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7 Jan 2017

Charlies ‎”Buttocks” 1970 + “Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat” 1970 + “Myöskin Tyttö Iloinen / Don’t Try Me” 1993 single + ‎ “Jail Sessions” Shadocks 2015 Finnish Prog Blues Hard Rock.

Charlies ‎”Buttocks” 1970 + “Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat” 1970 + “Myöskin Tyttö Iloinen / Don’t Try Me” 1993 single + ‎ “Jail Sessions” Shadocks 2015  Finnish Prog Blues Hard Rock.
Charlies “Buttocks” 1970 first album
watch interview by psychedelic baby
“We always thought Elonkorjuu was the heaviest album in the early ‘70s from Finland. But Charlies’ album features loud and wild guitars, screaming vocals, and can easily be described as the most outrageous Finnish album of the '70s not far away from Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Buttocks is a heavy, hypnotic and progressive with amazing guitar work from Eero Ravi, the musical soul of the band. So the Finnish scene had much more to offer back in the early '70s beside Wigwam and Tasavallan Presidenti. They have recorded Buttocks for Love Records. Mika Kaurismäki (film director/producer) wrote: 'I had already started to discover blues music, John Mayall, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and others, so it was quite logical, that I became of a fan of Charlies. In Lahti, we thought Charlies was the best band in Finland.’ Charlies played the famous Ruisrock festival in 1970. What a great band this is. Their first album Musiikkia elokuvasta Julisteiden liimaajat will be released early next year. Buttocks is so good and rare that is deserves a good reissue. The album comes with many extras such as photos and extensive liner notes. Dave Lindholm (musician) wrote: 'Charlies was the first big Finnish rock band for me. They played loud and rough. They looked like men, not popstars. They played the music I love. Could I ask for more? Well, I didn’t!’ 500 numbered copies on 180 gram vinyl, in a heavy sleeve.” …………… 

This 1970 album by Charlies is one of the most rare and valuable vinyl records from Finland. The album is full of hard rocking material with magnificent lead guitarwork. There are clear progressive elements thrown all over the place on this record and their sound includes lots of blues rock influences as well. 

When it comes to the value of the original first press vinyl of Buttocks this one gets pretty close to Elonkorjuu’s Harvest Time. Harvest Time is often called as the most valuable Finnish vinyl record but Buttocks isn’t far behind. Musically I enjoy Elonkorjuu’s album even more than this one. But Buttocks is a pretty powerful disc too. In my opinion it deserves four stars out of five. 

In case you enjoy bands like Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore etc. then you’ll probably like Charlies’ Buttocks too. Very good hard rock album from the early 1970’s Finland….CooperBolan ………….. 

Packaging: Like yesterday’s KSS album, the only legit reissue of Charlie’s “Buttocks” album is via an LP that came out only this year. Shadoks has stated they will not be doing the CD, so that would seem to indicate someone else will. Maybe Rocket Records, or Love themselves (who miraculously are still around, but through different owners as the original label went bankrupt in 1979). For over 20 years I just had a crappy bootleg LP of this (which I can now get rid of), so I willingly paid the “Shadoks premium” and bought the new reissue, and I was rewarded with copious liner notes and an overall fantastic job, as is their custom. Originals are almost non existent and very expensive - we’re talking $1K or more here for one in quality shape. I’m sure I’ll never own one, and to be honest the cover… leaves something to be desired. For such a great album, this one deserves a CD as well - and I will most certainly supplement the Shadoks LP with a legit CD if one surfaces. 

Notes: Had you told me this was from 1970 England or 1971 Germany, I would have believed you. Fantastic loud acid guitar, amplified sax, soft acoustic guitar and flute, tribal percussion and deep vocals. It’s the blues-rock-jazz sound that was so popular during this era, and one of my personal favorite styles. If you like groups from Germany such as Nosferatu, Ardo Dombec, and Alcatraz or the UK bands like Diabolus and Raw Material, then this one is for you. Very energetic release………….. 

