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7 Jan 2017

Tako “Tako” 1978 Yugoslavia Prog Rock

Tako  “Tako” 1978 Yugoslavia Prog Rock
This album has followed me around for several years. It was probably the first, or one of them at any rate, album from Eastern Europe that I discovered. It wasn’t until a few years later that I came to grips with it and fell in love with the music. This is actually a very good album of spacey progressive rock with not so small adose of jazz. Almost entirely instrumental it has, however, vocals imbedded in a few tracks. The main focus is on the instumentation. Since I feel a certain resistance towards purely instrumental music (God knows why) I feel that there is just enough vocal parts to keep me happy. 
Tako originated from the former Jugoslavia. Today they would be categorized as Serbian. That means that the vocals are sung in their native tongue. To me that is a great plus, though I understand practically nothing of what they are singing. I think it holds little significance, even though I love to understand a good lyric. If I had the urge I could make the content out by way of google and what not but I haven’t come to that as yet. The vocals are decent enough and brings yet another level to the music. 

The opening track, “Probudi se”, is a very spacey thing indeed. I hear elements of Eloy and Solaris but it is hard to say who did it first. Solaris was not yet in their existence, as far as I know, and Eloy wasn’t quite there yet but still they are relevant as to give a hint of the music on this album. “Sinteza” is a very jazzy, fusion-like track and fantastic. Really energetic. I hear echoes of Jazz Q in their rockier moments. Great stuff. The bluesy harmonica adds to the music too. 

“Utapanje…” is a spacey piece, again, but with a very complex riff played by electric piano, guitar and drums. Very good track and there is a section of vocals aswell. The song “Lena” is instrumental and the flute makes it very Solaris-y. Dreamy, beautiful and engaging. “Minijatura” is a lovely, flute driven thing reminding of early Jethro Tull. (It is amazing, I sometimes think, how certain bands stands as blueprint for certain genres or musical directions. Like Jethro Tull and flute in a bluesy, folky, hard rock and prog setting.) 

The epic “Druga strana mene” is really the centerpiece of the album. Spacey, diverse and with several parts combined it is a majestic piece of music. I think it is absolutely magnificent. The greatest thing about it is that it never gets boring. All through it’s 16 minutes I feel committed and engaged, submerged in the music. 


Takos first album really is one of the greatest albums from behind the Wall and shows just how talented and visionary some of the bands actually were. Despite the regimes and their censorship they managed to create not only great music but also and foremost some of the most enthralling albums of prog. I think this album is an essential listening experience, just as with Modry Efekt and SBB and other greats. The instrumentation, vision and execution on this album is top notch. 

This is easily four stars……. by GruvanDahlman …….. 

The legendary Serbian act was found in 1975 in Beograd by ex-Opus bassist Dusan Cucuz.He gathered keyboardist Djordje Ilijin, guitarist Sava Bojic from Pop Masina and drummer Milan Lolic for the originaol line-up of the band.Initially Tako played covers of Jimi Hendrix Experience and Santana and soon had to face the departure of Lolic and Bojic (he went to the army).They were replaced by Slobodan Felekatovic and Miroslav Dukic respectively and Tako became a live beast the following years.With a difficult style they found it hard to sign with a label, eventually ZKP showed interest in them and released their self-titled debut in 1978. 
This one is definitely among the best Classic Prog LP’s to ever come out from Eastern Europe with a fantastic sound and a variety of influences.The opening “Probudi se” is a marvellous piece of vocal-led Space Rock with nice deep synth work, but the following “Sinteza” is even better with its unique Symphonic/Jazz/Space Rock sound, somewhere between the electric piano approach of RETURN TO FOREVER and the melodic delicacy of CAMEL with occasional heavy interplays and even some harmonica solo.Things will get even more heavier with “Utapanje sunceve svetlosti u pescanu memoriju”.Fiery interplays and multiple breaks scan the territory of Heavy Italian-styled Prog in the vein of MUSEO ROSENBACH and the Canterbury Fusion style of CAMEL and NATIONAL HEALTH, fantastic performance to say the least.“Lena” is the most emotional and dramatic track of the album.A pounding low-tempo rhythm section supports Ilijin’s deep synths, piano and organ and Dukic'es FOCUS-like emotional guitar soloing, while the middle-part flute solo is among the best I’ve heard.The short instrumental “Minijatura” follows the vein of OSANNA/JETHRO TULL with flute in evidence and having strong Classical leanings.And we head for the 16-min. “Druga strana mene” (the other side of myself) and its perfect sound.Incorporating influences from Classical Prog, Jazz/Fusion, flute-based Prog and Space Rock, Tako manage to offer one of the better epics I’ve heard in a long time.The composition is extremely tight and well-built around symphonic synths, jazzy interludes, Classical breaks, driving flutes, emotional guitars and spacey floating atmospheres, resulting to a magnificent and thrilling piece of inspired music. 

