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1 Oct 2016

H.Tical aka Armando Sciacia “Distortions Pop” or Blue Phantom”Distortions” 1971 Italy Psych Space Rock

H.Tical aka Armando Sciacia  “Distortions Pop” or Blue Phantom”Distortions” 1971 Italy  Psych Space Rock
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Distortions is a very rare album that was never reissued in Italy on vinyl before the 2008 AMS edition, nor counterfeited (at least in its Italian issue, see below). The LP has a single cover and was issued by the small Spider label, owned by Vedette. It has been reissued in 2008 on vinyl and CD by AMS/BTF, the CD version includes two extra tracks taken from the Uncle Jim single. Foreign issues came out a year later in the UK (on Kaleidoscope KAL 101, more common than the Italian pressing and with different cover) and France (entitled Distortions pop on the Sonimage library label, no.SI 801, credited to H.Tical). A counterfeit exists of the English version, with a laminated cover identical to the original, but it’s easily identifiable by the white label (original label is yellow). Two CD issues were produced abroad, both having the UK cover: a first one from 1997 on the German label Golden Classics Rebirth (GRC 013, a bootleg release) and a recent one from 2012 on the English label Kismet (KISCD 049), the latter containing as bonus track Uncle Jim. …. 
a badass project by a bunch of session musicians(who for the majority are still unknown) experimenting with the psychedelic genre of the time. it is one of the best instrumentals albums of that genre, and one of the best of that decade, even that early on. give it a listen. ….. 

High volume guitar, acid organ and a riff that reminds clearly to Iron Butterfly. This is how this album welcomes you. It’s a project of Armando Sciascia that was used to write B-movies soundtracks. Diodo has something of the spy-movie, but the organ sounds as it was played by Rick Wright in the 60s. 
All the tracks are heavy and jazz-oriented, still good for a thriller movie if you want, but images are not necessary. The pity is that all are limited to 3 or 4 minutes maximum so they have to fade out. 
The level is good throughout all the album, including the sound quality. Highlights are tracks like “Compression” (very Floydian), the hard-rock of “Dipnoi”, the clues od Syd Barrett on “Distillation” and the most acid track of the album, “Psycho-Nebulous”. 
Being good for soundtracks means that all the music is evocative of dark or weird situations. Not scary but “alerting”. 
Not an absolute masterpiece of the genre but a really good album that’s one of the few existing documents of Italian psychedelia of early 70s. A period dominated in Italy by the Dylan-folk songs of singers-songwriters and the beginnings of RPI. 
You can stop before the last track, that’s just a closing filler…. 
Heh, why has H. Tical (aka Armando Sciascia - a renowned Italian “sexy film” composer) produced such a seriously heavy stuff? 

A interesting album indeed, recorded by BLUE PHANTOM, a secret anonymous project with very little information around them. But at the same time, we can understand why psychedelic progressive rock fans can be immersed in this obscure album. Listen to the first track “Diodo” and we can feel something of sinkable depth with a bunch of heavy riffs by rigid bass & drums and an exploded guitar solo, plus quirky, weird keyboard sounds. What a cunningly worked-out musical trap by H. Tical. Also “Metamorphosis” is not simply a bluesy, tragic but a perversely vertiginous song. Unchanged sarcastic keyboard sounds and noises around us. Delightful drumming and cool melodies can be impressive in the following hollow-chaotic track “Microchaos” or the first magma of B-side “Dipnoi”. “Compression” has some bubbled guitar, keyboard sounds and heavy progressive elements. “Equilibrium” is characterized with sentimental, unrefined keyboard chandeliers upon extreme noise terror by warping bass playing. Terrifically violent “Violence”, with a tragic guitar solo around over. A short but pure psychedelic ballad is the next “Equivalence” in a dark shower of dark guitars, bass, drums … contrary to “Distillation”, a heavy heavy hero song by the (maybe) same instruments. The last “Psycho-Nebulous” is slightly artificial man-made machinery one but enough to spread Tical’s powerful catecholamine. 
Rock Progressivo Italiano? Forse no. Rock Psichedelico Italiano? …Si!…. 

