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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Malanga “Sonata N. 7 a la Revolución” 1973 Colombia Psych Rock Montserrat records

Malanga  “Sonata N. 7 a la Revolución” 1973 Colombia Psych Rock  Montserrat records  
This group was formed in Bogota, 70 / 71Inicialmente his repertoire is like that of all groups of that time, based on covers of American and European groups, however soon the orientamiento the group shifts to musical situations greater creative responsibility, as is already happening with other national groups, and begin to prepare their own songs they recorded in a Single. The musicians are: Guitar-Alexis Tarquin Restrepo Alvaro Galvis Battery-Guitar-Agusto Martelo Under Jesus “Chucho” Merchan. in the casting disc produced by “Monserrat” Tito Nuncira figure also -Percusiones. (Chucho Merchan as guitar and piano and Martelo as Bass) The two numbers are: A: Sonata No. 7 to the revolution and B: Snow Maiden. The disc was recorded in Ingeson in April 1973. 

During the period the group was active were presented as an alternative to existing groups that were consolidated before them, then they achieved a more important position as some of the “classics they disappeared. 

The Colombian pop rock scene cambiava repidamente well as the moods of the public and any "fans” the story ends with some Malanga likely to be (Chucho and Alvaro) and others who decide to open new fronts. 

They leave a lot of the public who remember them and what they represented in his time. 

Malanga was a set that was developed at the beginning of the seventies, after the union of performers from groups: Lump of Dreams, Soda Fountain, The Playboys, The 2 + 2, Hope and La Planta. With this important journey behind the band was composed of Chucho Merchan (guitar), Alexei Restrepo (guitar), Alvaro Galvis (drums), Carlos Alvarez (percussion) and Augusto Martelo (bass and vocals), constituting one of the alignments mythical in the history of Colombian music. 

Highly influenced by psychedelia and musical style of Carlos Santana, the group launched in 1973 a work composed by the songs ‘Snow Maiden’ and 'Sonata No. 7 to the Revolution’, the latter being the piece that allowed them to capture the attention of public of the time. Remembered as one of the topics badges first half of the seventies, 'Sonata No. 7 to the Revolution’ showed shades of skillfully embodied guitar in a web of percussion and bass masterfully directed so that made it a timeless classic. 

After moderate recognition obtained by Malanga at that time, the band broke up in 1974 due to the departure of several of its members abroad including Chucho Merchan, who in the UK gestated a successful career alongside glittering names like Thomas Dolby , The Pretenders, Pete Townsend and Eurythmics. 

Was Malanga the best alignment of national classic rock?…… 

Augusto Martelo (voz-bajo) 
Chucho Merchán (guitarra) 
Alexei Restrepo (guitarra) 
Álvaro Galvis (batería) 
Carlos Álvarez (percusión) 

Columna De Fuego “Cumbia/ Carnaval En Baranquilla” 1974 single 7″ Colombia Psych Latin Funk

Columna De Fuego “Cumbia/ Carnaval En  Baranquilla” 1974 single 7″ Colombia  Psych Latin Funk.
Ultra rare spanish promo pressing by this unknown band from Colombia, they recorded in Spain under the direction of legendary musician Tito Duarte, side B is composed by him. “CUMBIA” is a latin funk club bomb Meters Styled track!  features ultra fat funky drumming, killer horns, wild distorted fuzz guitar, percussion break.  "CARNAVAL EN BARRANQUILLA" is also great with dope vocals and more funky drums-percussion…..

Raymond Vincent “Metronomic”1973 France Prog Jazz Rock

Raymond Vincent “Metronomic”1973 France Prog Jazz Rock
Raymond Vincent is the violinst of the multinational prog rock band Esperanto.Before Esperanto he played in the Wallace Connection.And in between he released this litle psych/prog gem.Great compositions,much violin improvisations a moody sometimes melancholic atmosphere(mostly due to the violin sound). …… 

This is the work done by Raymond Vincent between The Wallace Collection and Esperanto in 1972. Metronomics already included a string quatuor with quite a lot of classic influence. It’s a kind of pre Esperanto’s music. Raymond Vincent then played part of the album Metronomics to Bruno Libert and they agreed to start Esperanto……. 

success of the Wallace Collection in their first training were mostly compositions Raymond Vincent. As a composer, he was somehow the leader of this group to the heroic days when it climbed the top of the hit parade of all Europe. 

talented musician, he was also the group’s violinist. This explains his brilliance, if we know that from the age of 7 years, mania often bow as football. And his father, also a violinist, imposed on him several hours of music practice each day. The results did not also be expected. At 17, he won the first Academy Award in Brussels. Then he continues to collect laurels. Price Edouard Deru. Medal of Government. Medal of the City of Brussels. And fifteen other distinctions. 

