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28 Jan 2017

Jimmy Page, Big Jim Sullivan, John Williams "The Maureeny Wishfull Album" 1968 UK Private Folk Rock pressed in 300 copies original

Jimmy Page, Big Jim Sullivan, John Williams  "The Maureeny Wishfull Album" 
1968 UK Private  Folk Rock pressed in 300 copies original
In 1968 he recorded an album “Maureeny Wishfull” with Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan, this is now a highly collectable album. I was lucky to find an unreleased acetate in 2014 by John Williams on the A side and an as yet unknown band on the B side. This was released by TOR Records in 2015….. 
This is one INCREDIBLY rare album - with a pressing run of only 300 copies! It’s a real oddity too, from a veritable ‘supergroup’ of guitarists - with Jimmy Page fresh from The YARDBIRDS, 'BIG’ JIM SULLIVAN - virtuoso top session player and veteran of Marty Wilde’s band in the late 1950’s (He issued some solo singles, and French sitar EP’s too). John Williams is more of a classical player, and with his strong folk leanings this record was basically his songwriting project for these players. I’m not sure who was singing, but I’m imagining it was Williams as he wrote all the lyrics. The publishing rights appear to be shared between them - though the financial returns must have been a big fat zero. 
In a short while, Page was to form 'The New Yardbirds’ which effectively was LED ZEPPELIN. Now Jimmy was not unfamiliar with folk by any means - especially after his strong interest and respect for Bert Jansch, Davey Graham, and John Renbourn. He also made guest appearances with such as Al Stewart and Roy Harper among others, so he was not strictly about blistering heavy rock and blues - as his tasteful acoustic numbers illustrated on all the early Led Zep albums too. For my ears, this has a lot more in common with Donovan - and not to its’ detriment either! The songs are pleasant, well balanced and obviously - with high quality playing…………… 

Not a lot is know about it and its recording date general info is disputed with the current thinking of it being recording in 1965 while Page and Jim were working for Andrew Loog Oldham. As for John Williams he was Page’s good friend (they were in a few of Page’s early groups together, but he was fresh out of The Authentics at this time, which Page also did work with occationally) at the time and they do recordings together as late as 1970 and 65 would make sense because a later version of Five Verses For My Love called Five More Verses For My Love is released on John Williams really rare 1967 solo album (which also has Page on it) under Columbia…… 

A1 Maureeny Wishful
A2 To Something New
A3 I Must Fly
A4 I Know, You Know Too
A5 Another Winter, Another Spring
A6 City Blues
A7 Gypsy Girl & The Poor Boy
B1 Early Bird Of Morning
B2 London Town
B3 Sally You’ve Been On The Game Too Long
B4 Dream Cloudburst
B5 And She Is My True Love
B6 Five Verses For My Love
B7 C'mon Train 

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