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2 Jan 2017

Järngustav“Tiden Läker Inga Sår”1978 Swedish Private Prog Hard Rock

Järngustav  “Tiden Läker Inga Sår”1978 Swedish Private Prog Hard Rock
Järngustav came from Gävle and began playing together in January 1977. The band performed live mostly around Uppsala and Gävle and the self-financed album was sold at gigs and to friends. Only a few hundred copies of the album were pressed and has been a collector’s item for many years. The A-side delivers straightforward rock inspired by the Rolling Stones, but with Swedish-language lyrics. The B-side consists of the twenty-minute progressive title track featuring strong guitar leads. Järngustav disbanded in 1979 when members of the band had to report for mandatory military service. …… 

Urban Nilsson (vocals) 
Stefan Cedervall (guitar) 
Per Gunnarsson (guitar) 
Janne Jonsson (bass) 
Peter Östlund (drums) 

A1 Insnöat Ös 2:34
A2 Vart Kan Man Gå? 3:50
A3 Medan Ljusen Släcks 4:16
A4 Maxmål 3:00
A5 På Väg Hem 4:33
B Tiden Läker Inga Sår 17:40 

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