After his military service, we find him first violin in the National Orchestra of Belgium. But he devotes his weekends to a group that was called successively “Pragmatic Section” and “16th Sentury” particular. 

Then suddenly everything went very fast. End 1969, it was noticed by a talent researcher in pop music. It represents the English record company EMI That is success. Their first single “Daydream”, a composition of Raymond Vincent, became a hit overnight. There are more than thirty adaptations, notably by Claude François, Raymond Lefèvre, Caravelli, Franck Pourcel, etc. More than one and a half million discs sold. The Wallace Collection go to Olympia and travel throughout Europe to beyond the Iron Curtain. Each festival is their new price. 

It must be said that the formula and launched under the leadership of Raymond Vincent was entirely new: a violin and a cello in the hands of classical musicians in a pop band. 

Besides “Daydream,” Raymond Vincent also wrote “Serenade”, “Fly me to Earth”, and many other successful Wallace Collection. He is also the author of the music of the film “Isabella, my daughter” of Szulzinger. He collaborated with that of “House,” the latest film by Michel Simon, that the film “beautiful monster” which starred Charles Aznavour and Jean cartoon Coignon “Demokratia”. 

Currently, the Wallace Collection with a different formation, Raymond Vincent devoted increasingly to composition. This disc represents his first experience of a renewed trend yet: a classical string quartet in a pop band. It is this training, you may have already heard as the Queen Elisabeth Chapel, he met for the creation of “Metronomics”…….. 

Raymond Vincent - Violin 
Cyrus Faryar - Narration 
Paul Beaver - Moog, Electronic Instruments 
Emil Richards - Exotic Percussion 
Bud Shank - Bass Flute 
Hal Blaine - Drums 
Carol Kaye - Bass Guitar 
Mike Melvoin – Keyboards 

Les Plutoniens 3:59 
Pouring Rain 4:01 
Adagio pour Cordes 2:24 
Do It Now While You Can 3:21 
I Ain’t Got No Time 5:53 
Blue Prayer For Cello In Love 3:15 
La Danse du Canard Sauvage 2:17 
Mouvement pour Archet 1:13 
Mary Jane 2:55 
Isabelle (soundtrack for “Isabelle”) 4:58 
La Mouette 3:40

A Band Called “O” ‎”O” UK 1974 Prog Rock

A Band Called “O” ‎”O” UK 1974 Prog Rock 
full vk

A Band Called "O" - Fooling Around - Old Grey Whistle Test - 1975

A Band Called O evolved from the roots of The Parlour Band in the early seventies. I remember hearing them on John Peel’s Top Gear radio show a few times and thought they would be worth checking out. One of the best decisions I ever made! I still regularly listen to the band’s 4 albums - A Band Called O (1974), Oasis (1975), Within Reach (1976) and The Knife (1977). Each of the albums is very good but my personal favourite is Within Reach that includes the classic Smile Is Diamond track (this is essential listening!). Whilst the studio albums clearly demonstrate the musical talent within the band, the live setting was where they really shined. I was lucky enough to see the band 4 times - one of the gigs was in May 1975 supporting Man on the Maximum Darkness tour (with legendary John Cipollina as guest guitarist) and later that same year I caught them on the Hot On The Tracks tour with Sassafras and Randy Pie. Sadly the type of music the band was playing became totally unfashionable around 1977 with the arrival of punk rock. Most concert venues were only interested in putting on punk bands and the lack of opportunities for gigs, and resultant financial pressures, forced the band to quit in 1977. A sad end for a much underrated band that with a bit of good fortune could have been massive.  I think Pix Pickford’s solo career was limited to the Long Drop single. However, I recently came across his name again in a band called Racket who are based in Spain. I think it is time for a holiday to check out this band and relive some of the halcyon days of rock music! …~

