trio, whose lead singer was in charge of the drummer and one of the first to incorporate a drum solo in a studio recording. They participated in important events such as calls psychotomimetic experiences and some songs were included in compilations published by Souvenir stamp. They separated in 1970 and each of his musicians follow different musical paths: Alvaro Falcón be part of the initial years of Aditus , participate in the group Ananta and in 1990 formed The Casablanca Band ; Jesus Toro went to the pool Tsee Muds and would also be part of the Casablanca Band , while Richard Aumaitre participated in some of the comebacks of bands like The Darts and The 007 . For 2003, the English label Shadoks released their only recording on LP and CD format. 

001. Gon'na Ride (03:00) 
002. High Way Child (03:04) 
003. When A Man Loves A Woman (03:27) 
004. Kansas City (04:57) 
005. If You Need Me (02:31) 
006. Toad (04:07) 
007. Stone Free (03:34) 
008. Crossroads (04:28) 
009. Whiter Shade (03:55) 
010. 51st Aniversary (03:14) 
011. I’m Sorry (03:18) 
012. Sweet Soul Music (01:56)   

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