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7 Jan 2017

Shaggy "Lessons For Beginners" 1975 Sweden Prog Rock

Shaggy  "Lessons For Beginners" 1975 Sweden Prog Rock
Shaggy was formed in Gothenburg in 1973 and the group was heavily influenced by Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Lucifer’s Friend. They played an energetic progressive rock as well stand comparison with their role models but also with Swedish Blåkulla, Solid Ground and Rhapsody. 

Tom Ryan in the group was from England and Kurt Kästner from Austria, the other was Swedish. The internationally known group Nazareth had heard Shaggy’s album and wanted to do a cover of the song Destination Nowhere but the group denied them that, something that they later regretted. Shaggy also supported the band Sweet at Scandinavium 1975 and afterwards Sweet’s guitarist (Andy Scott) wanted to produce their second album, something that sadly never happend. When the band broke up Tom moved back to england and Jan Rogås joined Rhapsody. 

“Lessons For Beginners” is said to be a top album, but is one of the most difficult hard rock vinyls to find from the 70s. The album was bootlegged (illegally) on CD in 1998, the quality of the CD-reissue are not so good and transfered directly from a crackling vinyl rip. The band still have the original mastertapes and have been talking about an official CD release in the future….. 

These elephants are coming from Sweden. It is very difficult to get information on their rights, they put out this album like a baby in front of the mosque and they are underground. But from Sweden the Blueset is the most monstrous heavy prog list I’ve ever heard. I’m so sick of finding even line-ups, but the subject is the subject of your music, there are songs, which is enough for you to get rid of the album … There is also an album cover, so do not ask (you do not have to ask it anyway). Now I give you a minute of respite to examine this wonderful art work. Huh, okay. If you recall your attention, I’ll send you suggestions: Your music is as beautiful as album covers. I mean I am. Listen … do you deserve 

an amazing melodic album ore BI times. Some secret powers must have discovered this before. You will understand what I mean when listening to the song of my 5th album. According to the estimate, a cartoons maker of the years ago, a band of Swedish bandmakers traveling around Sweden, like a cloak-like skimmer, gets the price right away and starts listening at home. The melody of the song “Lessons for Beginners” seems to be taken under the consciousness. Years later, a line filmin proposes this song for the soundtrack in the build phase and adds a grubby grin; “We do not have to get the royalty. The wise, this group does not listen to anyone, and the group is not going to go after the already dispersed work”. And so one of the biggest conspiracies of television history is put into silence. I’m talking about the Inspector Gadget. That melancholy gadget melody is the main theme of these guys’ song Lessons for Beginners. Of course, it’s not like Shaggy has to play with various keyboards and guitars in a variety of variations, as these makers play with a disgusting electronic sound. I’m lying on a solid ore under that melody. 

It would be something like murder to say that my album is limited to this song. Not so. What is more anthemic, there are solid infrastructure songs that flow perfectly, if you know this album .. If you already know some of this group’s record in time at least Leaf Hound, tea or something like a scramble. The music is a heavy prog with a vocals based on the guitar and the keyboard in the foreground. Definitely taken and rested. Let’s say for now man has not a bit of luck and events where we close … ….. 

Thomas Engstrom (lead vocals), 
Jan Gustavsson (bass, vocals), 
Jan “Fidde” Rognas (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), 
Kurt Kastner (drums), 
Thomas J. Ryan (organ, backing vocals) 

A1 Destination Nowhere
A2 Vengeance
A3 No Strings
A4 Lessons For Beginners
B1 On The Road
B2 Nobody Cares
B3 I Can Feel
B4 Brink Of Nowhere 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..