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16 Jan 2017

Callinan Flynn ‎ “Freedom’s Lament” 1972 rare Irish Folk

Callinan Flynn ‎ “Freedom’s Lament” 1972 rare Irish Folk
A vinyl-reissue of this 1972 album by two British singer-songwriters, recorded with Kieran O'Connor (Second Hand, Moving Finger) on drums and Romey Young on Jew’s Harp. The original edition on the collectable Mushroom label is much sought after and quite expensive. This edition, including two bonus tracks, is limited to 500 copies………… 

One of the top rarities, one of the few that sound like they are worth it, this duo supply a stunning sound, acid folk interesting instrumentation… sound clips of most tracks can be found dotted around the internet, youtube and the like… so, it’s out there if you are only interested in hearing it… but to own it is to own something special, these rare appear for sale, the small micro-label MUSHROOM, released only a handfull of records, being on the Mushroom label, they are all collectable, but the quality of the releases also provides good provenance… of course, don’t get confused with more recent Mushroom labels, or the Australian label… this is the one and the only true Mushroom label. …….. 

Mick flynn - Bodhran, Bongos, Mandolin, Harmonica, Autoharp, Penny whistle 
Dave Callinan - Vocals, 6 String guitar, Harmonica 
Kieran O'Connor - Drums 
Romey Young - Jaw’s harp 
Vic Keary - Jaw’s harp 


01. Puckaree 05:16 
02. Freedom’s Lament 03:17 
03. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore 04:21 
04. Moon Coin Reel (Johnson’s Favourite) 02:19 
05. The Old Man And The Flower 02:35 
06. The Banks Of Newfoundland 04:49 
07. Beyond The Pale 02:43 
08. Ballad Of Belfast 03:56 
09. Marion’s Song 03:35 
10. Paddy’s Delight (Tinkers’ Polka) 02:36 
11. London N.W.2 02:26 
12. Fortune For The Finder 03:45 
13. We Are The People (The Road To Derry Town) 03:58 
14. A Woman Is A Woman 03:42 

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