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16 Jan 2017

Buster Brown “Something To Say” 1974 Australia Blues Hard Rock

Buster Brown “Something To Say” 1974 Australia Blues Hard Rock
Something To Say has finally made this slice of Aussie hard rock history available for the first time in over 30 years. Buster Brown was a short-lived, but highly influential Melbourne band from the early Seventies, who are remembered as the breeding ground for some of Australia’s most famous musicians Phil Rudd, AC/DC drummer & Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoos vocalist being the most notable. ………….. 

This Buster Brown has nothing to do with the singer and harmonicist New Yorker of the 50’s, nor the obscure American band of Kentucky in which played James Kottak before joining Kingdom Come. This is an Australian band from the early 70’s, whose peculiarity was Angry Anderson and Gordon Leech, two future members of Rose Tattoo, as well as Phil Rudd and Mark Evans, a pair that will soon Not to join the Young brothers to become the unshakeable steel lung within AC / DC! Dallas “Digger” Royal will be placed behind the barrels in the last jolts of the combo. 
The notable difference between the above emblematic groups and Buster Brown is, besides the obvious inequality of talent, the presence of a keyboard player, who, on the other hand, proves to be of a fairly good standard. 
Buster Brown delivers an honest but not transcendent Hard Boogie. Even if one feels sometimes the beginnings of a Rose Tattoo, or even AC / DC on the title of eponymous, nothing to do with the debauchery of the first energy or the striking force of the second. 
The album is produced by Lobby Loyde, another furious rocker from Australia who made his weapons with Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, then with Colored Balls (a group of furious delivering a primitive Heavy-Rock'n'Roll without concession, One can qualify as proto-punk, even Sleaze well before the hour). Speaking of Colored Balls, Trevor Young (drummer of the band) will replace Phil Rudd for three months. Lobby Loyde is an emblematic figure in the land of kangaroos. He made himself the bard of a direct, effective, rough and proletarian rock, sometimes proto-punk. In some ways - listening to “Working Man’s Boogie” with Colored Balls - he prefigures Rose Tattoo (of which he was part for a short time). 

Even though this collective was forgotten, in 1974 it had acquired a solid reputation in the clubs and in the circuits of the suburbs, being considered as one of the best groups of Hard-Boogie of the country. 

One feels nevertheless that with a production of the binomial Vanda & Young, the result would have been only better. 
This reissue presents four bonus live tracks, demonstrating that these musicians were already in 1974 talking about the powder, that they tasted rock hard without any frills. 
On the other hand, the last title and bonus is anachronistic because it is actually a piece of Rose Tattoo, composed with Lobby Loyde. His only connection with Buster Brown is the singer. 

An interesting CD for all fans of Rose Tattoo or AC / DC, or even fades of hard blues boogie from the early 70’s, but not essential if not for collectors. The main interest remaining the presence of musicians who will make date in the music Australian Rock…………… 

Angry Anderson (Vocals) 
John Moon (Guitar) 
Paul Grant (Guitar) 
Chris Wilson (Keyboards) 
Geordie Leach (Bass) 
Phil Rudd (Drums) 

A1 Rock And Roll Lady 4:40 
A2 Let Me In 3:49 
A3 Buster Brown 4:22 
A4 Roll Over, Beethoven 4:45 
B1 Young Spunk 6:07 
B2 Apprentice 4:35 
B3 Something To Say 5:25 

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