The end of this listening will find you simply stunned.This is the best Serbian Prog release of all times,a work of sheer beauty, deep inspiration and great complexity with all arrangements reaching the perfection.A must have for ages and, of course, extremely highly recommended………… by apps79 ………….. 

TAKO’s second and final album is a step up from the debut in my opinion.They’ve changed to a much more spacey style with PINK FLOYD and ELOY coming to mind quite often.This is an all instrumental affair. 
“U Vreci Za Spavande” is very spacey and FLOYD-like. Drums and flute join in around 3 minutes as the spacey synths continue. “Senke Proslosti” has these bombastic outbursts until it settles in before a minute. Ripping guitar after 1 ½ minutes. Some crazy synths 2 ½ minutes in as the heaviness continues. A beautiful calm after 3 minutes with synths. It then builds with synths out front bringing ELOY to mind. “Na Putu Ka Sebi” rocks out early with guitar, bass and drums. It settles with piano, drums and guitar 1 ½ minutes in.The guitar starts to solo before 2 ½ minutes then the synths flood in and dominate.The guitar is back after 4 minutes. 

“Horde Mira” opens with piano, then the drums join in as it builds slowly.The guitar starts to solo after 2 minutes and later before 4 ½ minutes for extended periods. “Price O Leni” starts out with piano but a heavy soundscape takes over quickly. Lots of synths too. A change 6 minutes in as the spacey atmosphere leaves and piano and a beat take over. It’s spacey again late. “Dolina Leptira” is a short piece with piano, guitar and a beat. “Izgubljeno Nista” is led by guitar from the get go. Nice. It does settles after 1 ½ minutes with flute then it kicks back in before 3 minutes with guitar. “Igra Devojcice” has this nice mellow sound with flute as the heaviness comes and goes. Sounds like harmonica 1 ½ minutes in. 

I felt the debut was barely 4 stars but this one is a solid 4 stars and recommended to fans of spacey music…by Mellotron Storm ………….. 

An amazing band from ex Yougoslavia. We can find some spacey and synphonic parts but others with pure fusion context wit some fast guitar improvisations. Lyrics are in Yougoslavian but are nothing special in this work that have guitars, keiboards flutes and a mixed influencies in same music. The calm parts it’s broken with fast improvisations in some music tracks. It’s an arrangement of some Pink Floys influencies and a Jazz fusion that gives to this work a very good quality. Not comercial and I like heard full times and discovered the musical instruments al over the album. This is an important work of ExYougoslavian music scene that give to progressive, some very important bands, Korni Gruppa or Leb i Sol it’s a few of then. I like very much this album and to me it’s a masterpiece os progressive music 5 stars… João Paulo……….. 

Another Yu-prog masterpiece,together with Indexi’s “Modra rijeka”,Tako’s self-titled debut bore almost same uncompromised non-commercial characteristics as Sarajevo’s veterans,only difference being somewhat undeveloped sound,due to very short time in the studio,mere 24 hours!? Still,very strong effort for this Belgrade outfit,raw sounding,with almost gothic feel driven by vintage keyboards including tons of analogue synthesisers and fiery guitar.Basic style here is symhonic with dash of jazz- fusion,mostly instumental and structuraly not overly complex,but very captivating with some beautiful flute an synth melodies.On the other side of spectrum electric guitar riffs are almost hard-rock sounding,while rhythm section is thunderous.Having said all above,there are some weaknesses,mainly with production,but I cannot help myself to get shivers down my spine every time I hear this record.Few years back,when this album was re-released on CD by Brazilian label Rock symphony,Eurock stated in their press release that this is the best ever album to come from eastern Europe.I won’t go that far,but certainly it is the one of the best.Masterpiece of progressive rock music. Five stars!…………by ljubaspriest…………. 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Miroslav Dukić / guitar, vocals 
- Đorđe Ilijin / keyboards, flute, harmonica 
- Dusan Ćućuz / bass, vocals 
- Slobodan Felekatović / drums 

Probudi Se 4:48 
Sinteza 4:55 
Utapanje Sunčeve Svetlosti U Peščanu Memoriju 6:35 
Lena 4:43 
Druga Strana Mene 16:26 
Minijatura 2:55 

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