Eero «Ebro» Ravi — guitar, percussion, producer 
Igor Sidorow — flute, saxophone, piano 
Vesa «Wellu» Lehtinen — vocals, harmonica, Moroccan clay drum, cowbell 
Kari «Pitkä» Lehtinen — bass, tambourine 
Ari «Kusti» Ahlgrén — drums, percussion 

Tuesday Song 3:32 
Like The Purpose Told Me 5:17 
Smoggy Story 5:57 
Try, Try Or You’ll Never Die 7:51 
Feeling That Feeling 3:15 
Living For Myself (I’m A King Dreamer) 3:40 
Madness And Otherkind Of Influences 5:23 
For You Catherine And Before You 6:22 

Charlies “Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat” 1970
One of the most influential bands from Finland are Charlies. They recorded their second album Buttocks in 1970 and also that same year, this first album. Shadoks has included six bonus tracks on this release, including their rare single from 1969. The album was recorded for an underground movie of the same title, and Charlies had full artistic freedom to create psychedelic songs and effects. Their song “Sunshine Supergirl” is a good example of classic work by this amazing underground band, featuring great guitar riffs by Eero Ravi. The original LP was pressed only a few hundred times and is a very rare collector’s item today. What a great band and what a great guitar player. Dave Lindholm wrote: “Charlies was the first big Finnish rock band for me. They played loud & rough. They looked like men, not popstars. They played the music I love. Could I ask for more? Well, I didn’t!”………… 

Influenced by Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and Jimi Hendrix, this heavy blues outfit recorded two LP’s in 1970, “Buttocks” and the soundtrack for the experimental movie “Julisteiden liimaajat” (Poster Pasters), known as the Finnish movie with the all-time worst box-office success. Charlies began suffering from internal difficulties in 1971, the band split, reformed with a different lineup, and started playing very varying styles of material. Three tracks for a proposed single were recorded in 1973, but two of them were released on a compilation only, and the third one was dug up from the vaults and released on a compilation CD in 1998. After more lineup changes Charlies split in 1975….. 

Bass - Kari Lehtinen 
Drums - Ari Ahlgrén 
Guitar - Eero Ravi 
Harmonica - Vellu Lehtinen* 
Lead Vocals - Juha Saali, Vellu Lehtinen 
Recorded By - Pekka Nurmikallio 

Taiteen Kritiikistä 3:30 
Rautavaimo 6:51 
Don’t Go Out 2:25 
There’s Nothing Trough With Public Ladies Without Skirt In Sunrise On Horseback Band 1:56 
Don’t Catch Cold 2:36 
Sunshine Supergirl 18:36 
Bonus Tracks: 
1968 Session 
Morning In Your Heart 3:44 
Easy Road Out 3:48 
1969 Session 
I’m So Glad 3:27 
We Used To Know 3:26 
Rock Me Baby 4:41 
1970 Session 
Like The Purpose Told Me 4:49 
Tuesday Song 2:58 
Another Kind Of Influence 5:00 

Charlies “Jail Sessions” 2015 Shadocks music 

Shadoks Music presents Jail Sessions from Finish legends, Charlies, recorded in 1969 and 1970. This album was recorded in 1969 and 1970 in Charlies rehearsal room, a “drunk tank” at the local jail. Since Kari Lehtinen’s father (later on known simply by the nickname, Pitkä) was the local police officer, the band could use this room for playing and recording. After Charlies finished Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat (SHAD 163LP, 1970), they got a lot of positive feedback, but they never thought the final product sounded right. Pitkä (bass) and Eero (guitars) spent a lot of time considering how to deliver a much harder sounding album as a follow-up, representing the true Charlies spirit. They got the chance to make a new album, Buttocks (1970), which was released by the famous Love Records label. The result again was only as good as the budget resources provided. Although in the end, the album Buttocks gained a good, hard reputation, they were never content with it. One night Pitkä said: “Eero, we should have made our album from your tapes, the result would have been much different.” Jail Sessions is a recording from those tapes, the sound the band was happy with. Much heavier in sound, amazing electric guitar, 100% pure heavy underground sound. After 45 years this Charlies album comes out as the band wanted it to sound like with many alternative versions of songs from the Buttocks album and unknown songs as well. 180 gram vinyl. Comes in a heavy sleeve with a printed inner sleeve, a four-page insert and an A2 poster. Edition of 500 (numbered). …………… 

