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15 Jan 2017

Word of Life “Dust” second last lp Sweden Psych Space Rock 1995

Word of Life “Dust” second last lp Sweden Psych Space Rock 1995 foldout sleeve with incert original by Xotic Mind Records Sweden in 1000 copies.reissued  1996 by Subliminal Sounds (CD) 1996
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The Word of Life return with their sophomore, and ultimately last effort, “Dust” which is somewhat different from the predecessor. There’s more variety within the compositions, and is overall more song based and less jam oriented. It appears the album tries to please on a number of fronts. When I Was in Space opens (on the CD version that is) auspiciously with its oscillator-emulated synthesizer runs and heavy percussion cadence. As with Further Ahead, there’s an amalgamation of psychedelic styles ranging from roaring space rock to folk. And flute meets fuzz continues to be a predominant instrumental theme. The lyrical songs on this album have a sort of retro lounge naïve melody line motif which I find oddly appealing (like on Flying, Up Here, and Love You). No doubt there are plenty of sizzling guitar jams to bang your head to, just a few less than the admittedly more ambitious debut. ……. 

A1 Up Here
A2 Love You
A3 Dreamer
B1 When I Was In Space…
B2 Way To Go
B3 To Dust
B4 Sunrise 

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