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25 Jun 2016

The Macks Creek Band “The Macks Creek Band "1980 US Private rural Southern Rock

The Macks Creek Band “The Macks Creek Band "1980 US excellent Private rural Southern Rock
full album

The Macks Creek Band "same" (MCB)1980 Rare Missouri Private label pressing Rural hard rock, southern rock burner..Some really great guitar on this LP!..

Paul Cockrum - Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar 
Tom Denman - Piano, Organ, Vocals, Chamberlin 
Steve Hughes - Bass guitar 
Bob Klaeger - Vocals, Drums, Congas 
Terry Midkiff - Vocals, Lead guitar 
Ron Roskowske - Lead guitar, Slide guitar 


A1 Rio 3:30 
A2 Bertha Bryan 5:44 
A3 Catfishin’ 4:16 
A4 Can’t Make It Alone 2:15 
A5 On The Missouri 5:06 
B1 Move To The Country 4:55 
B2 El Danzante (The Dancer) 5,26 
Written-By – Ron Roskowske 
B3 Smilin’ Again 3:03 
B4 Take It Or Leave It 

Reflection. "Beaumont Meets Reflection" 1970 UK Gospel Rock

Reflection. Beaumont Meets Reflection, 1970 UK Gospel Rock

Jon Owens “Created to Praise” 1980 Canada Xian,Prog Psych.

Jon Owens “Created to Praise” 1980 Canada Xian,Prog Psych.

full album

Another superb collection of original songs that continue to spotlight Owens’ soothing vocals and sparkling guitar work while also successfully adding some hard-edged rock to his palette. Crystal clear production from Steve Millikan, who also adds keyboards (piano, arp, fender rhodes), while Fred Plassman contributes bass, fender strat and Les Paul. ‘You Have Been’, ‘For All These Things’ and ‘He Is Calling’ are all solid electric tracks, while the ballads ‘I Have Yet To See’ and the title track possess a stirring delicate beauty. Smooth soft-jazz groove for ‘I Will Bless The Lord’. The Keaggy resemblance is striking, yet it never sounds copycat. Inspired yes, but not ripped off. All of Jon’s albums are good, but this one I believe is his best.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott)….

01. You Have Been
02. You Are Real To Me
03. I Will Bless The Lord
04. Psalm 90;1 & 2
05. Let Him Be
06. For All These Things
07. I Have Yet To See
08. Family Love
09. He Is Calling
10. Created To Praise
11. Now I Am Free.Liked This !!

All Of Thus “ All Of Thus” 1966 US Private Garage Psych

All Of Thus “ All Of Thus” 1966 US mega rare Private Garage Psych reissued by Rockadelic Records  

Very Rare US Garage Psych LP originally released on Centure Records in 1966 in tiny numbers and now impossible to find, this reissue was released by Rockadelic Records in 1993 in a limited run of only 500 copies.

This mid sixties garage rarity by a New York City group was reissued by Rockadelic Records in 1993 in a limited edition of 500. There are a few competent cover versions (Bells of Rhymney, Keep On Running and Walk on By) and lots of originals penned by John Johnston. These range from good organ driven garage punkers like Last Night and Bye Bye Baby to catchy Garage ballads like Kind Of a Dream, Just a Little and Artificial Lies, which seem to be there speciality. (Fuzz acid and flowers)…

There used to be a review here; it was either mistermaldy's or radioskaf's. Either way, it was excellent. Gave me a good perspective for approaching this rekkerd. This is unfettered joy on wax; these kids are happy just to belt out something as familiar as 'Walk on By". They take "Bells of Rhymney" - a clever folk tune with a ton of verses - and strip out EVERYTHING (proper nouns, rhymes, everything!) save for the same couple lines over and over, harmonized in ten different ways, wrung for maximal self-loving effect. It's pure magic, "Heroin" two years early. 

The lead singer has a gift - is a gift, really - for tweaking and recasting melodies as the song wears on. He does it on the ballads and the garage-punk numbers. The songs are conceptually pretty simple - nice four bars looped w/ the same verse. But oh! how they play. "Walk on By" - and I've now heard three incredible renditions in three divergent styles - makes magic from a lonely pump organ and a bass guitar. "Last Night" is probably the most transcendent morning-after song you'll ever hear. There's a couple missteps on the flipside, meaning they're merely pleasant instead of Mike ..