A Band Called O shared the same management as Man, sharing a similar line-up of two guitars and keyboards and excellent vocal harmonies, and toured with them sometimes - weren’t they on the Maximum Darkness tour? They played a variety of Funk Rock Lite, to my ears, although I haven’t heard their later albums. The first, “O”, is okay with some nice poppy tunes in some fair to clunky arrangements. The second LP, “Oasis” is pure joy from beginning to end, great licks, riffs and textures. They also toured in a triple package with Sassafras and the wonderful Randy Pie. For their third LP “The Knife”, they moved from Epic to UA and changed their name to the O Band for filing reasons. I haven’t heard that album or their fourth and I think last, whse name I forget. I think they were originally from the Channel Islands and moved to Leicester. Pete Filleul (keys) went on to make a career as a session musician and composer, Pix Pickford (gtr) had a fairly unsuccessful solo career, Craig Anders played exquisite slide guitar and had much in common with our Mr Jones Snr His brother Mark played bass, and Derek Ballard was on the kit……~

A Band Called ‘O’ (also known as the O Band ) were a popular live act on the British rock gig circuit between 1974-77. They released four albums in that time and constantly toured the UK, firstly supporting huge headline acts and then later headlining the college circuit with tv and radio appearances and a slot on the bill at The 1976 Reading Festival. 

Evolving from the roots of The Parlour Band in the early seventies, a melodic, rock band from the Channel Island of Jersey, they moved to Leicester and altered their musical style towards a more American rock sound and changed their name to: A Band Called ‘O’. They signed to CBS and released four albums in three years: They later shortened their name to the ‘O Band’. Whilst the studio albums demonstrate the musical talent within the band, the live setting was where they really shined. With a line-up of two guitars, keyboards and excellent vocal harmonies they played a variety of funk rock with great licks, riffs and textures. They were a favourite of the BBC’s John Peel Show and taped four sessions on visits between 1974-77 at the BBC Maida Vale Studios in London while also appeared on the BBCTv show The Old Grey Whistle Test. 

These two recordings were both recorded at Nottingham University for live radio broadcasts and capture the band at the height of their career on British tours in 1975 and 1977. This album represents the best of the two concerts and is the only live material ever released by the band. The set features tracks from all four of their studio albums and some previously unrecorded songs. All tracks in this recording are previously un-released in any format. ...~ 

Drums – Derek Ballard 
Electric Piano, Vocals – Peter Filleul 
Guitar [Bass] – Mark Anders 
Guitar, Slide Guitar – Craig Anders 
Guitar, Vocals – Pix 


A1 Red Light Mama Red Hot  6:20 
A2 Angelica 3:41 
A3 Helping Hand 3:38 
A4 Lady Beatrice 3:55 
A5 Ride, Ride, Ride 3:12 
B1 Rock Roll Clown 3:38 
B2 All I Need 2:02 
B3 Get Funky 3:30 
B4 Captain Cellophane / Sidewalk Ship 12:00 

Star Spangled Banger “Star Spangled Banger” 1973 Australia Prog Rock

Star Spangled Banger  “Star Spangled Banger” 1973 mega rare Australia Prog Rock
Australia 197A?) Very rare and truly excellent album. Mixture of Folk-psych, folk-rock, prog, acid psych. Instruments are: Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, acoustic bass, hammond organ, piano and oscillator effect. Great album. …. 
“Star Spangled Banger was a short-lived studio project that resulted in a sole, self-titled album and single on the Melbourne Havoc Records label in 1973. With Havoc closing soon after its release, the album was quickly deleted and, over the years, has grown in stature, becoming one of the rarest Australian records ever. We are happy to rectify this problem with our deluxe CD reissue of this hugely enjoyable mix of English-flavored progressive rock (Family, Cressida), reflective piano ballads, with a hint of Bonzo Dog DooDah Band like lunacy. Principal songwriter John Brownrigg (vocals, guitar), Ron Walters (vocals, piano, organ) and drummer Paul Doo formed Star Spangled Banger in 1972 from the ashes of their former band, The Sect. Brownrigg originally hailed from Liverpool and had played in several bands during the Merseybeat boom of the early ‘60s – as his own brick on the Cavern Club wall of fame attests. Signed to Havoc in late 1972, the band were put into the studio with engineer/producer (and soon to be Aztec) Gil Matthews. Armed with a stack of sound effects records, the album was recorded at odd hours (in between Matthew’s day job at Havoc and his night-time one as new drummer for the Aztecs) and resulted in an eclectic mix of progressive rock, protest songs and ballads – with a healthy dose of humor (witness: 'Fancy Underpants!’). Added to this mix are: explosions, backwards tapes, crazy keyboards, nuclear explosions, crashing aeroplanes and fuzzed-out psych guitar. The title track, released as a single, is a long lost progressive classic and we have added a previously-unreleased edit of it as a bonus track. Digitally remastered by Gil Matthews, including a 24-page booklet with rare photos, liner notes by Ted Lethborg and a recent interview with John Brownrigg.” ……
John Brownrigg - vocals, guitar
Ron Walters - vocals, piano, organ
Paul Doo - drums 
Fear Of The Night
Question Of The Country
Run (Move Away)
Fancy Underpants
Suite 3
Protester Man
Country Son (For Bot)
Pull Together
One Out - Two In
Don’t You
Thanks To You
Star Spangled Banger

