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2 Feb 2017

Al Basim “Revival” 1979 Iraq Psych Private

Al Basim “Revival” 1979 Iraq Psych Private

AL BASIM ( great guitar player), Iranian guy student in Denver, Colorado. Recorded this LP with friends. NICE PSYCHEDELIC PROG FOLK with JAZZ influence. I think Al Basim was also leaving in France, student too, maybe in Poitiers (track called " Poitiers ") where an Iranian student community was leaving (University), the reason why few copies were found many years ago in France.......

Somewhere it says: "'s 70's progrock with lots of guitars, flute with only slight Arabic folk influence. In general it's quiet music with wonderful flute/guitar communication. Closing track is more free jazz with additional sax. A work recommended to all collectors of 70's stuff, but not at all to neo-proggies.
Except for the last track the album is comparable in mediative mood / concept with the Yatha Siddra's Meditation Mass. The last track is more free jazz inspired, loosing it structure a bit at the end. Also two other tracks are more progressive with a free jazz fusion touch. Very good.."........

Drums – Phil Carter
Flute – David Reskin
Guitar – Al Basim
Saxophone – George Keith

A1 History Of The World 12:13
A2 Poitiers 8:25
B1 Souvenir 3:57
B2 One Camel In Alaska 4:14
B3 Open Space 8:03 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..