Drums – Barry Dalgleish 
Guitar, Bass – Don Corbit 
Guitar, Piano, Organ – John Johnston 
Organ, Piano – Jerry Heukensfeld 
Written-By – John Johnston (tracks: A4, A5, B1 to B5) 

A1 It's All Right With Me 
Written-By – White* 
A2 Bells Of Rhymney 
Written-By [Uncredited] – Idris Davies, Pete Seeger 
A3 Keep On Running 
Written-By – Winwood* 
A4 Rely 2:17 
A5 Kind Of A Dream 3:19 
A6 Walk On By 
Written-By – Bacharach & David* 
B1 Last Night 2:40 
B2 Uncharted Voyage Of Thought Process 3:14 
B3 She Thinks She Knows 2:14 
B4 Just A Little 3:50 
B5 Artificial Lies 2:40 
B6 Bye Bye Baby 
Written-By [Uncredited] – Paul Kelly (3) 

Myke Jackson “Alone” 1975 US private Christian Psych Rock

Myke Jackson  “Alone” 1975 US killer...! private Christian Psych Rock masterpiece...!!! reissue Anazitisis Records Greece 2013

full album...

Myke Jackson was the founder of the Alabama band Felt that released the equally brilliant LP on the Nasco label that was in a more hard rock, bluesy style. This LP falls more into a Paul McCartney pop psych vein in which Myke plays and sings all the parts...this is a great long lost psych pop gem and not likely to turn up again anytime soon....
When the Beatles split, Paul McCartney tucked himself away and recorded an album where he played every instrument by himself. The resulting LP was the killer, McCartney. This must have seemed like a tempting prospect for other songwriters in bands. Other well known instances of this are Todd Rundgren from the Nazz and Emitt Rhodes from the Merry-Go-Round. Here's one you might be unfamiliar with...Myke Jackson from Felt. If this name is new to you then read on, you're in for a treat!

Myke Jackson
Felt were an Alabama, USA band that released a single, self-titled LP on the Nasco label in 1971 which was masterminded by a then 17 year old, virtuoso guitarist named Myke Jackson. The band split shortly after the release of their album. For the next few years, Jackson played in various club bands to pay the bills, while simultaneously recording homemade tapes which he would send to Hollywood producer Ed Seay. A new band was put together but quickly fell apart after failing to get any label interest. In January 1975, Jackson decided to go it alone, borrowing some money from his uncle and renting out Creative Audio Studios in Huntsville to record his album by his self.

The album which would be titled "Alone", was recorded over three sessions of two days each including the mixes. Due to a lack of funds, each of the songs were recorded in one take, not that you can tell. The production is a little thin but the songs are melodic, (McCartney-esque/powerpop is the overall vibe), the vocals are strong and the playing is first class. Did I mention that Mellotron makes an appearance?

Only 1000 copies of the album were pressed when it came out in 1975, making original copies almost impossible to track down, but in 2013, Greek label Anazitisi Records officially re-released the album from the original masters as a vinyl only, limited to 300 copies, including 100 on blue vinyl, although these too seem to selling fast so grab one while you can. If you're not yet scrambling around for your credit card to buy this record you really need to ask yourself why you're reading this blog in the first place! The full story of Myke Jackson and the making of Alone including a recent interview can be found inside the Anazitisi reissue. What are you waiting for?..
I discovered this album through a friend of RYM (Brett), who described the opening track as a crossover between Emith Rhodes and Anonymous. It's clearly an outstanding album from start to finish where Myke plays all instruments except a violon solin - my favourite tune is probably Lost on a Wave (it reminds me Michael Farneti) - which should have been in Acid Archives, or why not in the Archivist...
And I can't understand why this LP is so unknown, whereas Myke Jackson was the main man of Felt. But here, it's far more superior, catchy and soothing, with an high-pitched and fantastic voice. Alone may not knock you out on first listen, but it will grow on you with time. A perfect alternative to Robert Lester Folsom, Alone is all I love in pop music. A 5 star rating.
With a new identity (Mychael), Myke Jackson made another album in 1979 (Neon Dreams). Unfortunately, it's a completely different sound than the 1975 album. I'm sure it's the same guy - I contacted him a few months ago. In the digital era, Myke has a new nickname (Mychael John Thomas) and he holds a Myspace on which one there is absolutely no information about his lost album. A big mystery to me....

