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11 Jan 2017

Jon Lord “Jon Lord Blues Project:” Live 2011 Blues Rock

Jon Lord  “Jon Lord Blues Project:” Live 2011 Blues Rock
The Blues Project is a group of old friends, delivering high quality British rhythm’n’blues the way it was always supposed to sound. 

Recorded live in Rottweil, Germany – May 14, 2011. 

Jon Lord Blues Project fullfilled late DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord’s desire to branch out from his orchestral world and focus on the Hammond organ through a series of club gigs across Central Europe. This video portrays the band live onstage through images captured in concert and rehearsal. 

‘As Tears Go Passing By’ was recorded live in Rottweil, Germany on May 14th, 2011. It was left off the Jon Lord Blues Project live album released from that concert. 

Jon’s management has decided to release this track now dressed in a special photo gallery of images from the band’s short tour in Germany 2011. All photos kindly donated by Ritchie Herbert and Uli Schneider with video editing by Christer Lorichs. …. 

Miller Anderson – guitar, vocal 
Maggie Bell – vocal 
Colin Hodgkinson – bass, vocal 
Jon Lord – hammond organ 
Zoot Money – keyboards, vocal 
Pete York - drums 

MILLER ANDERSON – guitar and vocals 
His first name band was the Keef Hartley Band. He wrote much of the material they recorded on their several successful LPs and was the impressive frontman when they appeared at Woodstock in 1969. Miller went on to be featured with Savoy Brown, Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack, Blood Sweat and Tears, Marc Bolan’s T. Rex, Mick Taylor, Donovan, Mountain, the Spencer Davis Group, Pete York’s Super Drumming TV series, Jon Lord’s orchestral projects and used to be with the British Blues Quintet. He now leads his own Miller Anderson Band on tour in Europe and continues to compose original songs for his performances. 

MAGGIE BELL – vocals, 
One of the most exciting singers of the 60s and 70s with the legendary Stone The Crows, also Peter Green, Steve Howe and Taj Mahal. The raw power of her singing and her stage presence have not diminished one iota over her long career and whether she is on the road with Dave Kelly, Chris Farlowe or the British Blues Quintet she earns standing ovations from the fans of all ages. 

Began his bass-playing career with Alexis Korner, where he learned the roots of the blues. His group Back Door was a highly original concept and enjoyed great success. He went on to be part of Charlie Watts Rocket 88, David Coverdale’s Whitesnake, the Olympic Rock and Blues Circus with Jon Lord, Pete York and Chris Farlowe. He also toured with Brian Auger, Chris Rea, Frank Diez and the Spencer Davis Group. Colin also appeared with Pete York in the Super Drumming TV series. 

ZOOT MONEY – keyboards 
Became one of the first Hammond organ soloists and a highly individual singer with his Big Roll Band in the 60s. His recording of Big Time Operator was a 60s hit. Often voted the favourite band of other stars of the time, Zoot’s mix of blues, soul, jazz and raving lunacy were perfect for the era. Andy Summers (later of Police) was his guitarist and Zoot later collaborated with Alexis Korner and Eric Burdon. He has also acted in British films and TV and his personality has enlivened projects with Alan Price, Bobby Tench, Humble Pie and his own British Blues Quintet. 

PETE YORK – drums 
In the 1960’s Pete was part of the successful the Spencer Davis Group. Pete then joined Eddie Hardin to form Hardin & York, „the World’s Smallest Big Band“.  He toured with Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Chris Barber’s Jazzband. The American Blues Legends and star soloists from blues, jazz and rock like Sonny Boy Williamson, Eric Clapton and Johnny Griffin. Pete appeared with Jon Lord’s orchestral projects Windows and Sarabande. They first played R & B together in the Rock & Blues Circus in the 80 

Ο γνωστός πληκτράς των DEEP PURPLE - WHITESNAKE και λοιπών δημοκρατικών δυνάμεων, χρόνια τώρα ακολουθεί τον δικό του δρόμο. Με επιλογές που βρίσκονται είτε στην πλευρά της κλασικής μουσικής ή του πιο soft rock ήχου, δείχνει μουσική συνέπεια και αυτοσυγκράτηση, σε αντίθεση με τον πρώην συμπαίκτη του στους DEEP PURPLE, κο Richie Blackmore. Η αγάπη του για τα blues δεν κρύφτηκε, ούτε καν από τη συμμετοχή του στο βραχύβιο project με τον Jimmy Barnes στα φωνητικά, που δεν γνώρισε την απήχηση που του άξιζε. 