The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband “Soul, Steel & Show” 1975 Dutch Soul Funk Rock

The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Showband  “Soul, Steel & Show” 1975 Dutch Soul Funk Rock…recommended…!

hard to find original Dutch pressing on NEGRAM label in great condition FUNKY STUFF great version of Kool & The Gang’s tune THEME FROM SHAFT great funky version with wah wah guitar & nice steel drums patterns DOWN BY THE RIVER great funky rock version SNOWFIRE very nice funky rock with funky guitar & acid guitar FEELIN’ ALLRIGHT-HEY JOE.. ……….
This is the super rare Dutch Steel Band LP which features the afro soul style cover version of the Kool and The Gang classic tune “Funky Stuff“. A real club DJ ripper and at the top of the steel band funk LP’s. There’s a great funky version of “Theme from Shaft” with wah wah guitar & nice steel drums patterns,  an awesome funky rock cover version of “Down by the River” and “Hey Joe“!!!!!!. Take a listen to the clip for a taste of the super steel band funk and breaks on this mighty record.
This is one of the more expensive steel band LP’s that is sought after by beat diggers. Most of the album consists of covers of American hits, which is its main appeal. Amazingly enough, on the opening ‘Down By The River‘, you can hardly hear the steel drums until a solo towards the end. What you do hear is plenty of percussion that ads a nice twist to the tune. About half of the songs are played as straight covers like ‘Hey Joe‘, while the other half have the steel drums prominently in the mix like ‘Theme From Shaft‘ and ‘Feelin Allright’. The best cut is a version of Kool & The Gang’s ‘Funky Stuff‘ found on the second side. Definitely one of the better steel drum records out there. 

This Steel band is a twelve-piece seventies party band, consisting of Surinames and Trinidadian musicians. 
Since Surinam was still part of The Netherlands in those days, the name of the band abroad was The Original Trinidad Steel Band and released two albums as such (Beautiful Caribbean and Caribbean Steel & Show on Hansa, with Frank Farian as their producer), apart from their three Dutch albums. Their most interesting Dutch album is Funky Limbo (EMI, 1978), which was produced by Ernie Anches. Anches was also involved with various other funky Surinam acts, such as Oscar Harris, The Twinkle Stars and Thunderstorm. The preceding album Dance Dance Dance (EMI, 1976) made DRSSB a lot more rare, because it contained their international hit single ‘January February’. This brought them a very busy touring schedule. Today the band is still active and consists of quite a few sons of the original members like Sticko who is the son of Dolf (Mr Satisfied) the founder of this Band. 
The band founded in 1970 by Silvertone Steel Orchestra members Please Adolf J. (leader / saucepan / percussion) and Bernito E. Riley (saucepan). 

The group is still Dutch Rhythm Steel Orchestra. The band used then only saucepan and percussion instruments. Manager Joop Koekkoek (see article from Zaanse Gezinsbode left). The band join another other in the Royal Tropical Institute and at many festivals in the various district buildings in Poelenburg. Except Caribbean funk and soul group also brings a dazzling show with limbo dancing and fire eaters. 

Koekkoek know the band quickly sell abroad. In 1970-1971, the group already toured through Germany, performs during jet-set parties, and has been featured on national German television. 

In 1972, the group Dutch Rhythm Steel and Show Band. There are drums, bass and electric guitar added so that the band can still offer more musical variety. Wherever the band acts falling audiences and critics as a block for the dazzling show and swinging music. 

In 1973 in Germany released the first LP ‘limbo for lovers “and” Trinidad Oil Company Steelband. Abroad, the group is the German tour manager presented as a band from Trinidad allowing higher wages can be negotiated. 

In the Netherlands is still sparsely occurred. In Zaandam always on the home front during the annual Poelenburgdag. Photos opposite: Live in shopping Flower Basket 1973. In 1974 the band wins a recording contract in the Netherlands and shows the first single “Down by the river, a composition of Neil Young. In 1975, the first Lp appears Soul, Steel & Show. 

