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8 Jan 2017

Vacation “Resurrection of Vacation” 1971 Belgium Private Blues Hard Rock

Vacation “Resurrection of Vacation” 1971 Belgium Private Blues Hard  Rock
Originally formed in 1970, the ensemble who went by the name of Vacation, was one of many blues-influenced bands in Charleroi.
After a few line-up changes the band had Alain ‘alan’ Wery on drums, Luigi Collu on guitar, and Sonny ‘Bono’ Ignoti on bass and vocals. They were mainly influenced by heavy acts as Blue Cheer, Cream and Jimi Hendrix and played their own compositions along an occasional cover-song.

In 1971, this Belgian power-trio already began attracting a healthy following at their local shows and obviously they began thinking about the possibility of getting some vinyl product into the shops. The band had already a live-registration done by the Belgian national radio (RTB) and those reworked tapes finally ended up on the self financed lp “Resurrection Of Vacation”. The album sounded extremely raw; Sonny’s vocals were Hendrix-like while Luigi’s guitar improvisations and solo’s defined the bands general sound. Highlights were opening instrumental “Vacation”, the heavy riffing in “No War Any More” and the dynamic “On The Day I Die”. It didn’t quite stand up as the definitive blues-rock release (the sound wasn’t that good ), although it sounded extremely energetic.

Everything went well on stage and besides the usual line-up problems, the band build themselves quite some reputation as a hot live act. Record-wise things didn’t go as planned as it was already 1975 (although in 1974 rumours were spread that a second lp was on it’s way) before another Vacation vinyl, the single “I Can’t Bear Pain / I Wake Up” saw the light of day.

Although the A side was a slow song with great guitar playing, it seemed as Vacation had evolved into a less Hendrix-inspired band, while also two extra musicians had been attracted; new singer Georges Bona and piano player Christian Deblanc. Two years later a second single was released (“Watch What You Do” backed with “Don’t You See”; both catchy rock songs) and again some new members were introduced: Alain Capitte (drums), Richard Karla (2nd guitar) and Adriana Mouccilli (piano).

Both were already left, when in 1979 “Bad Holiday / No Change” was released.
The band hadn’t been seen on stage for some years now, but continued as a studio project with a lot of musicians who came and went.
Some more songs were recorded in 1981 with yet another line-up.

Steve Kengen was the singer now, while Tony Castellucci played drums and Claude Podgornick piano, but these recordings remained in the vault until the release of the compilation album in the nineties.
Last sign of life in 1983 was “With My Blues / I believe It Could Be” a 7inch without original guitar player Collu (who only engineered), being replaced by Jean-Claude Manderlier & Vincent Catala while original drummer Alain Wery returned for a brief stay. 1981
After this last release founder member Sonny Bono decided to put the band on hold as the music scene was changed and didn’t seem to bother anymore about Vacation.

live In 1991 manager Philippe-Henri Coppee decided to release a compilation album entitled “Long Vacation 1973 / 83” as a tribute to the band and his members (guitarplayer Richard Karla was found dead that same year). Most remarkable inclusion was a real heavy medley (“Try To Be Strong/On The Day I Die/Vacation”) recorded live in 1973!
Everyone seemed to be delighted with the release and encouraged by this, Sonny decided to give the band another go. He started playing concerts with Alain Capitte on drums and two new members; Fabrice Carloni (on vocals) and Thierry Limette (on guitar, keys and vocals), as Luigi Collu had now his own studio to take care of.

This time they wanted to focus on the more heavy side of Vacation and the cd “Sad Strange Man” who came out in 1993 turned out to be a real hardrock album. “Tough Guys” was a slow groovy song that reminded the old days, but also the final 3 bonus songs were recently recorded live versions of “When The Someone Else Is Me” ,”Vacation Opus 2” and “Sad Strange Man” in the finest blues rock tradition.

Sadly, the record failed to win the approval of the fans who seemed to been split up, in either rockers or blues-men. For some reason Vacation consistently failed to build upon their early popularity and therefore had definitively called it a day in 1995.
Due to great demand along collectors the first album got a (bootleg) re-release on vinyl only as a limited edition of 300 copies; needless to say they sold out immediately. music emporium............

They were mainly influenced by heavy acts as Blue Cheer, Cream and Jimi Hendrix and played their own compositions along an occasional cover-song. Vacation was one of many blues-influenced bands!! The band had already a live-registration done by the Belgian national radio (RTB) and those reworked tapes finally ended up on the self financed lp “Resurrection Of Vacation”!! The album sounded extremely raw!!

Originally self-issued by the band in 1971 starting from tapes of their live gig broadcasted at the Belgium National Radio. Subtitled "Majestic 1020 Live". Hand-numbered Limited Edition of 300 copies........

Charleroi-based heavy rock trio featuring lead guitarist Collu Luigi, singer/bassist Ignoti Sonny, and drummer Alain (Alan) Wery. At least two of the original members were apparently Italian expatriates, so technically I guess you could argue Vacation should be classified as a Italian band ...

In 1970 the band was featured on a Radio Télévision Belge (RTB) radio broadcast. Unable to draw the interest of a major record label, the trio went the self-financing route. Cleaned up tapes from the concert served as the basis for their debut album, though the raucous audience noises sound quite phony.. That exceedingly rare 1971 album\ "Resurrection of Vacation" underscored the band's affection for hard rock trios like Cream, Hendrix, and Mountain. Like those bands, these guys weren't particularly big on subtleties. Exemplified by tracks like 'Vacation', 'No War Any More' and 'Improvisation (Blues In a Chapel)', what you got hear was a largely instrumental collection of molten blues-rock. For his part Luigi spun out high volume waves of lead guitar, which much in the way of melody, or charm. Singer Sonny was no great shakes and while the vocals were in English, good luck figuring out what he was actually singing. The guy literally sounded like he was singing with marbles, or bile in his mouth. Also be forewarned the album's sonic quality wasn't anything great; full of abrupt edits, occasional drop out sections ('When the Someone Else Is Me'), and frequently sounding like the material had been recorded over a long distance phone line.

It's certainly a rare set though you'll have to decided whether that rarity is worth the cost. Originals will set you back couple of hundred dollars. Be aware that in 1992 the set was bootlegged in a limited pressing of 300 copies (catalog VAC-65423/1020) .......

Bass – Ignoti Sonny
Drums – Alan
Lead Guitar – Colu Luigi
A1 Untitled
A2 No War Any More
A3 Improvisation (Blues In A Chapel)
A4 Now I Know
A5 Try To Be Strong
B1 Never Mind
B2 How Can I Go On This Way
B3 On The Day I Die
B4 Untitled
B5 When The Someone Else Is Me

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