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8 Jan 2017

Cardboard Village “Sea Change”1973 US Boston Private Hippie Psych Folk

Cardboard Village  “Sea Change”1973 US Boston excellent Private Hippie Psych Folk
Originally released in 1973,this great Boston based acid folksy trio’s album,blends all hippie psychedelic approach to psychedelic music. Great alternating male/female vocals ,much use of flute, reminds a mix of Pearls before Swine with Renaissance(with Ann Haslam). Overall, a great album.Re-issued by Void label in 2006 in limited edition already out of stock…. 

After Paul left the group, I joined Cardboard Village as Conga Player. I also played Harp on some blues tunes. I played the “Kalimba” on the intro for Three Dollar Hat! I did no singing, so Paul had one up on me!!! I stayed with Dave & Chris until the band split up. We played around the Boston/Cambridge area, mainly coffee houses like the Nameless, Folk & Tail, etc… We did a live show on radio station WMFO, played around Cape Cod for a summer (John Barley Corn, the Lighthouse, etc…) We did a gig at the Cambridge Common with thousands in the audience (lot’s of fun)!!! I have many fond memories of Dave & Chris and the beautiful music we played. I later went on to play as Drummer in a another trio called the “Best Blues Band”. I moved to Nothern Italy back in 1989 and now manage two Engineering Groups for the world’s 5th ranked semiconductor manufacturer (what a change huh?) 
Dave, Chris, thanks for the beautiful memories! Ciao, Tony…… 
I was the road manager for Cardboard Village for about a year in 72-73. 

About a year ago I Googled Cardboard Village, not expecting to find any thing. I was totally surprised to find that the album has been re-released by Void records with the original album jacket which was a beautiful work of art in its own right by Dave and Chis. Anyway I Googled C.V. again last night as I hoped to be able to locate Chris and Paul whom I really loved and got really close to during our year in the studio making the album. 

It’s great to see that Chris is still making great music. I listened to some tracks on her web site. I love her work with Kasper Soeborg. I hope to be able to get see her and Paul again soon. ……. 

Chris Poole - (vocals, flute) 
David Clark - guitar, vocals 
Paul Gross - bangos, congas, vocals 

A1. Too Many Footprints in the Sand 
A2. Sea Change 
A3. Just Like a Child 
A4. The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water 
A5. Back Home (Where it’s the People, Not the Land) 
B1. The Charcoal Burner 
B2. Amy’s Sweet Jam 
B3. Late Afternoon 
B4. Go Back Blues 
B5. Blue Skies Are Free 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..