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11 Feb 2017

Donn Tarris “Party” 1977 Canada Private Psych Folk Rock

Donn Tarris “Party”  1977 rare & excellent Canada Private Psych Folk Rock…recommended…!
Donn Tarris began as a bass player in a band that he and three friends have started when they were in high school. He began writing his own songs around 1972 and put out his first album, Party, in 1977. The self-penned, self-produced set is an excellent collection of ballads and folk rock with Jazz & Latin overtones in tight unit. The highlights are 'Lonely Man', 'Chambermaid' and 'Walking Thoughts' with his fresh vocals and lyrics more life in song. At that time he was the bass player, co-producer and engineer for the band Airborne. That band went in to Ocean Sound Studio in North Vancouver in the summer of 1977 to record their debut album Songs for a City (also reissued on Beatball Music Group). Originally on Remembering Records, 1977 CANADA. First official release. Sound from original master tape with 2 bonus tracks. LP miniature sleeve including obi. Exclusive retro-style inner sleeve.. .......

Wonderful folk-rock song "Marsha" captivated me with their uniqueness and solid impurities psychedelia. Name of its artist, Canadian singer and songwriter Donna Terrisa (Donn Tarris) did not say anything to me and I made the search for information about him, hoping to also find some more of his works. And partly it has been rewarded!

  First, I recognize that "Marsha" was placed on a gramophone record Terrisa "Party", which was published in 1977 on the label "Remembering Record", and then found and a brief biography of the Canadian. It is reported that Donne began his musical career as a bass player in a part of the student quartet, where all the musicians were his friends. In 1972, he began to compose his own songs. But their first album "Party" for some reason, let alone five years. Four more years and we see Donna again as a bass player, and in combination - producer and sound engineer, as part of the Vancouver team The Wet! With this group he recorded chetyrёhpesenny mignon and I was surprised to learn in his own studio, which was called "Buttertree Sound" (in Richmond). For many years, Donne wrote the song, but his next solo albums recorded very late in the '90s - "Twilight" and "When Night Has Fallen" (2002, both re-issued?).

  Could not clarify the nature of vzamodeystviya Donna Terrisa with such ensembles as the Arrival. As for Airborne (also from Vancouver), then they Donne joined in 1977. And here he not only played and sang, but also engaged in producing.

  In 2010, the debut solo album Terrisa was reissued on CD Korean label "Beatball" (with the addition of two bonus tracks, and re-replicated with the same label in January 2014?), And in 2011 - the Japanese label "Zoom" . By the way, the Japanese in 2010 and re-released one album Airborne "Songs For A City" (just before leaving in 1977 with a circulation of 2 thousand. Ind.).

  Songs Donna Terrisa 70s - returned by a miracle. Now the dream is to find and listen to the whole album and his debut EP The Wet !, and Airborne me something is not liked.........

Lonely Man
Tahitian Love Song
That Kind Of Star
Song For Lorraine
Conversation Piece
Waking Thoughts

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