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16 Nov 2016

Vikings Invasion ”Vol. 1″ 1975 Swiss Private Hard Blues Rock

Vikings Invasion ”Vol. 1″  1975 Swiss Private Hard Blues Rock
Vikings Invasion are a blues-rock group from Basle, a city situated in the German speaking part of Switzerland, on the German border, and this is a re-release of their 1975 album Vol. 1. From the beginning I hear a definite blues in the music. This is done in a would-be Ten Years After way, while there is also a John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers type of sound in there as well, maybe to soften the roughness of the heavier tracks, because this album is very rough and raw throughout its fifty-some minutes. However, this is a good thing, as it gets the anguish and the sorrow of the blues across satisfactorily, while also giving the heavier distorted tracks a little room to vary in the sound levels, as there is a lot of stick hits from the drums and mistakes on all parts, which give the whole thing a practice room sound, rather than a studio album. Nonetheless, the energy and passion for the music shines through all that, and at times it is a wild freak out, rather experimental in places, although blues is still the major influence, so a liking for the blues is a must on the listeners behalf. ……. 

Hard blues-rock from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Their only album was released in 1975 when they were living in England for a few years. There is also an illegal vinyl reissue in very poor sound quality on the market, released in 1997. The CD bonus track was recorded in their rehearsal room. All songs are self-written (except two ones with words by T. S. Eliot and one with words by Bert Brecht)……. 

Vikings invasion from the German-speaking part of Switzerland made progressively tinged blues rock of the slightly harder nature. Charles Sterchi on guitar and vocals, Eric Eberhard on bass and Gerhard Burri had on drums played together in this simplest conceivable occupation since 1970 and originally after a Brecht character named. Their only LP was released in 1975 only in England, where they lived for some time and appeared, and carried the hopeful title “Vol. 1”. The essence on cover to represent the dragon in the arms of her hometown Basel, but were abstracted. 1997 was a poor but plenty of bootleg LP of “Vol in Switzerland. 1 "out on a continuous grinding noise is very disturbing. The interesting thing about the work is mainly of high collection value of the original LP. 

Vikings Invasion from the German-speaking part of Switzerland played quite a rough type of blues-rock with progressive touch. Charles Sterchi on guitar and vocals, Eric Eberhard on bass, and Gerhard Burri on drums had played together in this simplest possible configuration already since 1970 and originally called themselves after a character by Brecht. In 1975, their only LP was released exclusively in England where they lived and had concerts for some time; it carried the optimistic title “Vol.1”. The creature on the cover is meant to represent Basle’s heraldic dragon which was, however, considerably manipulated. In Switzerland a bootleg LP of “Vol. 1” was released in 1997, on which a permanent grinding noise significantly disturbs the pleasure of listening. The work is of interest mainly because of the high collectors’ price fixed for the original LP. 

Rough and hard blues rock from the German-speaking part of Switzerland; However, the group was living temporarily in England, where they constantly toured. The original LP is a very rare collectors piece…….. 

An obvious "unpolished’ L.P. from a band hailing from a German speaking pat of Switzerland, Vikings Invasion played a rough gritty blues based heavy rock. Formed in 1970, their first and only album "Vol. 1” (there never was a Vol.2) was released exclusively in England where they had lived for some time. In Switzerland, a bootleg copy was released, but a constant grinding noise makes it an annoying listen at best. The original is wanted by collectors who are willing to pay un-godly prices for the original L.P. because of it’s rarity. Like I stated earlier, a bit unpolished, but loud blues rock none the less. …… 

With this beautiful cover, which could suggest anything about its content, and it actually represents the Wyvern Basel, presented in society in England and in 1975 (where they were living at the time), this Swiss band, originally called Dreieinkeitsmoses (Trinity Moses in English) that his production made him change the name Vinkings Invasion, mistaking Sweden for Switzerland, and stayed there until 2006 Garden of Delights bag CD disc. 

The album was called, in a very optimistic way, Vol. 1, assuming it would remove the second, but it seems to be a black hand in the music, which makes good group only take out a disc. 

The band members are: Charles Sterchi (guitar, vocals), Eric Eberhard (bass) and Gerhard Burri (drums). They play blues, hard blues, and proto-punk, assuming that there buzzword, however if there are differences between the styles of the songs. ……. 

Charles Sterchi — guitar, vocals 
Eric Eberhard — bass 
Gerhard Burri — drums 

01. The Mirror — 2:57 
02. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock — 6:08 
03. Blues Special — 5:45 
04. Listen To Four Guitars On Your Corner — 6:18 
05. Shadow Boogie — 2:39 
06. Rolling Times — 3:45 
07. Dark Lane Child — 4:47 
08. Moon Of Alabama — 5:48 
09. Rhapsody On A Windy Night — 3:44 
10. Answer For My Life — 3:31 
11. Across The Street — 11:22 

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