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22 Jan 2017

Persona “Som” 1975 home-made Private Brazil Psych Experimental

Persona “Som” 1975 mega rare home-made Private Brazil Psych Experimental
An absolutely obscure home-made(?) record. Listening to it makes my mind travel to strange places. Maybe this was the intention, the track names in English are: Introduction, Hill, Sky, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lake, Lightning. If you’re into psychedelic or experimental music you’ll like this record for sure. Unfortunately it’s very hard to find, even in Brazil. The probabilities for a reissue are very low…………… 

Launched in Brazil in 1975, private edition, in long-play mono of 10”. Obscure experimental psych band, pre-Tutti-Frutti. Interesting noise and precarious writing, seeming to have been done in a small garage, recorded with a domestic Cassette 2 track, tape mangled bliss!……….. 

Recorded to home cassette recorder in a Brazilian garage in 1975, privately pressed as a monophonic 10" LP. Heavy on grit, tape echo, hand percussion, and torn-up guitar…………. 

I wonder who did not go through May 13 and wondered what that crazy man wanted to say sitting in the door of a bar, playing a Rock'n Roll bitch playing chess like nothing was happening? And that set of mirrors and lights that made the fusion of two faces? And that wonderful Rock'n Roll that rolled? 
Only I watched 4,598 times the videos: The Song Remains The Same of Led, Stones Live, Talkin Heads, Abat-jour show, David Gilmour live, The Wall [the Movie], Rainbow with Blackmore and others that my neurons Slightly erased by time (cane) do not let me remember. 
It was released in Brazil in 1975, a private edition, in a long-play mono of 10. Obscura progressive experimental band, pre-Tutti-Frutti.Interesting sound in precarious recording, appearing to have been made in a small garage with a domestic K-7 recorder Of 2 channels !!!…….. 

Essential. I’ve come across all kinds of Brazilian psych: the more tropicalia/tropicalismo oriented psych like Os Mutantes and its precursor O'seis; Ronnie Von’s early efforts; Os Lobos (Miragem album); and, lately, the psych funk and samba of Tribo Massahi, which is just incredible. This album from Persona almost has a cinematic quality. The recurring tick-tock sounds throughout album, the echoes and reverb, and even the moods, atmosphere and the way the album is mastered carry the psych vibe. This album is also incredible. The percussion and guitar alone sold me………….. 

Locução - Roberto Campadello 
Canto - Carmen Flores 
Guitarra, Echo Play Efects e Gaita - Luís Carlini 
Vioão - Lee Marcucci 
Percussão - Franklin Paolillo 

01. Introdução - Monte 
02. Céu 
03. Terra 
04. Fogo 
05. Água 
06. Vento 
07. Lago 
08. Trovão 

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