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3 Jan 2017

The Dave Pike Set “Got The Feelin’ 1969 Dutch groove psych jazz funk

The Dave Pike Set “Got The Feelin’ 1969 Dutch groove psych jazz funk ..recommended....
David Samuel Pike (March 23, 1938 – October 3, 2015) was a jazz vibraphone and marimba player. He appears on many Herbie Mann albums as well as those by Bill Evans, Nick Brignola, Paul Bley and Kenny Clarke. He also recorded extensively as leader, including a number of albums on MPS Records. .....

Totally essential reissue of this extremely rare funk LP by Dave Pike, originally recorded in 1969 in Holland with a tight funky electric group that was similar to the one that comprised his "set" on his classic MPS recordings. Unlike those ones, though, this one is hard instrumental funk all the way through – with 12 short choppy cuts, and a lineup that includes organ, guitar, and electric bass, along with Dave's funky vibes. Very very very very very very nice stuff, and a great mix of groovy and funky stuff. Includes covers of "Got The Feelin", "Do You Know The Way To San Jose", and "Spooky" – plus loads of great originals like "Bacon Fat", "Which Direction", "Shady Street", and "No Sweat". Great stuff, and a very unique sound! ..............

"The rarest of the rare, originally pressed in Holland 1969, DAVE PIKE, master vibraphonist, lays down 12 irresistible psychedelic funk tracks with tough pounding beats, greasy Hammond organ, super heavy bass, rough rhythm guitars and vibes like you've never heard before. These are all from the boogaloo/psychedelic period you mention and the "Got the Feelin" is the more pop of the bunch including a fantastic covers of "Spooky" and James Brown's "Got the Feelin". This outing finds vintage vibes player Pike on top psych-jazz form - the James Brown penned title track 'Got the Feelin' being a true now club classic, ranking alongside the better known 'Mathar'. Great version of 'Spooky' too... "Got the Feelin" was recorded in Holland, 1968, for release on a rock label, Relax Records (also housed Dutch beat legends, The Outsiders), with Rob Franken on organ, Joop Schotten on guitar, Ruud Jacobs on electric bass and Louis de By behind the drums. Joop Schotten contributed five original compositions to the album, while Pike co-wrote the album's best tracks, "Bacon Fat" and "Middle Earth Herd", with Raoul Dohmen. Additionally, this version of the Dave Pike Set recorded covers of Sam & Dave's "You Got It Made", Burt Bacharach's "Do You Know the Way To San Jose", The Classics IV's "Spooky" and the title track, James Brown's "Got the Feelin"..........

Bass – Ruud Jacobs 
Drums – Louis De By* 
Engineer – Andre Van De Water 
Guitar – Joop Scholten 
Organ – Rob Franken 
Vibraphone, Producer – Dave Pike


01. Got The Feelin' 2:45 
02. Spooky 2:20 
03. Shady Street 2:40 
04. You Got It Made 2:15 
05. Brown's Hometown 2:40 
06. Do You Know The Way To San Jose 3:00 
07. El-Die-Bie! 3:15 
08. After A Moment's Reflection 2:30 
09. No Sweat 2:15 
10. Bacon Fat 2:30 
11. Middle Earth Herd 2:15 
12. Which Direction 2:15

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