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3 Jan 2017

Mofoya “Send a Message”1979 US Private Prog Psych Funk,Jazz Rock

Mofoya “Send a Message”1979 US Private Prog Psych Funk,Jazz Rock
Recorded at Kona Gold Recording on Big Island, Hawai’ 

“Obscure Prog Psych band from Kona, Hawaii. Lots of variety on here. There’s great funky wah-wah, mellow prog with flute and female vocals, some trippy treated vocals, synths, loud guitars, soft ones, etc. Here are 10 tracks of groovy pop-meets psych-meets flowerchild samba rock. 

Female vocalist GAILYVON’s spacey Hippie stylings are backed by BILL MONTEI (guitars, synthesizers, strings, & backing vocals); TIM VALENTE (bass, flute); JOHN ALDEN (guitars, vocals); & RONNIE ATWATER on drums & percussion & backing vocals.” 

This was recorded in Kona, famous for its coffee, a small city on the west side of the island. Of course I’ve spoken before about Hawai'i and its friendliness and great beauty, many times before. …… 

Bass Guitar, Flute, Vocals – Tim Valente 
Drums, Vocals – Ronnie Atwater 
Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals – Bill Montei 
Guitar, Vocals – John Alden (3) 

A1 Send A Message 3:33 
A2 Love Just Feels Right 3:45 
A3 Climb The Hightest Peak 3:46 
A4 Magic Sands 2:35 
A5 It’s Heaven To Me 3:21 
B1 Ya Heartbreaka’ 2:47 
B2 Transition 3:29 
B3 Tropical Breeze 3:07 
B4 Tidepools 4:19 
B5 MoFoYa 2:54 

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