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4 Jan 2017

The Doors “Live at London Fog, May 1966″ Early Years release 2016 with previous unreleased live performances

The Doors “Live at London Fog, May 1966″ Early Years release 2016 with previous unreleased live performances
The Doors‘ 50th anniversary celebration gets off to an early start this December with the release of London Fog 1966, a collection of previously unreleased live performances from early in the band’s career. 
The seven-track set, due Dec. 9 and available to pre-order now, is sourced from reel-to-reel recordings conducted by audience member Nettie Peña at the titular Sunset Strip bar where the Doors were the house band in May 1966. Peña, who also contributed liner notes and previously unpublished photos to London Fog, borrowed a recorder from the school where her father worked to capture the show; as Rhino notes in its press release, she was “a pivotal force in this release coming together.” 
Housed in packaging designed to look like an old storage box, London Fog 1966 repeats its CD track listing on a 10″ vinyl disc, both of which offer freshly mastered audio courtesy of longtime Doors engineer Bruce Botnick. The box also includes an array of memorabilia, including a gig poster, Doors drummer John Densmore’s handwritten set list and a London Fog coaster, as well as additional liner notes penned by former Whisky a Go Go booker Ronnie Haran-Mellen, who lured the Doors away after seeing them perform at the London Fog.  
For Elektra founder Jac Holzman, who signed the Doors to their first record deal and put them in the studio the same year London Fog 1966 was recorded, this set offers a welcome opportunity to hear the band — and some of its better-known material — in an embryonic state. “To hear ‘Strange Days’ that came out on their second album, in almost final shape so early on, was truly amazing.” 
Fans who’ve waited for the chance to hear this set have more to look forward to — according to the label, it’s just “the first of many special activities and releases” ahead for a 50th anniversary celebration rolling out throughout 2017. ….By Jeff Giles …………. 

Collector’s Edition Boxed Set Features Previously Unheard Concert Recordings On CD And Vinyl Along With 8 x 10 Prints Of Unseen Photos And Replica Memorabilia 

Before The Doors took the music scene by storm in 1967, they were the house band at the London Fog, a Sunset Strip dive bar located just footsteps away from the world famous Whisky a Go Go, the future home of many of the band’s most legendary performances. The Doors will open a virtual time capsule in December with LONDON FOG 1966, a Collector’s Edition boxed set that features unearthed audio recorded at the club in May 1966. Previously unreleased and not even known to exist until recently, this marks the earliest recordings of the band and finds the quartet mixing blues covers with early versions of Doors originals. LONDON FOG 1966 is the first of many special activities and releases coming to celebrate The Doors’ 50th Anniversary in 2017. 

LONDON FOG 1966 will be available as an individually numbered limited edition of 18,000 copies. Presented in a lift-top package designed to look like a vintage storage box, the set features seven songs on both CD and a 10-inch record that’s made to resemble a test pressing. Noted Doors engineer Bruce Botnick recently mastered the audio for this collection. 

Along with the unreleased music, the set is packed with memorabilia and historic liner notes to provide a true time capsule of that fabled night at the London Fog, including a postcard, the set list handwritten by John Densmore, a program for the Royce Hall UCLA student film screening, plus a London Fog coaster. There are also liner notes included from Sunset Strip legend Ronnie Haran-Mellen, who was the talent booker at the Whisky a Go Go. Haran-Mellen saw The Doors live for the first time at the London Fog and then booked them as the permanent house band at the Whisky, leading to the band’s signing to Elektra and meteoric rise to superstardom. 

Also contributing liner notes is Nettie Peña, one of the lucky few to be in attendance at the London Fog for this fabled show. Peña was a pivotal force in this release coming together as she captured the audio on a 1/4” reel to reel recorder. Peña also photographed the band that evening and five black and white 8x10 reprints of these unpublished photos are included in the Collector’s Edition, featuring a fresh-faced Morrison on a cramped stage with John Densmore, Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek. 

The show featured on LONDON FOG 1966 took place the same year that The Doors recorded their eponymous debut. Released in January 1967, the album would become one of the most influential in rock history. Like many of the band’s early concerts, the show captured on this deluxe set reflects the group’s deep love for the blues with covers of standards like Muddy Waters’ “Rock Me” and “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man.” The set also includes raw performances of “Baby, Please Don’t Go” (Big Joe Williams), “Don’t Fight It” (Wilson Pickett), and “Lucille” (Little Richard). 

During their residency at the London Fog, The Doors frequently worked out new songs on stage that would eventually appear on various studio albums. At this show, the band played two originals. The first, “Strange Days,” would become the title track for the band’s second studio album, which also came out in 1967. This is one of the only known live recordings of this track. The other Doors original, “You Make Me Real,” wasn’t officially released on a studio album until Morrison Hotel in 1970. 

“To hear ‘Strange Days,’ that came out on their second album, in almost final shape so early on was truly amazing,” says Jac Holzman, the President of Elektra Records who signed The Doors to their first recording contract……….. 

A new archival live album capturing The Doors performing at the Sunset Strip bar the London Fog in May 1966 will be released as a limited-edition box set on December 9. London Fog 1966 will include seven recently unearthed songs that are some of the earliest known recordings by the band. 

The set that The Doors played included covers of classic tunes by Muddy Waters, Little Richard, Wilson Pickett and Big Joe Williams, as well as two originals – early versions of "Strange Days” and “You Make Me Real.” 

Limited to 18,000 individually numbered copies, the box set features the seven tracks on a CD, as well as on a 10-inch vinyl disc designed to look like a test pressing. The collection also contains a variety of replica memorabilia, including a poster, a program from the UCLA student-film screening at which The Doors gave their first performance, a handwritten set list by drummer John Densmore, a London Fog coaster and eight-by-10-inch prints of photos of the band performing at the bar. 

The box set also features liner notes penned by Ronnie Haran-Mellen, the one-time talent booker at the Whisky a Go Go, where The Doors served as the house band following their stint at the London Fog. Also contributing to the liner notes is Nettie Peña, who is the source of the London Fog recordings. Peña attended the show and taped it on a reel-to-reel recorder she borrowed from her dad, who was a Los Angeles-area teacher. 

The London Fog 1966 recordings were mastered recently by longtime Doors engineer Bruce Botnick. The box set is a lead-in to The Doors’ 50th anniversary celebrations, which will feature various special events and releases throughout 2017…………….. 

Vinyl 10" 
A1 Tuning (I) 0:41 
A2 Rock Me 5:35 
A3 Baby Please Don’t Go 5:27 
A4 You Make Me Real 2:48 
B1 Tuning (II) 0:13 
B2 Don’t Fight It 4:40 
B3 I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man 5:16 
B4 Strange Days 3:46 
B5 Lucille 3:44 

CD-1 Tuning (I) 0:41 
CD-2 Rock Me 5:35 
CD-3 Baby Please Don’t Go 5:27 
CD-4 You Make Me Real 2:48 
CD-5 Tuning (II) 0:13 
CD-6 Don’t Fight It 4:40 
CD-7 I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man 5:16 
CD-8 Strange Days 3:46 
CD-9 Lucille 3:44 

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