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19 Feb 2017

Charly García “Música del Alma” 1977 Argentina Prog Symphonic Rock

Charly García “Música del Alma” 1977 Argentina Prog Symphonic Rock

In November of 1977, a concert promoted by Charly García reunited in Luna Park to the most important musicians of the moment. The result of this meeting is the first live album of the soloist stage of the artist, recorded with different artists such as David Lebón, the fleeting super-acoustic group Porsuigieco, the symphonic La Máquina de Pájaros and the brief reunion of Sui Generis, Two years after its dissolution. The show was recorded for an inconclusive double disc already discontinued and inconsequible. 

Recorded in a recital called “The Festival of Love”, took place in the darkest hours of recent Argentine history, when the dictatorship kidnapped, tortured and murdered. It happens that at that time no one could imagine a city hit or televised announcements announcing a concert of rock in the dictatorship. However, the event summoned 15 thousand people in a stadium that at that time was conditioned for boxing events exclusively. 

The occasion allowed Charly to fire La Máquina, the group he had been playing with for less than two years. Also to reunite his duo with Nito Mestre that had officially concluded its history in September of the ‘75 in that same stage. A meeting of friends also for commercial purposes: García and Lebón took advantage of the collection of the event to leave the country for a while, embarking on a trip that would later be revealing. It was in his destiny of exile, Brazil, where a few months later they would found Seru Girán. 

The concert that lasted four hours, was recorded for a record without good results: by couplings and various technical maladjustments, many live records could not be recovered. Nevertheless, some served and with recordings made in studio between January and February of 1978, a double disc was published in the winter of 1980. “Music of the Soul” had in the cover an unforgettable drawing of Renata Schussheim, plastic artist who at the moment Of that edition was very close to Charly and worked in the art of “Bicycle”, the third opus of Serú Giran, that at the moment of the registration of the festival did not exist like band. 

Sadly, it’s a virtually lost record because, produced by Oscar López, it was released by Sazam Records, rock label of Music Hall Company, bankrupt and without successor. The disc was reedited twice, with licenses obtained from dubious origin. In both cases, the sound mastered by raising it from a vinyl and not from the original master tape, coupled with some songs that were re-recorded in the ION studios. 

Paradoxically at the Moon Festival in the dark of the lead years, our summer of vernacular love was a manifestation of hippism and free rock almost without mass publicity. In an anthological and cathartic meeting for a generation oppressed by fearful repression, once again music served as a bridge to elevate souls, a genuine and necessary cry of libration……………..

1 Variaciones Sobre Música Del Alma
2 Dos Edificios Dorados
3 Hombre de Mala Sangre
4 El Fantasma de Canterville
5 Boletos, Pases y Abonos
6 Gaby
7 Bienvenidos Al Tren
8 Tema de Los Devotos
9 Iba Acabándose El Vino
10 Las Dulces Promesas
11 Sentado En El Umbral de Dios
12 Studio Jam
13 Música Del Alma 

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