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28 Feb 2017

Days “Bacchus Is Back” 1975 Denmark Glam Art Rock Psych Pop Rock

Days “Bacchus Is Back” 1975 Denmark Glam Art Rock Psych Pop Rock

Days - a group of Copenhagen, was established in 1967 and disbanded in 1971, which released one album ... The original composition: Peter Lindhe (drums), John Kjaergaard (vocals / rhythm guitar), Ole Fester (vocals / bass) and Lars Reinau (vocals / guitar). The initial repertoire - mostly blues-rock cover songs Cream, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones. LP (presented on our website respected silay17) 
It was recorded in the early summer of 1970, and in 1971 the band split up due to musical differences. 

However, Peter Lindhe and Jorn Anker created another group of the same name and released two more albums (1975 and 1977) ... One of them is presented your attention.............

Bass, Vocals - Jens Holstvig 
Drums, Percussion, Vocals - Peter Lindhe 
Keyboards, Organ, Bells [Tubular], Percussion, Vocals - Jorn Anker 
Lead Vocals, Guitar [Single], Rhythm Guitar, Organ - Steen Christiansen 


01. Bacchus Is Back 2:56 
02. That's Just What I Dream Of 3:01 
03. Country Medley 5:45 
04. Whatever You Like 3:07 
05. We Got To Do Something 3:44 
06. I'm Getting Older 3:48 
07. It Does not Matter 2:24 
08. Waiting A Milion Years 2:43 
09. All Right, All Right 3:21 
10. Tundra 2:12 
11. Beyond The Pllars Of Hercules 3:05 

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