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8 Jan 2017

Life "Life" 1970 Sweden Heavy Prog Rock

Life  "Life" 1970 Sweden Heavy Prog Rock
A true heavy rock-masterpiece from Sweden. The music ranges from incredibly beautiful ballads to freaked out jamming. 

Swedish band LIFE was founded in 1970 by Tomas Rydberg, Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin, the latter two also know for their work in 60’s band Trolls. Inspired by bands such as Tear Gas and Leafhound they explored a form of progressive hard rock, and produced one full length album in 1970 followed by two 7 inch singles in 1970 and 1971 respectively. Their album was actually issued in bilingual versions - one Swedish version for the home market and an English one for the buying audience in the rest of the world. 

Life fell apart in 1972 though, for one reason or another. 34 years later Life reunited, initially to prepare for a jubilation concert. The new line-up consists of Sundlin and Nordh from the first run of the band, with Dan Ahlquist (guitars, vocals) and Fredrik Broquist (drums, vocals) as the new members. Life reported plans for releasing new music on their homepage in 2007, but as of 2010 these plans have yet to be fulfilled………….. 

Life’s eponymous album, issued in 1970, is one of the most sought-after Swedish progressive albums. 
The album describes the cycle of love in life ; it boasts tight, melodic songs underpinned by tough drums and lacerating guitars. The trio were supplemented by psychedelic-flavoured string arrangements. 
Although recorded in and released in Swedish, 800 copies were manufactured in 1971 of an English-language version of the album for the export market. RPM International’s reissue brings them together for the first time and adds the tracks from Life’s non-album singles. 
Life was produced by Anders Henriksson, fresh from just having completed the legendary prog album by Quatermass at Abbey Road. Before that, Henriksson had been the long-term producer of Sweden’s Tages. 
Issued with the cooperation of EMI Sweden, RPM International’s reissue of the Life album includes input from band member Anders Nordh. 
Specially remastered from EMI Sweden’s archived master tapes. 
The Swedish-language version of the album – the original version – has never previously been reissued, and makes up Disc 1 plus the bonus singles. 
This is the first-ever CD reissue of the English-language version of the album outside Sweden, and here makes up Disc 2 . There are notable track time differences between many of the English language versions and the Swedish language versions…………. 

Trio “Life” was organized in Stockholm in 1970. We create it and Anders Nordh Paul Sundlin, who earlier in the ‘60s playing together in a group of “Trolls”. In his sound they tried to mix several styles, such as psychedelia, hard, progressive c elements of jazz. In the fall of 1970, the group performed in Stockholm with “Procol Harum” and “Deep Purple”. In the same year, self-titled album was recorded and released in Swedish. Realizing that this release can be perceived only at home, in a year it recorded an English version. This results in a masterpiece - powerful album with great vocals and beautiful music, performed at the highest level. While listening to appear association with the work of “Leaf Hound” and “Tear Gas”. In 1972, the group disbanded. Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin formed symphonic rock “Duga” group, which was later renamed the “Figaro”…… 

As teenagers, Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin had recorded an album with King George Discovery. In June 1970 they formed the trio Life with Thomas Rydberg. It’s almost unbelievable that the group came up with such a mature first album; it’s as if The Beatles had started with Abbey Road. It ranged from harsh heavy rock (“Many Years Ago” analogue to “I Want You”) to pastoral art pop with jazz chords and sweeping strings (“Nobody Was There To Love Me”) circumscribed with piano and string orchestra be. Especially the harder pieces, such as the languid “Salling In The Sunshine” or the oblique “One Of Us”, show the trio at full height with the British models and contemporaries. Guitar solos with almost improvisatory character prove the excellent skills of Anders Nordh, which experienced a nice anecdote when meeting with Deep Purple. Ritchie Blackmore: “You must be the leadguitarist?” Anders Nordh: “Yeah, how did you know?” Ian Gillan: “The leadguitarist is always the asshole in the group!”. The strength of the 14 tracks will be discovered afresh on repeated listening. In addition to the late-sixties style classy songwriting, Anders Nordh was a very talented guitar player who didn’t attempt to imitate others. Both a Swedish and English version of the album were released, although the instrumental backing tracks are identical.For seven years, took the battle of Mellotronen with EMI to gain access to the master tapes of these recordings. The original band members, who had been separated in 1972, met again to bring the song material technically up to date, and remaster. Supplemented by the two singles that had at that time the band released, the CD version now the entire body of work of Life - according to label one of the most important Swedish bands of the early Seventies - before. During its brief existence, Life played in the interlude of Procol Harum and Deep Purple and acted as a performer in the musical “Hair”….by………adamus67…… 

Line-up / Musicians 
- Anders Nordh / guitar, piano, organ, bass, vocals, synthesizer 
- Paul Sundlin / bass, 12-string acoustic guitar, piano, vocals 
- Thomas Rydberg / drums, percussion 

Guest musicians: 
- Björn Jason Lindh / strings arrangements 
- Swedish Radio Orchestra 

A1 Quo Vadis (I) 0:30 
A2 Jag Stod Ensam På Min Väg 3:12 
A3 De’ Va’ Längesen 6:13 
A4 Kärlekens Språk 0:58 
A5 Hon Vandrar Över Rummet / På Jordens Klot 4:01 
A6 En Bit Av Evigheten 5:13 
A7 Quo Vadis (II) 1:40 
B1 Att Leva Är Att Älska 4:51 
B2 Varje Man 1:51 
B3 Runda’ Vidare 0:34 
B4 En Av Oss 5:18 
B5 Jag 3:31 
B6 En Gång I Tiden 4:57 
B7 Quo Vadis (III) 2:00 

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