Al Manfredi “Al Manfredi“ 1973 US Private solo lp Acid Folk Psych by Al Manfredi member of Psychedelic Rock Band “Lost & Found

Al Manfredi “Al Manfredi“ ultra rare 1973 US Private solo lp Acid Folk Psych by Al Manfredi member of Psychedelic Rock Band “Lost & Found 

A1 Of The Sea 3:20 
A2 I Don't Live Today 4:30 
A3 Five, Six 3:00 
B1 Blue Gold 3:15 
B2 Foggy Night 4:40 
B3 Empty Of Your Possession 3:15 

Slightest Idea “Bring Your Own"1973 Private Iowa Garage Psych.

Slightest Idea “Bring Your Own"1973 Private Iowa Garage Psych.

From 1973, out of Iowa, comes The Slightest Idea with their psych LP entitled Bring Your Own on Pit Records (private press). Issued as a 100 press! The album is mainly composed of good garage and psych rock covers. It is a highly recommended LP showing what was going on in middle America while the rest of the music world changed! The vocals sound they are recorded in one room, while the band played in the next room! Ths songs they do are: Honky Tonk Woman (done in a garage mode), it Don’t Come Easy (also done in garage mode), Roll Over Beethoven (done in heavy fuzz psych mode), Smoke On The Water (done in heavy fuzzed out psych mode with a garage guitar solo in the middle!), Born To Be Wild (done in garage psych mode), We’re An American Band (done ina garage psych mode with fuzz), Are You Ready (done in a garage mode with fuzz and wawa), Brown Sugar (done in garage mode). The last song here is entitled Bring Your Own. It is a 5:38 original song of fuzz and wawa. Interesting stories abound about the group, such as when they were taken to dinner by a helper who drove a big Cadillac! They went to MacDonalds! The band practiced in a burned out building and only had 100 pressed, as they were breaking up. Recommended! One is in my collection and is a good garage psych artifact!  

Black Voy Alley “Black Voy Alley” 1972 private Psych Acid Prog

Black Voy Alley “Black Voy Alley” 1972 mega rare private Psych Acid Prog


This is the same legendary album by the El Paso, Texas outfit that has been mentioned in many blogs and web-sites as only a few in existance. One of the web-sites to reveiw the album is The Acid Archives. The following is what the book has to say about this LP:“Here’s four talented teenage musicians that have a convincing knack for mimicking the popular tracks on FM radio during the early seventies, which eventually motivates them to enter a classy studio to record a full length album of cover songs. Considering thier age and no evidence of any original material , I’m sure they made the rounds playing live to mostly a teenage audience at gigs like high school dances, special events and private parties. By the time it came to record an album, the years spent practicing refining thier talents along with the gained confidence from playing live, paid off in the studio by skillfully nailing eight tracks on the album. They do impressive versions of “Smoke on the Water”, and “ Space Truckin”, a powerful “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, “Stairway to the Stars” from Blue Oyster Cults first major release and “Feeling Alright”.

Even though the band was from El Paso, the album was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona which accounts for the fact that I have found two of these in the Phoenix area over the years. This album is a true rock rarity..

Side One:

A1: Feeling Alright
A2: Smoke on the Water
A3: Stairway to the Stars
A4: Midnight Runaway

Side Two:

B1: Never Been to Spain
B2: Won’t Get Fooled Again
B3: Black and White
B4: Space Truckin’

Creef "Good Herbs" 1988 Private Ontario Neo Psych,

Creef  "Good Herbs" 1988  rare Private Ontario Neo Psych,only 1000 copies pressed

full album

University Of Illinois “Green Fields of Illinois”Private 1963Traditional Folk Folk

University Of Illinois “Green Fields of Illinois” mega rare Private 1963Traditional Folk Folk 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..







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