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12 Feb 2017

Dhidalah ‎ “No Water” 2017 Japan Psych Rock,Doom Metal

Dhidalah ‎ “No Water” 2017 Japan Psych Rock,Doom Metal Ltd 300 copies in Orange Vinyl EP
What Dhidalah says:

"Dhidalah started in 2007 as an instrumental heavy psych trio from Tokyo ( Gotoh/Bass, Konstantine/Drums, Ikuma Kawabe/Guitar) While Ikuma was playing as a guitarist for Church Of Misery,the trio discovered a connection between music from different genres. Their sound reveals that connection, which is often described as space kraut rock meets heavy doom.

The groups music allows you to float high above the atmosphere as well as sing to the lowest depths of the ground."

The Shrieks From Below, says:

Only two (lengthy) tracks on 'No Water' by Dhidalah, but there is as much diversity here as a 70's prog extravaganza, double album. The only other track I have heard from Dhidalah, was off a compilation released by the Guruguru Brain Record Label, it was called 'Astro' and I immediately installed it onto my show on Grip of Delusion Radio.

With 'No Water' Dhidalah has taken a side step away from the cosmic, chilled out groove of 'Astro' and instead has concocted a potent brew of searing solo's in homage to earlier classical Japanese freak out bands such as High Rise and Mainliner, melded with the more modern, vibrant sounds of Earthless, constructed around a foundation of Sleep derived doom.

The band name Dhidalah, comes from the mythological giant Diadarabotchi, which is believed to create mountains. With 'No Water' Dhidalah, has managed to raze them to the ground.

Japanese power trio Dhidalah makes use of greater expanses on their new album; each side contains a side-long stare into the mouth of the volcano, and each track in turn burns away the worrisome flesh and then cools the wound with the cosmic rays of the space’s empty void. The band has studied their heavy-psych playbook, found the flay and cut fast and precise for the major arteries in any listener. They’ve spent some time honing up on space rock’s gravitational pull too. Though they understand that the eight ton hammer is effective and blistering riffs are key, they know that running the stew through a strainer of effects and sonic swirl can have a very pleasing effect on the output. 

The first side is the seismic crack in the crater, a whallop of Thor’s hammer to the surface and the fallout of destruction that ripples in it’s wake. The title track, on the flip, is where they really begin to find the nuance in those cold, lonely ripples of space. The build in the first few minutes is tranquil, languid, a peaceful respite acting as somewhat of an eye in the hurricane of No Water. Then comes the second wave of destruction, heavier than the first wave, less furious, but with a much more menacing crush. The band covers a lot of ground in just two tracks, but for doom a single monolithic track has always presented an opportunity to stretch out. Dhidalah are proving here that they’re just as much a part of the dark pantheon as Earthless, Sleep or High On Fire. by Andy 

Bass – Wahei Gotoh 
Drum – Konstantin Miyazaki 
Guitar – Ikuma Kawabe

A GRB 11:03
B No Water 14:08

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