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1 Jan 2017

Atlee "Flying Ahead" 1970 US Heavy Boogie Blues Rock (pre- Highway Robbery)

Atlee  "Flying Ahead"  1970 US Heavy Boogie Blues Rock (pre- Highway Robbery)
Californian quartet that released only one album “Flying Ahead” in 1970. The band also released a single in the same year, with the songs “Rip You Up” and “Will Get Together”. After that the singer and band leader Atlee Yeager record a solo album called “Plant Me Now & Dig Me Later” in 1973; Don Francisco and Mike Stevens form the Highway Robbery. 

In that one play we have a Hard with influences of Blues, made with a strong kitchen, powerful guitars, aggressive vocals and torn. The result is an addictive sound something that will bands like Cactus, Led Zeppelin and Faces. 

“Produced by Joel Sill, Atlee were a good hard-rock quartet from California. All the tracks on their sole album were penned by Yeager and demonstrate the band’s skill and their sense of humour: Jesus People, Dirty Sheets, Dirty Old Man, Let’s Make Love are just some highlights of a very consistent album. Still working with Michael Stevens, Atlee Yeager would go on to issue another album on Chelsea in 1973.”………… 

*Atlee Yeager - Bass, Lead Vocals 
*Don Francisco - Drums, Vocals 
*Michael Stevens - Guitar, Vocals 
*Bruce Schaffer - Keyboards, Vocals 

1. Rip You Up - 4:21 
2. Swamp Rhythm - 3:51 
3. Painted Ladies - 4:05 
4. Jesus People - 5:06 
5. Let’s Make Love - 5:58 
6. Will Get Together (Atlee Yeager, Michael Stevens) - 2:53 
7. Dirty Old Man (Atlee Yeager, Michael Stevens, Bruce Schaffer, Don Francisco) - 5:19 
8. Is not That The Way - 3:40 
9. Dirty Sheets - 4:01 

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