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3 Jan 2017

El Tarro De Mostaza “ El Tarro De Mostaza “1970 Mexico Psych Rock

El Tarro De Mostaza “ El Tarro De Mostaza “1970 Mexico Psych Rock
This mexican experimental psych album was seemingly written with an almost krautish sense of humour. The long suite “Obertura brillo de luz” is a good example of this. It has a duration of 19:59 min and is full of naive melodies. Musically, it’s sub par, though, and as a listener you grow tired of it quite quickly……… 

The Mexican cities of the late sixties where there were rock groups to create a major movement were: D.F. Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey and the northern border in general, in the rest of the country there was practically no rock, it was music that was heard by very few people in other parts of the country, that is why it attracted the attention El Tarro De Mostaza , Poza Rica group , Veracruz and even more that they had obtained a contract with the label Capitol. 

For this distinction and for the quality of the record, it is another of the cult recordings of Mexican Rock, for the richness of musical resources, for the virtuosity of the musicians, for daring to make a record with lyrics in Castilian and for its quality in The texts many collectors who had not been born when the album was sold, obsessively seek it. 

The members of the group, composers and performers of music that went to the history of our rock were: Juan Felipe Castro guitarist, Jorge López organist, singer Francisco Javier, Osar García drummer and Santiago Galván bassist, they created their group in 1965 and When they recorded their famous record, none were more than twenty years old, the day they were heard in Capitol, they were immediately hired and asked to change their name, from The Sounds, an Anglo-Saxon name to a more chaste one and in the stream of psychedelic youth music , Thus occurred to the producers “ El Tarro De Mostaza ” in clear allusion to marijuana. 

Perhaps because of his extreme youth, how difficult it was to be rock musicians in Mexico or for many other reasons, the group had an ephemeral existence but left this jewel of which there would undoubtedly be many others in another place or at another time or Another planet, but those years were truly heroic for rock lovers in this “surreal” country as one day Breton astounded a reality he did not understand……….. 

Juan Felipe Castro Osornio / Guitar 
- Jorge Lopez Martinez / Keyboard 
- Francisco Javier / Vocal 
- Oscar Garcia Casados (El Pipi) / Drums 
- Santiago Galvan Diaz (El Bolillo) / Bass 

Obertura/Brillo De Luz {20:00} 
Final/Avances {0:59} 
En Caso De Que Mi Reloj Se Pare {3:57} 
El Ruido Del Silencio {3:04} 
Amor Por Teléfono/Brillo De Luz (Reprise) {4:00} 
La Fuente Del Jardín {4:42} 
No Debes Verme Llorar {3:47}

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