Also plate collectors, the band has been tough, because two of the original album - “Music from the film posters glued to think” (Anarcinema) and “Buttocks” (Love) - the prices are in the clouds, pienipainoksiset SHADOKS-uudelleenjulkaisuvinyylitkin begin to be collector’s items. 
Underground or what? 
“Music from the film posters glued to think” was born in pace, suddenly came within reach the possibility of making use of. “Now we need music for the film, recording tomorrow, okay?”, Curiously director Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa Lahti-based tuttavamuusikoiltaan. Kävihän it. 
Charlies had been founded a few years previously. Calling Experience and songs had had the time to accumulate, even if covereitakin gigs took. Album number one side of the film music, right-side Charlies got to phone their own. A small edition, the few eventually discovered. 
After the disc the band continued its reputation as diligent touring. Stages and clubs in the audience got to prove fierce blues-rock, the volume of spared. Charlies was a terrific experience for listeners so volume as the only occurrence of the intensity of terms, of its kind in Finland. Based on the music of tiukkatempoisessa rock'n'roll and blues-rock guitarists, guitar player by Eero “Ebro” Ravin wild solos manifested. Foremost benchmark mentioned in Cream and playing-wise adventures. Ravi says that the Led Zeppelin gig at the House of Culture in Helsinki put his thoughts hyrräämään, as seen in the previous year Jethro Tull . First Ruisrock opening of the occurrence consisted of the legendary - use proper gear, on the same stage as, for example, the Colosseum , the Family and Argent . 
The result was also new songs, a training place in its bassist Kari “Long” Lehtinen police, the father of the contribution of New Village police station juopposelli. Some of the songs had already been tested in live shows. The purpose was to practice songs, so that the thoughts loom right-disc package should be as representative as possible. For future recordings on pallets for long jamibiiseiksi songs tend to get worked up in the compact versions - key gigs bass, drum and guitar solos were allowed to leave. 
Friends took the rehearsals to record a reference in the tape, and sank Pekka Nurmi Kallio Microvox-studio lineup Eero “Ebro” Ravi (guitar), Kari “Long” Lehtinen (bass), Ari “Kusti” Ahlgrén (drums), entered civilian life Vesa “Wellu” Lehtinen ( a song), as well as a professional musician, blower (flute, saxophone, piano) , Erkki “Igor Sidorow” Summala . Igor Sidorow was at that time a member of the band outside, and included gigs when the time to permanently employ a dance band Activity liikeni. 
Advanced interested in Love Microvoxissa your recorded tapes, and “Buttocks” (Love LRLP 29) appeared in the end of 1970. Although the album received the circles of experts UPTIME estimates, and the weight of the sales volumes were low, and missed the puck a few delicacy. It did not help that the Lahti future of the band was difficult to get column space to the capital-focussed publications nationwide. 
The next year, in July the band - or at least this most legendary of assembly - then broke in the middle Koria roll gig. Charlies-complete history you will find the “Buttocks” rediscovered Annex. 
Our story without a breakdown in this seething Eero Ravin inconvenience mind and his archive of tape. 
“Buttocks” does not receive absolution Ravilta and Long Lehtinen. The band’s founders, believes that the recording was tylsyttänyt music of the blade. supporting gigs and rehearsals and more brutal grip was missed along the way, the end result differed crucially involved in the, drunkard confinement in a recorded referenssinauhasta. 
“We sat long with many an evening rehearsal and worry about, taking a beer and manailemassa how to get to visit again this way. How could we count out such a board? One night Long said: "The Ebro, we should have done it from those you nauhoiltasi plate, the result would have been as been quite different”, 'says Eero Ravi. 
