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21 Jan 2017

Chris Braun Band “Both Sides” 1972 Germany Prog Kraut Folk Rock

Chris Braun Band “Both Sides” 1972 Germany Prog Kraut Folk Rock

A straight rock band. Line-up (A) recorded the first album Both Sides (1972), which received a bad press. The band went through many changes in 1973, at one time even Jimmy Jackson (well-known as the organist of Embryo, Passport, etc.) was a member. Horst Schreiber departed to form Sperrmull. At the end of the year a quintet settled to record a new album. Foreign Lady (1974) was another rather ordinary rock album with influences from blues and soul. Braun’s musical activities were few for some years, but in 1980 he formed a new band………. 

CHRIS BRAUN BAND are a Krautrock group based in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany who disappeared from the scene after 2 album releases. In 1972 “Both Sides” featured Bill Bakine on drums, percussion, Jochen Bernstein on bass, Chris Braun on lead vocals, Elmar Krohn on guitars, flute, percussion, vocals, and Horst Schreiber on guitars, percussion, and vocals. In 1973 the heavy rock, jazz and psych album “Foreign Lady” featured again Chris Braun on vocals, joined by Bernstein’s bass, Krohn’s drums, and newcomers to the group Bernd Adamkewitz on guitar, and saxophone, and Klaus Melchers on piano, moog, and mellotron. The guest musicians on the album include Linda Fields on backing vocals, choir, Peter Hast on percussion and Jiggs Wigham on trombone. 

They also released two 7" singles in the seventies that have over the years become rare vinyl collector’s items. Chris Braun wrote the songs, sung for the band and was founder of the group. Her gravelly voice may be compared to Inga Rumpf of FRUMPY. Her songs are a combination of folk-rock, jazz-fusion, heavy blues and hard rock…………. 
Debut album (of 2) of Dortmund (North Rhine-Westphalia). Leader and founder of the group was a talented singer and songwriter Chris Braun, whose slightly gruff voice though sometimes reminded of Inga Rumpf of “Frumpy”, but, in general, was quite distinctive. Moreover, composing talent Brown was under ee become vocal abilities - all nine songs on the album came from her pen. Despite the fact that the musical palette presented on the plate, rather organic and holistic, it should be noted the combination of several genres - folk-rock, blues-rock, hard rock. The general impression most positive. Perhaps not all techniques are original, not all moments equivalent fortunate, however, listening to a lot of fun. Of course, progressive rock - just one component of this project. But those who are not afraid of folk, blues and even with hard rock probably will not regret hearing this work…………. 
Recorded with a somewhat different line-up, their second album is both much jazzier and much proggier, with tracks of up to nine-and-a-half minutes. With light funk, soul and pop edges here and there, this isn’t the most significant or ambitious LP, but it’s an accomplished and enjoyable period piece that takes a few risks (notably the weird semi-improvised closer ‘Be Proud’)………… 

- Bill Bakine/ drums, percussion 
- Jochen Bernstein/ bass 
- Chris Braun / lead vocals 
- Elmar Krohn / guitars, flute, percussion, vocals 
- Horst Schreiber/ guitars, percussion, vocals 

1 Town Of Children`s Blocks 5:00 
2 Comfort Me In Hell 2:13 
3 Untrue World 2:14 
4 Magical Light 2:54 
5 Anxiety 7:03 
6 Paul 4:19 
7 Icy Shapes 6:18 
8 Things For You And Me 5:15 
9 April Fool 0:11 

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