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19 Nov 2016

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane “ The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane” 2010 Chile psych Rock,experimental full

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane “ The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane” 2010 Chile psych Rock,experimental
Originally issued during 2010 . This perfect psych/exotica masterpiece evokes the spirit of Sandy Bull, Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. “I think it’s one of the best psychedelic blues records ever” Anton Newcombe ….. 

“From the first listen, this album brings the revival of the neo-psychedelia from the nineties as represented by bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, Love and Les Big Byrd, amongst others. Although this is happening in Chile 10 years later, it means that this kind of music, a song created by a simple chord in a Spanish guitar, is still important in different parts of the world, even more in Chile and the psych scene occurring in the past years (i.e Föllakzoid, La Hell Gang, The Holydrug Couple). Lo-fi recording settings, unconscious directed jams; with an acid bluesy style creates the unique sound of the record. The end result; a very coherent piece of art that pays tributes to minimal elements: sampled drums, groovie basslines, analog synths and guitar. Originally issued in 2010, TPSJ reveals a new way into the rituals of psychedelic rock, while paying tribute to American classic style, the blues, combined with a Latin vein that should be done more often. The music creates a refreshing vibe that gives hope from the underground parts of the world, unpretentious, relaxed and made with heart and soul. Be sure to check this guy out in a few years to see what he’s up to. Edition of 500 copies” - BYM 

Here’s what we had to say the first time we encountered this killer LP!!!! 
Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane - Pay no attention to the name of this band. We wanted to hate this because of the ridiculous band name, but it’s nearly unhate-able. Read this review Rich from Terminal Boredom wrote and try not to get as intrigued as we were. 

“The sounds of the modern Chilean psych underground are slowly making their way to North America with some vinyl and CDRs and a word-of-mouth assist from Pink Reason’s tour of the country and the reports brought back from Kevin Failure. Apparently Spacemen 3 are as big as Led Zep down there or something, which is fantastic and shows on what releases I’ve heard so far. The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane (you should just pause here for a moment to think about and enjoy this band name) are a loose experimental psychedelic jam band, including some members of the previously reviewed La Banda’s and they really stretch out and relax on seven lengthy instrumental explorations. And not really jammy in the rocking sense, more like wandering about in cloudy headspaces and losing themselves in the song. You get dedications to Sandy Bull and La Banda’s themselves and a couple of unexpected references to David Icke/ reptoids, all recorded live on 8-track tape without any digital tinkering. "Grio’s Wisom” is exotic drone with vintage synth tone, hypnotizing percussion from bongos and lo-fi drum machine/gong and a bit of sitar-like guit noodle with the added oddity of supposedly being recorded next to a construction site with the sounds of jackhammers and other industrial machines melding into the cut seamlessly and without any manipulation if I’m deciphering the liner notes accurately. The Sandy Bull trib, “No Return Blues” has two or three guitar lines intertwining for a relaxed, yet not lazy, zone out. “Hey (Bring Us Another Drink)” has the only semblance of vocals (just a chant of “Hey.” a few times) with a fantastic harmonica intro and total Sixties drop out vibing. Then we get into two reptilian/Icke jams with more harmonica, bongos, backwards Eastern-inflected guitar work for even more nod-out mushroom drones. Definite music to take drugs and stare at your lava lamp to, totally organic and heavy on the mellow and certainly a bit more interesting due to the locale the music is emanating from. A fried egg for sure, but one that’s not spitting grease all over the place either.“ 

Rich sure knows how to call ‘em. There is some serious Spacemen 3 worship here and you don’t even have to put the needle on the record to figure that out. The notes on the back of the jacket include "God bless Spacemen 3” and they also state that the record was recorded completely analog. They recorded next to a construction site on one jam for chrissakes….. 

To understand the Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane we have to take a trip to the late 60s and early 70s in the bands home country - Chile. There and then the growing youth culture expands their minds and their ideals of equality in rhythm with the chaotic cosmic sounds from the, then and now, acclaimed psychrockscene. In october 1970 the festival Piedra Roja, wich has been called Chiles equivalent to Woodstock, takes place. The counterculture and belief in the future are strong. But the end of an era is just around the corner. Three years later Augustus Pinochets fascist regime, with support from CIA, takes control of the country. September 1973 are known as the beginning of the time of silence. Thousands of people were murdered and tortured - among them many artists - during Pinochets 17 years in power. But during the recent years the experimental psychrockscene has begun to roar from the underground it was buried alive in. 

When the Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane released their self titled, analogue recorded, debut 2010 it became painfully obvious that the band are among the key-players on that scene. The record sold out faster then Pinochets fascist heart stopped beating after his attack 2006. And that’s just one, among many, reasons to why we at Hoga Nord Rekords feel extraordinary proud to release two new psychtunes from TPSJ! 

A-side takes off with a linear psych-blues vibe until the riffs pleasantly starts to cut and stimulate our eardrums frantically: Membrillo’s ride is the sound of ZZ Top on the run on choppers after a drunken shopliftningbender on the wrong side of town. If you study TPSJ:s debut-cover you can’t miss that the band not only loves Hugo Chavez but also Spacemen 3. Suitably the B-side share names with the three british space rockers hometown - Rugby. It’s time for a revolution boys and girls. And all it takes is five seconds. And, uh, yeah.. we smell burning! ………….. 

A Message from the Underground Bunkers (Intro) 
Grio’s Wisdom 
No Return Blues 
Hey (Bring Us Another One) 
Blessings From The Reptiles (Diego) 
In Margaritas With David Icke 
A Message From the Underground Bunkers (Outro) 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..