From Rockasteria: “This legendary 1971 album was recorded by unknown musicians in Milan, for use as incidental music in films, television, and radio. Almost each and every track is a short, heavy, acid rock symphony …. Disturbing, dissonant, and downright menacing. An astounding blend of creepy grooves and distorted guitar, it was released in tiny numbers in U.K., France, and Italy and is highly sought after by collectors today.” This distortion of sound is now commonplace, but when one considers that MOOG and digital sound were at the time still an experiment, Blue Phantom’s sound is nothing less than revolutionary. Many of the tracks from this album were used in the movie: “Sinner: Diary of a Nymphomaniac” directed by Jess Franco in 1972. The music was originally recorded by a composer named Armando Sciascia (under the pseudonym “H. Tical”) and performed by unknown session musicians in 1971. The original release was on Spider Records which was a subsidiary of Sciascia’s own Vedette Records label. The name “Blue Phantom” was only coined to give the record some visibility in record shops, as this was one of the rare library music albums released to the general public. 

An album of psychedelia and prog behind which the mastermind of Armando Sciascia is concealed (foreign editions refer to his pseudonym H. Tical). It is a very small release for the Spider, owned by Vedette (label owned by the same composer). In 2008, Italy re-released both the CD and the vinyl label on AMS / BTF, but the album was also re-evaluated and marketed in Germany in 1997 with the Golden Classics Rebirth label and in 2012, the English label Kismet it has released a version containing the bonus track that came out as single: 

Line-up / Musicians 
- H. Tical / composer & producer 
(Musicians not credited) 

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Diodo (3:55) 
2. Metamorphosis (3:07) 
3. Microchaos (2:48) 
4. Compression (2:56) 
5. Equilibrium (4:06) 
6. Dipnoi (2:56) 
7. Distillation (3:52) 
8. Violence (3:13) 
9. Equivalence (2:42) 
10. Psycho-Nebulous (5:02) 

Jukka Tolonen “JTB” 1979 Finland Jazz Rock Fusion second album

Jukka Tolonen “JTB”  1979 Finland  Jazz Rock Fusion second album

Åland Lion Music to expand its operations to re-publications. The first is the shift in the summer of 1979 recorded in Copenhagen Jukka Tolonen Band’s third album, which has been so rare treat, feeling that records the Finnish Broadcasting Company database recording all. Jukka Tolonen was Albert Järvinen, along with Finland’s first guitar heroes, whose reputation also spread to the so-called. within the scope of Tavist. young long-clog appeared on the Little Villages who play guitar when came to be called playfully tolosiksi. Tolonen came originally known as the President of the Republic of the band, which broke up, he moved to pursue a solo career. However, JTB is not a solo album, but an obvious band output - as much disk space will also be other callers. Admittedly, this is a very high-level international group: the drums are more commercial counselor Paukun nokikeppinä known as Billy Carson, the second guitar and Swedes condenser microphone arm Coste Apetrea and Christer Eklund and later on bass mm. played with Remu Harri Merilahti. In addition, the board shall be assisted by a German keyboard player Joachim Kuhn.
Stylistically, JTB is a child of its time. The disc represents the end of the 70th century in the United States popular funky laidback -jazzrockia. Vocals and more stringent atonement for the songs would not be very far from such. Dan Steely production or Toto’s jazzy pieces. Between the twinkle in Finland-prog influences. Considering that this is a guitarist at passing the plate, get a lot of space Eklund saxophone solo instrument. Tolonen share also solos on most tracks with Apetrean style Jukka left channel and the right Coste. The compositions are sufficiently loose that I could imagine the resulting product jamming. Also Ounaksuisin that extra inspiration has been applied for the free town of Christiania. In addition to the original disc is accompanied by a bonus track Ide & Lardoms History / Lilla Lule VAT, which is very similar to oriental bop Kingston Wall.
JTB bring myself hearing memories of the 70s and 80s turn to YLE’s perception of a light music was a leftist fusion jazz. It then seemed good to listen to the sound as a break Week of nature and thus between neighboring program. All the same plate is a reminder also released music as well as the conclusion of the virtuosity of and as such is very refreshing in the midst of a revelation in today’s format and target audience thinking. Tolonen fulfilling the 53 years this year, continues to rotate, and according to reports, the man is in good shape, but as long as the note with the oil stay in moderation….
01. Charterflight 
02. Space Cookie 
03. Grand Hotel 
04. Ping Pong 
05. Riven Cocos 
06. Dancing Bear 
07. Soita Saatana 
08. Arka Haiven 
09. Funky Nightmare 
10. Ide & Lardoms

