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21 Nov 2016

Vespero “Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier" 2012 Russia Prog Rock Kraut Rock ,Space Rock

Vespero “Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier" 2012  Russia Prog Rock Kraut Rock ,Space Rock.CD  50 numbered copies. Also released as 2 LP by Krauted Mind Records (limited to 500 copies: 400 black and 100 color vinyl) with two bonus tracks
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Vespero, originally called Веспер (Vesper), is a band formed in Astrakhan, Russian Federation in 2003 as all instrumental quartet of Arkady Fedotov (bass, keyboards), Valentin Rulev (violin), Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion), and Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar). Originally oriented towards space-rock and krautrock jamming, the band later expanded to include vocals and tackle more psychedelic and progressive material. …….. 

“A German bird of prey had been carved into the rock above the submarine dock, but Morris had used a kosher salami to blast away the swastika in its talons. Likewise a yellowed banner announcing ‘U-Boats Willkommen Hier’ had been scorched with lasers, and a stack of crates and steel drums stamped with the SS thunderbolt had served as the bull’s-eye for numerous whipped-cream targeting experiments.” – from “Sewer, Gas & Electric: The Public Works Trilogy” by Matt Ruff (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1997)……. 

The 4th VESPERO’s official album, “Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier” is a conceptual framework for six instrumental kraut-rock songs which are inspired by Russian Futurism of the early 20th century, German musical underground of the 70’s, modern American fiction writers, as well as mysteries of the Great Ocean still not completely explained by mankind. The first pressing of CD (6 tracks – 67 min.) is limited to 500 units. 450 units are packaged in an oversized thick folder of rough cardboard with silkscreened cover-art; it contains a big full color submarine navigation map. Original graphics and artwork navigation by ZonderZond. Free streaming or immediate digital download of the album (MP3, FLAC or other formats) is available through… 

“Loosely conceptual and firmly steered, Subkraut finds Vespero taking their progressive space rock to gravity-free watery depths with as much drive and surge as ships taking off in the other direction. And finding that infinite space isn’t just over your head.” – by Mr. Atavist at Sunrise Ocean Bender (USA) (May 2012). 

“For my money there are a scant few bands, instrumental or otherwise, that continue to push the sonic envelope further with each subsequent release as effectively as the Russian space rock outfit Vespero. Now four albums into their career, their latest opus entitled Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier is a concept disc of sorts that finds the band keeping the crux of their sound and many of their key musical ingredients firmly intact, and yet at the same time, it also see’s them continuing their relentless affinity for self discovery by carving out new paths in the search for those missing layers required to take them to the next level… Containing six instrumental compositions and clocking in at around an hour, Vespero once again thrive on guiding the listener through yet another one of their multi- dimensional, kaleidoscope journey’s through the cosmos, and also in this case the murky depths of uncharted oceans. Although comprised of six individual tracks, the music presented here is woven seamlessly together in the rich and dense warmth that can only be achieved through analog sources, not to mention it is also a welcome contrast from today’s music culture, which still favors pushing individual 'tracks’ as opposed to the complete album listening experience. The shimmering atmospherics, heaping amount of synth washes and innovative guitar textures and effects are on full display throughout, as they mesh perfectly with the ever shifting rhythms and complex percussive patterns. Their 70’s inspired Krautrock approach is further complemented on a few tracks with the subtle addition of sax, flute and cello. When you put it all together it comes across as yet another masterpiece from these Russian pioneers. What continues to set Vespero apart from many of their contemporaries operating in similar musical territory, is their continued desire to explore new sounds, without sacrificing any of the main ingredients (for lack of a better word) of their sound. With each new release comes the spontaneous and subconscious desire for growth and until they prove incapable of delivering on their promise, they will continue to offer us masterpieces like Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier. (Score: 5/5)” – by Ryan Sparks at Sea Of Tranquility (USA) (May 2012). 

“With each new release the Russian band Vespero further reinforce my feeling that they are one of the best instrumental bands on the contemporary Space Rock/Psychedelic scene… I don’t consider Vespero’s music to be Krautrock. To me they’re like a cross between early Korai Orom and Ozric Tentacles, with more emphasis on the former, though more overtly space rock than Korai Orom… In summary, this is a shoe-in for inclusion on my Best of 2012 list. Nuff said…” - by Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations (USA) (August 2012)…………….. 

VESPERO’s fourth album is significantly referring to the German U-Boat tradition (how terrible!) in the same way as to the special German rock music legacy (how irresisitible!). Similarity and contradiction at once – ‘U-Boats Willkommen Hier’ – this sounds provocative to me, sorry, probably meant as a pun – tainted with considerable speculation overall. But now for some clarification, the official label (R.A.I.G) announcement tells us that the album ‘is a conceptual framework for six instrumental kraut-rock songs which are inspired by Russian Futurism of the early 20th century, German musical underground of the 70’s, modern American fiction writers, as well as mysteries of the Great Ocean still not completely explained by mankind’. Yup! 

