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20 Nov 2016

Time "Time II" 1975 Yugoslavia Prog Rock

Time  "Time II" 1975 Yugoslavia Prog Rock 
Time “Divlje Guske” Zagreb Croatia  (HQ) 1975 with Dado Topic. 
This Croatian group (from Zagreb) was founded by Dado Topic after he had left Korni Grupa in 1972. Time’s first album was quite similar stylistically to Korni Grupa’s first album, containing a mixture of jazzy heavy rock (“Istina Mašina”) and thoughtful ballads (“Pjesma No. 3”). The most progressive track was the 10 minute “Za Koji Život Treba Da Se Rodim”, displaying virtuoso Hammond organ from Asanović and electric guitar from Božić. This is one of the earliest and best Yugoslavian rock albums. 

This chasm between soft rock ballads and hard rock widened on Time II (1975), which was split between one side of each. “Da Li Znas Da Te Volim” belongs to the first category and remains one of Time’s most famous and finest songs. The album didn’t list any personnel. 

Their final album was much more consistent in sound, but sadly focused on Topic’s funky pop-rock aspirations (at times even reminding me of the 70’s Stevie Wonder). Still the eight songs attained quite a good standard. Time finally stopped in 1978 after six years and more than 30 line-up changes. 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Dado Topic / vocal, bass, acoustic guitar 
- Tihomir Pop Asanovic / organ, keyboards 
- Ratko Divjak / drums, congas 

Guest musicians: 
- Dragi Jelic / electric guitar 
- Dabi Lukac / Moog, Mellotron 

1. Divlje guske (7:09) 
muz. i arr. Dado Topić; tekst D. Maksimović i D. Topić 
2. Balada o 2000 (5:26) 
muz. Alberto Krasnić; arr. i tekst Dado Topić 
3. Da li znaš da te volim (6:03) 
muz. arr. tekst Dado Topić; arr. za gudače Dečo Žgur 
4. Alfa Romeo GTA (3:39) 
muz. arr. tekst Dado Topić 
5. Dok ja i moj miš sviramo jazz (3:11) 
muz. arr. tekst Dado Topić 
6. Živjeti slobodno (3:28) 
muz. arr. tekst Dado Topić; producent: Drago Diklić 
Muzički producent: Vladimir Mihaljec 
Snimano u studiju “Akademik” 

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