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14 Jan 2017

Gert Thrue “Sound Painted Pictures Of Cosmic Love” 1977 Denmark Prog Electronic Space Rock

Gert Thrue “Sound Painted Pictures Of Cosmic Love”  1977 Denmark Prog Electronic Space Rock
Definitely not disco not in the slightest. This music Komiche in the true sense its a little rock drumming and alot of organ drones and Minimoog noodles of the third kind. 
The second tracks is more in a major scale and upbeat lively almost soulful something you would not expect after an earful of that beautiful minor keyed opener. So there is a bit of deviation from the atypical “space” music highway. I guess it just shows if your going to make a one off release just do what you want to and to hell with critics! 
Easy going listening instrumental lp sort of reminiscent of early 1970s Pink Floyd drumming with a hint of Klaus Schulze’s early work pre-sequencer material. Other worldly, spacious, dreamy its all there but it aint jazz or dance pop!………..

Drums – Jan Preus (tracks: A), Per Hoyer 
Organ [Hammond Orgel], Synthesizer [Moog, Roland], Electric Piano [Fender], Keyboards [Logan-Stringers], Composed By – Gert Thrue

A Sound Painted Pictures Of Cosmic Love 18:38 
B1 Travellin’ By Thoughts 7:28 
B2 I Play The Body Electronic 9:15 
B3 Cepheus 4:50 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..