Rehearsals the music was recorded “in analogy to live in one inputs of which, only for ourselves to hear. Nothing uusintaottoja not been made. Magic incarceration needed only Akai-kotinauhurin and two microphones. The 1970 recording was made a month before the actual "Buttocks” -studioäänityksiä, and took the band to the studio as a reference on what kind of sound we wanted. however, went awry. Strips were left with all its small with errors to wait for a better time. “ 
Especially Raville disappointment was hard, and he gave up taking Koria roll after the episode of playing altogether. Long-Lehtinen instead pursued a career in a number of bands (eg. Sleepy Sleepers, different viritelmiä Dave Lindholm). Also Wellu Lehtinen and Kusti Ahlgren continued making music forums. 
Charlies in 1970, Buttocks re-release of the inner bag. Photo Help / Martin Brandt 
Charlies in 1970 Ruisrock, Buttocks re-release of the inner bag. Photo Help / Martin Brandt 
From this it should have sound 
SHADOKS now published by the "Jail Sessions” (SHADOKS 173) thus consists of the years 1969 and 1970, rehearsal, or made a drunk in jail recordings. “We had two Akai-kotinauhuria and two laulumikkiä with all recorded in that small room. We played all the time, of course, show pieces and accessories to the southeast, so it is amazing that This kind of tracking was accomplished. "As surely as the swing is completely unrestrained! 
Before I had heard of "Jail Sessions” recording;, I spoke with Eero Ravin. I listened to a little bit in disbelief as he told the studio and differences between the rehearsal place-recordings. Studio neat and uninspired, rehearsal place primitive and carnal. How can one and the same band would be able to produce two different contexts of one and the same material two totally divergent outcome? 
Yes, it seems to be able to. 
“Jail Sessions” is equal to Charlies raw and hienostelemattomana, as the band would have liked to themselves also present on the disc. As such, the band shokkiherätteli moppitukkamusiikkiin tuudittautuneita Swedish-February 1969 tour. Terrifying elemental power, a little härönä, maybe Underground and psychedelia. 
Ravi postponement hae thick, heavy chords, depriving the kitarastaan biting solos. Wellu Lehtinen I can not imagine standing on the action-packed fallen over, the pressing both hands the microphone, singing the tonsils until the wind fluttering. Although the long-Lehtinen and Kusti Ahlgren comp push with all our might, the spirit in distress, instead of playing is straightforward junta loose elasticity. Lehtinen is not content to keep the songs upright and lean forward. He digs his spurs playing their own melodic kuvioillaan, create a song into another song. Also Ahlgren energy is breath-taking: no Keith Moon’s windmill, maybe more Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell rhythmic spurts and total exploitation of the drum kit. 
Cell boils, air blowers. 
For example, “Like the Purpose Told Me”: Ravin deliberately riivinrautasoinnut will be dropped once-Lehtinen and Ahlgren irresistibly rolling, the rails a noise at junakompin. Ravin solo is the sharpness and torque, Wellu Lehtinen did not spare the vocal cords. Rockin primeval core of juice. I can only imagine what a great ruckus in a small cell to be had! 
The same song “Buttocks” variant Sidorow saxophone is a significant proportion, rhythm passes lightly, but not quite bossa nova spirit, because yes Ahlgrén settiään kicks commendable vigor. The song is a grope and julistavuutta where sellinauhoissa is pure rock'n'roll joy. Bring the joy of playing, youthful adrenaline and rock'n'roll attitude shine through in every song. No mercy! Reminded Pete Townshend attitude and the idea before stepping onto the stage: we are going to fight, we will win with the public on our side. 
In Charlies wins, for example, “Try Try Or You’ll Never Die” -biisillä: pytyssään guys have such a high-grade fuel, that this train is useless to even try to stop! Would plate so bet? At the same united front associated with “Feeling That Feeling” - first part of the tariff is extremely simppeli rhythm and straightforward, but this is why so ingenious: the simplicity is power. Therefore fall here Zeppelin-effect? 
