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31 Jan 2017

Leo Afzelius “Pop Spectrum” 1976 Uk Psych Hard Funk

Leo Afzelius “Pop Spectrum” 1976 Uk Psych Hard Funk…recommended…
Record British composer - spectacular but a bit eclectic library-collection. Atmospheric decorated synthesizer hard rock is combined with funk, “light music” and quite a curious number “Off-Beat Reggae”. Behind the pseudonym Leo Afzelius disappeared keyboardist punk band “The Adverts” Tim Cross, a well-known and his solo works……

Exciting Pop 
A1 Beat In Concert 2:30 
A2 Space Rock 2:25 
A3 Elton 2:42 
A4 Disco Dance 2:28 
A5 Sunstroke Stomp 2:59 
A6 Heavy Rock 2:38 
A7 Off-Beat Reggae 2:04 
Slow Mood Pop 
B1 Black Soul 2:21 
B2 Reflections 4:07 
B3 Tubular Patterns 2:19 
B4 Rainbows 3:17 
B5 Lazy Day 2:26 
B6 Cosmic Blues 3:00 
B7 Lilting Rock 2:53

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..