The other group members in those years, Benjamin Joseph (saucepan) Imro Riley (saucepan / vocals), Carl Howard (saucepan / percussion), Oswald Snip (percussion), Robby Moetjon (drums), Robby Hoost (bass guitar), Humphrey Gorge ( lead guitar / vocals), Armanda Colla (vocals) and Gustavus Milzink (vocals)
The singles "Down by the river and” Theme from Shaft, international cult classics. A sample of the song Down by the river, 25 years later used by DJ Shadow who scored with a world. 

In the early seventies, told the group nationally in ijsreclame jingle (YT video) of Caraco ice. 

In the late seventies the DRSSB collaborates with producer Frank Farian (Boney M). Farian produces the single “Ride your pony ’(1979) which probe the name Original Trinidad Steel Band is released. The song was a big hit in Germany and DRSSB performed with Boney M during a TV show on German television: 

DRSSB can also be heard on the Boney-M single 'Gotta go home. ” The video images are mixed action of the German TV. According son Steven Satisfied thought leader and first “steel pan performer Dolf Please melody of the song which in 2012 as 'Barbara Streisand’ also became a big hit for DJ David Getta.Zie also below article NHD July 2013. 
Apart from funk and soul repertoire (in 2006 all the way back through the contribution Funky Limbo on the CD Rare Grooves Dutch), decorates the majority group in Dutch dance and party music. The single January, February is a big hit, and more to follow an English party songs. The Group enters into foreign countries also under the names Trinidad Oil Company of The Trinidad Steel Band. The band today is still active
Over the years, the group changes somewhat in composition but the families and Riley Please continue to represent around. Other group members through the years, Romano Veldwijk (drums / vocals), Lucien Gorré (guitar / vocals), Lesley Hoefdraad (vocals), Dennis Burke (vocals), Eddy Lobo (vocals / clown), August Power (vocals), Mitchel Callender (bass guitar), Steven satisfied (saucepan), Stevie B. Riley (saucepan), Kenneth satisfied (drums), Oly Olieberg (bass guitar), Eric Cheuchoi (guitar), Erwin Bouterse (vocals), Ruth Country Hill (vocals), Glenn Hahn (percussei), Oto Rashe Henk Wouter (saucepan) and Kenneth Goddard (composer / saucepan /) ( 'Mr. Steel’). Discography 

Down By The River
Theme From Shaft
Stoned Out Of My Mind
Hey Joe
Feelin’ Allright
Funky Stuff
Where Is The Love 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Corporal Gander’s Fire Dog Brigade “On The Rocks” 1970 Germany Heavy Prog

Corporal Gander’s Fire Dog Brigade  “On The Rocks” 1970 Germany Heavy Prog
Corporal Gander’s Fire Dog Brigade were a German outfit who recorded one album ‘On The Rocks’ in 1970 which featured a mixture of cover versions and originals. They then changed their name to Wind and released two further albums for the budget label Plus Records. Both Wind albums are now hugely sought-after and highly-prized artefacts. ….~

If you like the idea of the legendary group WIND playing in a more straight 
forward heavy rock style, this is the album for you! 
The moniker Corporal Gander’s Fire Dog Brigade was invented by the budget 
price label EUROPA , who realised ON THE ROCKS lp in early 1971. 
The album was produced by Jochen Petersen (in December 1970), 
who later produced SEASONS. The best lp’s of Exploitation Music are from U.S.A & Germany .An example from Germany … Corporal Gander’s Fire Dog Brigade (pre WIND)group. ……~

Corporal Gander’s Fire Dog Brigade 
*Andreas Bueler - Bass, Vocals 
*Lucky Schmidt - Drums, Percussion, Piano, Vibraphone 
*Thomas Leidenberger - Guitar, Vocals 
*Lucian Bueler - Keyboards, Vocals 


1. Paranoid (Ward, Butler, Osbourne, Iommi) - 2:40 
2. I Hear You Knocking (Bartholomew, King) - 2:54 
3. Come Back Here (Scott, Talby) - 3:48 
4. On The Rocks (Scott) - 3:28 
5. Hey You (Talby) - 3:57 
6. Stealer (Fraser, Kossoff, Rodgers) - 2:45 
7. Run For Your Life (Talby) - 5:48 
8. Do You Think It’s Right (Talby) - 2:08 
9. Love Song (Talby) - 3:17 
10.Don’t Tell Me (Talby) - 3:36 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..







Cassette Deck

Cassette Deck









Hi`s Master`s Voice

Hi`s Master`s Voice



music forever

music forever

“A Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape” 1958

“A Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape” 1958