Gently swinging “smoggy Story” swaying also sellisessioissa, may not be so airily, and even sophistication than “buttocks”, but a live bet version is excellent: Long-Lehtinen anchor and carry songs, Ahlgrén kolisuttaa and rattle the entire arsenal, Ravi pulls jazzy solo and Wellu Lehtinen and echo the song is the authority. 
In addition to the “Jail Sessions” contains all “Buttocks” song with the flesh version, the disc is also sessions for the year 1969, as a singer at that time was Juha Saali . Energy found even objects included. “Rock Me Baby” and “I’m So Glad”. Familiar loans to both, the disc Charlies-power Quartet’s empowerment. Ravin guitar at that time was cleaner but not in any way nicer tone. The difference Ravi tells a different guitar due respect: -69-band ring Burns Black Bison , later changed to a guitar semi-acoustic Gibson ES-330 . For example, half-jogging blues “Down Together” - which Ravi pulls the might of the solo, Bo Diddley -kompin cousin “So Much More” as well as the previously mentioned loans bear witness pals skill, vision and a sense of belonging. 
“Jail Sessions” CD version seasoned with a few bonus tracks, including “Going Around” rolls so thoroughly. “Thanks to the drummer,” says Ravi too modestly, because yes he Wilko Johnson Maine tikkauskitaransa accelerates the body ruthless cost. The song is the same as “posters knife;” published in the “art criticism” - tuollakin plate very flowing. 
“Jail Sessions” for some time now rolling understand fully what Eero Ravi spoke: Charlies live is a completely different beast than the tamed version ended up on the disc. I admit, however, that personally I like both. And the “buttocks” häröilevämmästä colorful and vigorous activity than the “Jail Sessions” hienostelemattomasta and breathtakingly straightforward rockistakin. 
Now that the “Jail Sessions” is out, and already etukäteispöhinän thanks to the first edition of the clearance sale, Ravi mourns the longer it is, the long-Lehtinen is no longer witnessed the publication of the disc, even if the subject in his lifetime a lot of heard about. 
Pekka The year was 1968, it would be autumn. I was in the seventeenth year of age approaching, rock-hard fly Bitten and poikuuden losing earnestly dreamed of his own band pojanmulkku Helsinki Tapani child. 
with my friend Erkki Janatuisen I trot you back almost every night for three kilometers along the Jakomäki youth club. In addition to hanging out with friends clubbing life offered an average of once a week with live music - mostly quite unknown to domestic bands, which was a terrible craving to get to perform. As a reward was enough, that got the NCRC from the driver of the leased keikkapakun paid. And if something was over, it was wasted in the Team nearest snagarilla. 
Jakiksessa who has ever seen bands in mind only two. The second was the Lido Salonen led by the Kalevala precursor Oscar Band (the spelling I’m not quite sure), and the other raskassointinen blues rock trio Charlies Lahti. 
Oscar Band musically I do not remember anything. By contrast, with regard to Charlies audiovisuaalisemotionaaliset feelings are very strong. 
Three dark-speaking, downright uhkaavanoloista long hair. Räkäläkeikoille too big stuff and the usual sounds better / more robust decibels. Genuine, nirppanokkaisuutta nöyristelemätön rock & roll attitude and the ability to infect it to the audience. 
Even at that time the band played gigs mostly cover songs. Called I do not remember the Cream Evening recycling grabbed “I’m So Glad” and Steppenwolf published in January kopsatun debut album “Sookie Sookie” . 
However, I do remember that Eero Ravin dark surface Burns guitar sounds Herkel power just fine, and that the whole Charlies was you (too) the night before the flames! 
with Ekin next to Malmi Airport folded repatriation tasted exceptionally good. I believe, about a hundred kilometers north of the old Lahti road went by they too good to be excited. 

Madness And Other Kind Of Influensis 4:58 
Before You 2:08 
Easy 3:36 
Smoggy Story 5:32 
Tuesday Song 2:57 
Try Try Or You’ll Never Die 5:04 
Feeling That Feeling 2:51 
Like The Purpose Told Me 4:48 
Down Together 4:02 
So Much More 4:14 
Rock Me Baby 4:39 
I’m So Glad 3:24 
Bonus Track 
Sunshine Supergirl 7:48 

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