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15 Jan 2017

David Miller Leith Corbett “Reflections Of A Pioneer”1970 Australia Psych Rock

David Miller Leith Corbett “Reflections Of A Pioneer” 1970 ultra rare Australia Psych Rock…recommended..!
New Zealand born singer Dave Miller arrived in Sydney during 1966 with his band the Byrds. After a couple of singles the band fell apart and in 1967 Miller formed the Dave Miller Set. Signed up by the Spin label this outfit issued three strong pop singles. By this stage Robinson had emerged as a fluid and inventive guitarist, and after a couple of line-up changes the Dave Miller Set attained prominence as one of the first heavy rock bands on the local scene in the Led Zeppelin mould. The fourth single ‘Mr Guy Fawkes’, was a cover of song by Eire Apparent and ranks right up there at the high watermark of Australian pop production in the 1960’s. However by the time it reached #6 on the charts the band was on its last legs. Miller issued a solo single in March 1970 and the other three formed Blackfeather with singer Neale Johns. Corbett and McCormac soon abandoned Blackfeather to work with Miller on an album. Issued at the end of 1970 on Spin (through Festival), 'Reflections Of A Pioneer’ was credtited to Dave Miller / Leith Corbett & Friends. The albums diverse sound was exemplified by the single 'Reflections Of A Pioneer / 353527 Charles’ (November 1970) which mixed country-tinged psychedelic pop (A-side) with Led Zep. style blues-rock (B-side). As the album progresses it slides into stranger territory, with the last three tracks in particular giving full vent to the experimental aesthetic that seems to be bubbbling away underneath. The sturdy 'Your Own Motor Car’ gives way to the intriguing twists and turns of the Zapppaesque 'In Your Mind’ which also sounds remarkably like Love’s 'Orange Skies’ at times.'It’s Great To Get Up In The Morning’ ends the album on high with its eerie chanting and all manner of psychedelic sounds. The album sold relatively few copies and is now considered to be one of the rarest seventies Australian albums!! 
All up a great item and a must for the serious collector. …… 

Dave Miller — rhythm & 2nd guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals, producer 
Leith Corbett — harmonica, flute, bass, tympani, percussion, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, vocals, producer 
Mike McCormac — drums 

Terry Gascoigne — drums 
Alan Sandow — drums 
Garrie Ferguson — drums 
Robert Turner — congas (05), percussion (11) 

A1 Reflections Of A Pioneer
A2 Don’t You Think It’s Time
A3 I’ll Be Laughing
A4 The Loner
A5 Somehow
A6 Good Psychology
B1 353527 Charles
B2 I Don’t Believe It
B3 Your Own Motor Car
B4 In Your Mind
B5 It’s Great To Get Up In The Morning, But Better To Stay In Bed  

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