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15 Jan 2017

José Cid ‎ “10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus E Marte” 1978 excellent Portugal Prog Symphonic

José Cid ‎ “10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus E Marte” 1978 excellent Portugal Prog Symphonic
“10,000 Depois Entre Venus E Marte” is a space-influenced prog album from the mid-70’s. Although the music is quite good, it does have a dated-quality to it. All of the songs are keyboard-heavy, and emphasize interplay between Moogs, piano, and Mellotron (in fact, the photo, inside the booklet, of Jose CID next to his collection of vintage keyboards will make analog-freaks drool). But the guitarist is given plenty of room to solo for long amounts of time which tends to balance things out. Jose CID also sings on several tracks in a style typical of mid-70s Italian and Spanish prog. “10,000 Depois Enter Venus E Marte” is a very satisfying album that will survive repeated listenings…….by Steve Hegede …..
Portugal isn’t exactly what you call a prog rock hotbed, but perhaps the most surprising figure in the prog rock scene was that country’s biggest pop star, and he went by the name of José CID. Yes, this was the guy who entered in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980. Of course, by that time, the guy had little to do with prog anymore. But in 1978, that was a very different story with this, “10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte”. Here, he’s loaded with tons of great analog keyboards like Mellotron, Mini Moog, Solina string synths, and created a sci-fi concept album about the destruction of Earth, and the two escapees returning to Earth some 10,000 years after its destruction. 
Musically, it reminds me a little of such late ‘70s German bands, like ELOY, especially with the sci-fi concept and spacy synthesizers. The big difference here is CID chose to sing in his own language, which is a huge benefit. One big reason why Mellotron fans are going to need this album is one of the songs actually bears the title “Mellotron O Planeta Fantástico”! Can’t argue with an album with such a song. Actually the first two songs, “O Ultimo dia na Terra” and “O Caos” are by far the best, most amazing pieces of music I have heard from the late '70s. Certainly the rest of the album doesn’t reach those same heights, but it’s truly an incredible album. It’s too bad the Portuguese press decided to bury the album upon release, it certainly hurt CID big time, and that’s why he turned to more conventional pop….. by Proghead ……
Jose CID is a pretty famous Portuguese musician who recorded one incredibly awesome progressive monster concept album in 1978. “10,000 Depois Entre Venus E Marte” is a space-influenced prog album featuring a ton of vintage keybords (Moogs, piano, and Mellotron). Songs and melodies are very captivating and the overall feel is highly symphonic with lots of string synths and mellotron. The Art Sublime CD also contains a rare single released in 1977 which is also very fitting and excellent work. Lyrics are sung in native Portuguese and are quite well done. The guitar work on this album is also amazing and works well with the keyboards… fans of spacey French symphonic rock will love this one….by loserboy …….
Who am I? to argue with all the previous reviews.. 
This one to me came from nowhere!! Love at first sight, yes at first sight. When I got this one on the mail, I thought I had made a big mistake, ordering actually an LP; well I said, keep it and someday when my turntable is fixed I’ll enjoyed…surprise! surprise! when I open the cover I found the CD packed inside…very clever my friends!. In other words is an LP pack, with a CD inside, Fantastic!! 

Now, from the first note I was blown away! The music…a superb 51 minutes of Keys Masterpiece, drench with mini-mogg and mellotron, with a good dose of guitar; indeed, sound like Germany output late 70’s with that vintage taste of 70’s progressive music. My highest recommendation, especially for the lovers of Symphonic-spacey material that came from Germany or even France, during that time…. lyrics are in Portuguese and even…I believe there are some French??? mixed in there….by Prognut …………
This album by Portuguese keyboardplayer/singer Jose Cid has a kind of 'cult-status’ among the Tron-maniacs. Many years ago I listened to the album but I was not really impressed. Because of the huge amount of sheer euphoric reviews on this site, I decided to give this album a second chance (thanks to Portuguese proghead Roger Silva (obrigado!), I got the opportunity to listen to it). 
After a first listening session I know why I was not impressed at first: this is a very varied album and it is not layered with Trons as you might expect. The climates ranges from mellow with spacey synthesizers to up-tempo rock with distorted electric guitar. The Portuguese vocals sound very warm and all compositions are tasteful arranged with pleasant work on piano, some sensitive and howling electric guitar soli and frequently the majestic sound of the choir-Mellotron (my favorite one), subtle or surprisingly blended with the melodic and pleasant progrock Jose Cid has created. 

The lonely prog rock album of a successful Portuguese pop artist, and it rocks! 
I gotta say that this album always impresses me for three basic reasons: 1) It IS a very good album 2) It’s a Portuguese album recorded in the 70’s (at that time Portugal was very poor due to its great military expenses maintaining its overseas colonies in Africa) 3) José Cid is actually a pop rock artist (something that can be proven listening to his other solo releases and / or his albums with Quarteto 1111 prior to Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê, Cantamos Pessoas Vivas). Both the instrumental and the lyrical works are very good, besides the great difference between the portuguese spoken in Brazil and in Portugal. 

The music made here by José Cid is symphonic in nature, but the lyrics are more fitting in a space rock album. That is because, in the concept of 10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte, the Earth is apparently doomed due to humanity’s actions and so some humans escape the Earth and search for a new planet to live. 10,000 years later, the humans that escaped Earth were still searching for a planet to live until they find a planet between Venus and Mars, where they start everything from the beginning. 

One interesting thing with the album I have is that it does not have the bonus track Vida (Sons Do Quotidiano). At first i was quite disappointed, but now i realize that its better without it for 2 reasons: 1) the track doesn’t fit the concept 2) It makes the album too long for its own good. However, if you have the opportunity, listen that song because it is quite good. 

However, there are some drawbacks here. The biggest one is the pronunciation. The portuguese spoken in Portugal is very different from the portuguese spoken in Brazil, besides being written the exactly same way, and that makes the lyrics to be a lot harder to comprehend, to understand. The other drawback is technological: the mellotron and the synthesizers sound old, dated. 

Grade and Final Thoughts 

This album is a very good product from the 70’s and is one of the few representatives of the Portuguese prog rock from the 70’s. However, its grade is 4.5 stars….by CCVP …….
This classy concept album by Jose Cid is an excellent mostly-instrumental symphonic prog piece with a strong space rock influence in the guitar parts. Like Bo Hansson, another pop keyboardist who turned his hand to producing prog solo albums, Cid does not use the album purely as an ego trip - he knows when his (well-played) keyboards need to be at front and centre, and when he needs to step aside to let another instrumentalist take the lead. In particular, Zé Nabo’s excellent guitar contributions - reminiscent of Dave Gilmour’s work at points - enhance the album notably. Cid is also adept at using both newer synthesisers and classic prog stalwarts like the Mellotron, and shows great taste in choosing which to use when and blending the new and the old. 
It might have sounded a bit retro even in 1978, but 10,000 Anos is a fine album - and whilst it might have been the only solo prog effort by Cid, it’s one that I can listen to over and over again…. by Warthur …….

Line-up / Musicians 
- José Cid / pianos, synthesizers, strings, Mellotron, vocals 

- Ramon Gallarza / drums, percussion 
- Zé Nabo / bass, guitars 
- Mike Sergeant / 12-string guitar 

O Último Dia Na Terra 4:21 
O Caos 5:48 
Fuga Para O Espaço 8:07 
Mellotron, O Planeta Fantástico 6:41 
10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus E Marte 6:01 
A Partir Do Zero 4:41 
Memos 2:07 

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