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25 Feb 2017

Chenaniah “Chenaniah” 1977 US Private Christian Folk Rock

Chenaniah “Chenaniah” 1977 very rare US Private Christian Folk Rock

Private Press LP put out in 1977. Only 1000 were issued. I don’t know much about how to describe a record but this is in very good condition. I’ve only played it twice (even though one of the musicians is my relative)….the plastic seal is still around most of the album cover. There is a small tear on the back cover, approx. ½" in lower left. Garage/rock band group from Bagley, Minnesota. Here is what Acid Archives says about the record: “Little-known Christian 1970s melodic folkrock at the commercial westcoast end of the spectrum, comparable to Harvest Flight. Opens with excellent psych-vibe track….nice arrangements with guitar tapestries and smooth CSN/America vocal harmonies, some countryrock moves, listenable OK with a relaxed, non-preaching attitude….a few lowkey folk tracks with acoustic guitar and strings project an appealing Tim Hardin feel.” 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..