Σε αυτή την σχετικά χαμηλής δημοσιότητας κυκλοφορία, με συνοδεία γυναικείων και ανδρικών φωνητικών, από τους Miller Anderson – Maggie Bell – και με τους Zoot Money – πλήκτρα, Colin Hodgkinson – μπάσο (WHITESNAKE), Pete York – ντραμς μας παρουσιάζει τραγούδια από την ιστορία και τις δουλειές του αλλά και κλασικά blues standards και διασκευές σε FREE, Tom Waits παιγμένα με διάθεση, ένταση και ειλικρίνεια. Ξεχωρίζουν βέβαια το “Lazy” με τα γυναικεία φωνητικά στη θέση των φωνητικών του Ian Gillan, το “It never rains but it pours” και το αειθαλές “When a blind man cries”. Μανιασμένο όργανο, με τον ήχο που το καθιέρωσε στη ροκ σκηνή, φυσαρμόνικα, blues κιθάρες, τραγουδιστές με συναίσθημα και μια «ψυχωμένη» εμφάνιση, που σε κάνει να αναρωτιέσαι, πότε θα δούμε ανάλογες συναυλίες στη χώρα μας. Ο Lord αποδεικνύεται πραγματικός φίλος των blues –swing-ragtime-rock n’ roll και με κέφι, μας πηγαίνει βαθιά στον Αμερικάνικο Νότο, με μουσικές, που θα ξενίσουν μόνο τους «κολλημένους». 
Δεν ξέρω αν θα έχετε διάθεση να το ψάξετε άλλωστε ηχογραφήθηκε το Μάιο του 2011 στο Rottweil Jazzfestival, αλλά σε κάθε περίπτωση οι φίλοι των DEEP PURPLE, WHITESNAKE (πριν το 1987) αποκτήστε το. 
Στέλιος Μπασμπαγιάννης…………. 

Autumn hammondmester holiday concert band first publication of this album, which was recorded May 14 of this year in Germany Rottweillben arranged jazz festival. In addition to playing a musician Jon Lord they are well known, because they all played key roles in the sixties British rhythm and blues music. Nevertheless, not only in the golden age of rock songs they were selected, for example, in the eighties watching a Tom Waits hit Respect Yourself as well. Not missing a Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man, Robert Johnson is also present in a song, the Walkin 'Blues up and salute the contemporaries: the legendary free-tune the Wishing Well I think is an excellent Maggie Bell, Spencer Davis’s I’m a Man by the Gimme Some Lovin 'is the band’s repertoire is, however, that this album was not live it. 

Interestingly the lineup, because Lord alongside another keyboardist Zoot Money is brisk keyboardist park, but Hammond portions hundred percent of the Old bring you Money rather the accompaniment takes part (well, some rock and roll solo necessity at times), Miller Anderson in addition to She sings well. Deep Purple is not missing either the show. Played by Lazy-and even a blues, Blind Man Cries of the When. The former amplify the already present jazz direction, Maggie Bell also change the text, which otherwise blues songs are not unusual, especially in the traditional szerzeményeknél not. Sensational rhythm of the band: Pete York in addition to runs like clockwork, excellent sense it mixes elements of jazz percussion play. The left-handed bass guitar plectrum Colin “Bomber” Hodgkinson instruments and certain life of its own songs. Miller Anderson is not an epochal guitar (singing voice may be familiar with Lord 98 on the drive, the 'Pictured from Within’), but it makes it a reliable way of solos. (Yeah, I know, for me the god Blackmore - na no Blackmore’s Night mn) 

who were there at the beginning of July in Paks, a friend of the party - the same repertoire presented the six-tooth. I miss the sound of the concert material real atmosphere, a little more solo instruments (Pete York dobszólója is amazing there), but do not be greedy. Lord had an idea, the old man said to have hatched Eltron and the music you have to Artwoodsban depressed at some point in the mid-sixties, years before the establishment of Deep Purple. They did not come together, to redeem the world, or this piece of themselves they want to enter the rock eternity, but only wanted to play a little blues. 

The problem is that too sterile material, there is little excitement, you can not stick with you, I miss the barbed lines, spontaneity. There is no feeling in the pub, which is a blue-holding is so important. In 2003, Lord created another blues material when Bob Daisley Hoochie-Coochie Men, led by Australia came together, and 'Live At The Basement’ I think much better. Professional work, but these six people are able to do much more. Lord and his pals in the kisujjukból shaken this music, but the problem is that we do not seek to do more, although it is true that not many people do not follow them. …..Hard Rock Magazine…… 

Back At The Chicken Shack 6:15 
Houchie Couchie Man 6:29 
Wishing Well 5:39 
It Never Rains But It Pours 4:14 
Fog On The Highway 7:35 
Lazy 4:51 
Walkin’ Blues 5:48 
Way Down In The Hole 3:23 
Houston (Scotland) 4:31 
Respect Yourself 6:34 
When A Blind Man Cries 5:17 
I’m A Man 5:10 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..