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9 Jan 2017

Ecology “Environment/Evolution"1970 US Psych Rock

Ecology “Environment/Evolution"1970 US Psych Rock

Former Blue Things leader, the late Val Stecklein, teamed up with producer Ray Ruff to form this bizarre mystery band/concept lp which is stronger than Val's moody solo lp on Dot called 'Grey Life'.
It was very low key in band credits but the playing and singing is glorious. It leans more towards Val's first love: country & western music. Who even know who the steel pedal player is on these sessions? Val can't tell us. However a few tracks are sung by a different singer, possibly Ruff himself who had a small recording career of his own.

There are no photos, just a poem by Val on the back cover. Happy Tiger Records was not a company who planned things out. I'm surprised this came out at all. Blue Things fans don't know much about this release. .............

Val Stoecklein (Valerian Richard Stecklein) — guitar, vocals
Jerry Cole (Jerald Kolbrak) — arranger
Ray Ruff (Marvin Ray Ruffin) — producer

01. Black Mark On The Sea — 3:08
02. Wake Up Old World — 2:29
03. What Have They Done To The Rain — 2:39
04. Existing In City Stone — 2:14
05. We’re All In This Together — 2:49
06. Our Times — 3:33
07. We Can’t Get There From Here — 2:35
08. The Whole World Has Gone Out Of Tune — 3:04
09. No One Hears — 2:11
10. A Time — 2:54

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..