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9 Jan 2017

The Far Cry “The Far Cry” 1968 US Psych,Blues, Jazz Rock

The Far Cry “The Far Cry” 1968 US Psych,Blues, Jazz Rock

 The heavy psychedelia, laid on the blues with a touch of jazz. Almost all the songs (except classical blues "Sweet Little Angel") have written themselves. The album was produced by Danny Weiss ( "Everything Is Everything") and recorded in New York. After a quick self-dissolution of the group Paul Lenart playing with another Bostonian - Peter Ivers; then I was in the "T-Bone Walker" and "Big Mama Thornton's Band", was on a solo album Keith Moon's ( "The Who"), was followed by the group "James Montgomery Band"......

Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
From Boston, this was a heavy psychedelic outfit with free jazz influences. Except for the classic blues track, Sweet Little Angel, all the songs on their album were penned by the group and sung in a very rasping voice by Jere Whiting. The album was produced by Danny Weiss (Everything Is Everything) and recorded in New York. It's one of the few records issued on Vanguard Apostolic, the label managed by John Townley (from Family Of Apostolic)......

Pretty jazz influenced psychedelic rock/early progressive rock. The material is quite diverse with very nice guitar and sax and there are some hints of blues rock too. The drummer Victor McGill does a good job too. Some people might even call this album as some sort of jam band record which I can understand very well.

Musically this is very entertaining for a psych/prog fan like me. Magnificent solos on these long numbers. The only thing I don't like on this record are the vocals by the singer Jere Whiting. His voice is quite unique but not in a good way I'm afraid. I usually like odd and strange lead singers but not this time. The user Tovan is right about Whiting sounding like Kermit the Frog at times.

This S/T record by The Far Cry is a really good album. And it would be even better if it was completely ....

Geez, ever heard the phrase something is "an acquired taste"? Well, it's certainly an applicable description for the Boston-based Far Cry.

An early entry to the horn-rock sweepstakes, this seven piece outfit featured the talents of bassist Sean Hutchinson, guitarist Paul Lenart, keyboard player Larry Luddecke, sax player Dick Martin, drummer Victor McGill, guitarist David Perry and singer Jere Whitting. Signed by the short-lived New York-based Vanguard Apostolic Records, the band's self-titled debut teamed them with producer Daniel Weiss. So what's 1969's "Far Cry" sound like? Imagine Blood, Sweat and Tears locked into a closet with Captain Beefheart and Quicksilver Messenger Service's John Cipollina... Largely original (the lone exception being a cover of Riley King's 'Sweet Little Angel'), the album featured a strange blend of jazz, fusion and psychedelic rock moves. While it may not have sounded particularly promising, the combination of styles was actually intriguing. Whiting's bizarre and wild voice (on tracks such as 'Shapes' and 'Hellhound' it sounded as if he were about to suffer a terminal stoke), Martin's free form sax (sometime it sounded as if he were reading the charts for a different song) and Lenart's fluid guitar (check out the introduction to 'Earthlight') made for an album we play on a regular   RDTEN1 ...

The Far Cry
*Jere Whiting - Vocals, Harmonica
*Dick Martin - Tenor Saxophone, Congas
*Larry Luddecke - Organ, Piano
*Paul Lenart - Guitar
*David Perry - Guitar, Vocals
*Victor McGill - Drums
*Sean Hutchinson - Bass

1. Shapes (David Perry) - 4:29
2. Midnight Juice (Jere Whiting, Larry Luddecke) - 7:19
3. Dream? (Julia Grossman, Victor McGill) - 9:51
4. Hellhound (Jere Whiting) - 3:43
5. Earthlight (David Perry, Paul Lenart) - 3:39
6. Sweet Little Angel (Riley King, Jules Taub) - 8:05
7. Listen To The Walls (David Friedel, David Perry) - 6:51

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..