‘The Art Of Positive Thinking’ – well, come what may, the title of the last song points us in the right direction, right?. Also put with intent I’m sure … the song titles are alternating between English and German, just like following a policy or so … German efficiency, eh? Seriously now … there are bands I gradually have lost interest, since some repetiition in style and approach occured over the years. VESPERO obviously differ … every album sounds in another way somehow. Often accompanied by a trancy behaviour they have worked with native female vocalists for example, but now they are on another track. There’s a strong space jam appeal to state, which shows them close to Oresund Space Collective or the current Electric Orange style here and there. And subtle sax and violin input brings some variation to the general impression. 

The groovy Underwater convinces me due to a very nice harmonic interplay of synths and space guitar. I can imagine a somewhat modern submarine boat incarnation – gliding underwater at first as usual, but then gathering speed, coming up crossing the surface, and finally blasting off into space. Another collaboration – I mean drums and percussion – is striking too here. Concerning the title Angriff, Ran, Versenken! this leaves me with mixed feelings, musically though the song is nominated for the album’s highlight on the contrary – expresses dramaturgy all through, it’s a very dynamic exemplar. I still do believe in artistic freedom by the way. 

Some songs like Anpeilen! and Alarm … The Art Of Positive Thinking show a drum work tending more to a typical hypnotic respectively mechanical appearance anyhow. That said, for some reason this really might be the closest album to krautrock they’ve ever recorded so far. But – on the other hand – since VESPERO started with ‘Rito’ in 2007 such influences never could be denied for sure, are reflected in every album, sometimes more, sometimes less. Although thematically a bit problematic for me I won’t complain – music-wise this is another outstanding band output. If you still are not familiar with this crew, it’s about time. 

zravkapt from progarchives 

Spacerock … or no space, rather water. Subrock … Submarine Prog. Vespero apparently parked their spaceship and went into the depths of the seas. At the same time, the crew was enlarged, but eight musicians can now be heard on the fourth studio album of the Russians. These are also assigned to certain departments of the submarine: the engine room (the two percussionists), the tower (bass, sax), the radio room (keys, electronics) and the center (guitar and cello). “Subkraut: U-Boats Welcome Here” is the whole thing. 

The label - the Russian Association of Independent Genres, in short: RAIG - describes the album as “a conceptual framework for six instrumental kraut-rock songs which are inspired by Russian "Yes, Futurism and Krautrock is there, probably also the science fiction inspiration, seems to be a part of the album title from a novel by Matt Ruff to come from . 

Vespero plays a krautigen instrumentalpacerock on "Subkraut: U-Boats Welcome Here”, a cosmic-electronically jiggling mix of stylistic notes, electric guitars, bass and much percussion, occasionally enriched with sax and cello lengths, Which is very hypnotic and dense. Compared to the first three vespero albums, the content of retro-weed or neopsychedelic tactile sounds and electronic tissues has increased, driving the whole thing much more repetitively and somewhat more angularly. 

All sorts of electronic fiddling, honking, booming, hissing and bubbling flows from the boxes, with retroprogressive pushbuttons and sequencer-controlled electronics patterns. In it are sweeping, psychedelic-spaceful electric guitars, or the sound of growling soundscapes produced with the same instrument, the already mentioned, rather worn inserts of sax, flute and cello and, of course, the extensive percussion section. Singing, or other human utterances, is not. 

Very colorful and varied, but of course with the genre-like slope to minimalist-reptitious sequences, Vespero rock their submarine, commute between the fast-moving moments and leisurely moving sections (the brisk ones, however,) and create their own, very sweeping and Fresh version of the genre. 

The album comes by the way in a high format carton box, printed with bony wal-U-boats, in which, besides the CD, a large chart is also unfolded. Very beautiful! In addition to this “standard CD edition” there is also a strictly limited (50 pieces) special edition (called “Seebar Edition”) of the album, which is delivered as book-like cardboard box, next to the CD the sea chart, a submarine pennant , A submarine dog tag, a submarine book, all sorts of submarine photos and other supposed submarine memorabilia. As a double LP, “Subkraut: U-Boats Welcome Here” is of course also to have. Spacerock, Neopsychedelik and Retro Krautrockfreaks should urgently try one of these versions of the album! 

Rivertree from progarchives 

50 units come as a handcrafted memorable “Seebar” Edition under the catalog number R073PG (“Piece Goods” line by RAIG | ZonderZond). Each set is packaged in a oversized foil stamped, hard cover case. In addition to the disc and navigation map of a basic edition, it contains a full color oversized booklet and postcards, special set of vintage photographs, hand-crafted replicas of U-Boat pennant, crew member dog-tag and cuff-title. The “Seebar” box-sets are individually numbered and available exclusively through RAIG’s web-store Original design navigation by ZonderZond. ….. 

1 The Strangest Thing In The Ocean 11:31 
2 Anpeilen! 9:51 
3 Underwater 13:13 
4 Target Selection 8:59 
5 Angriff, Ran, Versenken! 11:05 
6 ALARM… The Art Of Positive Thinking 12:27
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Vespero “Lique Mekwas” 2016 Russian Prog,Space,Psych Rock,Experimental

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