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2 Feb 2017

Art Of Music “Hallo And Farewell” 1971 Sweden Psych Rock

Art Of Music “Hallo And Farewell” 1971 Sweden Psych Rock
This LP was recorded in Malmoe on April 17th 1971 and it was released on Buttercup Records on May 29th 1971. All the tracks were recorded on a Tandberg 64X tape recorder in stereo - although released only in mono.. … 

One of the key albums of the Swedish pop-psychedelia was recorded in Malmo in April 1971 and released on the label «Buttercup Records» 29 May of the same year. All tracks were recorded in stereo tape Tandberg 64X, although the record was released only in mono. A lot of covers, but there own thing…. 

Anders (Anthon) Andersson — guitar 
Swante Bobeck — organ, piano, guitar 
Olle Franchell- bass 
Lars (Andersson) Rubin — drums, percussion 

• Side One: 
A1. Shuffle (Art Of Music) - 02:26 
A2. Summertime (George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin) - 03:35 
A3. White House (Eric Burdon) - 04:25 
A4. Baby Blue (Art Of Music) - 02:32 
A5. Tired of Waiting (Ray Devies) - 06:35 
• Side Two: 
B1. Sunny (Bobby Hebb) - 02:35 
B2. Anytime (Rick Nelson) - 04:22 
B3. The City (Art Of Music) - 03:05 
B4. Black Night Ride (Art Of Music) - 07:13 

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