Tailgunner Tailgunner” 1983 US Private Hard Rock Heavy Metal

Tailgunner Tailgunner” 1983   US Private Hard Rock Heavy Metal

Ross - Vocals, Guitar
Randy Robertz - Guitars
Michael “Mike” Enright - Bass
Mick “Mike” Mailloux - Drums 
1. Reach ‘n’ Out 
2. H-man 
3. Why 
4. Spice Is Nice 
5. Rocket Roll 
6. Sorrow 
7. So Long
8. Show Me

Courtyard Music Group ‎”Just Our Way Of Saying Hello” UK 1974 mega rare Private Acid Psych Folk

Courtyard Music Group ‎”Just Our Way Of Saying Hello” UK 1974 mega rare  Private Acid Psych Folk in Deroy label only 100 copies pressed
wath interview by psychedelic baby

Recorded July 1st - 18th 1974 at Courtyard Recording Studios. 
100 copies pressed. 
Some sources describe this record as released by Deroy, but, according to band members (see link in submission notes), it is actually a private pressing. Deroy just provided vinyls in plain sleeves. Artwork was made by the band. 
On Front cover title in gaelic, on back cover in english. 

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Recorders [Descant], Recorders [Tenor] – Richard Jones (38) 
Bass Guitar, Glockenspiel, Vocals, Percussion – Howard Bradley (2) 
Coordinator, Management, Creative Director, Liner Notes – Stephen Bateman 
Electric Guitar – Fergie Lamont 
Mastered By, Glockenspiel, Recorders [Tenor], Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards – Frank Swales 
Percussion, Recorders [Descant] – Annie Vickerstaff 
Producer – Courtyard Music Group 
Recorders [Descant], Recorders [Treble], Bells – Bridgie Bailey 
Violin, Vocals, Bells – Cheryl Bradley 
Vocals, Percussion – Mary Cartwright, Paddy Gill 

The rarest of the rarest of acid-folk private pressings, Courtyard Music Group’s album (also known as Just Our Way Of Saying Hello) is also the best of the best, being on a par with luminaries like Caedmon and Stone Angel. Much of the time, it sounds like an alternative soundtrack to ‘The Wicker Man’, with eerie pagan themes, lots of tuned percussion and a wistful, distinctly Scottish feel. Indeed, the opening cut is a version of ‘Summer Is Icumen In’, while the instrumental ‘Haggis’ Tune’ (actually written in honour of a band member’s hamster) always puts me in mind of the film’s triumphal procession, with the animal masks. For most people the highlight will be the extended psychedelic improvisation ‘Jam and Gipsy Cream (Magician)’, which takes up most of side two. Whilst the album is distinctly lo-fi, the playing and singing is of an exceptionally high quality, making it hard to believe that it was cut mainly by teenagers as a school project. 100 copies were pressed, of which four have resurfaced at the time of writing. The year before, most of the same musicians released another, even rarer, album as Killy Country; this is a good deal less consistent, but the best cuts are definitely on a par with the Courtyard Music Group material. ......

A1 The Seasons
A2 Ante-Glock Shoppe
A3 Haggis’ Tune
A4 The Bonny Labouring Boy
A5 Bridges
A6 Alki Blues
A7 2074
B1 Song For Claire
B2 Jam And Gipsy Cream (The Magician)
B3 Petronella / Goodbye 

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