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20 Jan 2017

Luz Y Fuerza “We Can Fly” 1971 Psych Jazz Rock Mexicano

Luz Y Fuerza  “We Can Fly” 1971 killer...!! Psych Jazz  Rock Mexicano recommended..!!
The only album of Mexican musicians, recorded at the crossroads of funk, jazz-rock and psychedelia. Stylistic guideline group was the work of «Blood, Sweat & Tears». The author of almost all the songs is Jonathan Zarzosa, names of the other members of the group covered by a veil of secrecy. But the album is worth listening to ... 

By the end of the 60's, everybody was growing tired of bands singing just covers, musicians wanted to play original music but still written and sung in english, so a new movement was born: La Onda Chicana (The Chicano Movement). The bands wrote and sung in english but merging elements from mexican and latin american cultures.

By that time bands like Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Chicago were very popular, so they had a strong influence here, as some bands had a very rhythmic brass section and some heavy guitars.

Here's Luz y Fuerza with the LP called We Can Fly from 1971, I can't find any info on the net and it doesn't have any liner notes...but the music is just great!!! .....
Luz Y Fuerza  was a band from Mexico led by Johnnatan Zarzosa, author of almost all the songs recorded this unique, exceptional and unique album.
The band's style, like many of her contemporaries, is somewhere in the psychedelia, soul and funk. Perhaps the only difference in the tint of jazz in the intimate content of brilliant lyrics. Zarzosa's voice is powerful, nice raspy, and sometimes includes quite subtle and heartfelt moments. So, "Someday" fully and harmoniously could fit into the most beautiful songs of THE BOX TOPS, the spirit of Alex Chilton as well as be invisibly present on the disc, as well as Buddy Miles and Arthur Brown hovering somewhere nearby. Most often in the 70s and the case is similar to the effect of the same performers on those or other groups. The same can be fully said about LUZ Y FUERZA, adding to the already mentioned BEATLES and Hendrix ( "Everbody Needs A Brother", for example, is typical of the hippie time). But, nevertheless, these Mexicans are quite distinctive and individual, and, in particular, are another group, using perfectly in his work jazz piano. It is hoped that this and much more on the album somebody will appreciate ...............

Another record with doubts about the date. In some pages they mark the date of publication in 1973 and others in 1971. The disc does not clarify it; Only comes a code: 71-37. That 71 sounds to me a year, so I choose 1971.

Luz y Fuerza was a band from Mexico City led by Johnnatan Zarzosa, author of almost all the songs, that recorded a unique and exceptional disc. The style of the group navigates, like many of its contemporaries, between the psicodelia mixed with soul, and funk. Perhaps the difference, is in the jazzy and intimate style that star in his brilliance songs.

Zarzosa's voice is powerful, raspy, delicate at times. "Someday" would fit into the most beautiful songs of the Box Tops, Alex Chilton's spirit floats on the album, as does Buddy Miles and Arthur Brown. "Nightmare" would be thought inspired by one of the psychedelic follies of the "God of Hell". The latter is an assumption only. It often happens that one puts a lot of influence on the bands of the seventies and talks about so many groups, when finally a former member of the band declares that their only influences were The Beatles and Hendrix or something. "Everbody Needs A Brother" is embellished more than ever by the wind arrangements and a very jipi lyrics. In "Let Me Tell You" it seems another group at the beginning with a wonderful passage of piano own of the Jazz. I hope someone will listen............

A few years back, the fine blog of Mexican musical oddities, Mexicovers, posted this bizarrely covered long-player from 1971. Though the imagery suggests Luz y Fuerza to be a peyote besotted band of Guadalajarans, the group's music actually sounds more akin to the North-of-the-Border jazz-rock stylings of outfits like Ides of March and Blood, Sweat & Tears. A few other blogs have posted "We Can Fly" but the links all seem to be dead, so here you go. Enjoy: .....

Line up:
Tom Trucker - Guitar, Vocals
Gene Mason - Vocals
John Tristao - Vocals
Robb Levin - Bass Guitar
Albert Ribisi - Keyboards
Denny Fridkin - Drums

Side A:
01- We Can Fly
02- Someday
03- Everybody Needs A Brother
04- You
05- When I Ever Get Home
Side B:
06- Let Me Tell You
07- Kiss Me Once (Like You Did Before)
08- Rainbows And Apple Trees
09- Just How I Feel
10- Midnight

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..





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