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9 Feb 2017

Duello Madre ‎ “Duello Madre” 1973 Italy Prog Jazz Rock

Duello Madre ‎ “Duello Madre” 1973 Italy Prog Jazz  Rock
After Zoccheddu’s and Callero’s excellent complex heavy progressive rock of their previous group Osage Tribe, they settled for a more jazzy direction reminiscent of the Canterbury-sound (with Callero and Trentin mirroring the roles of Hugh Hopper and Elton Dean). Lo Previte (previously of Circus 2000) had by now developed a dense and busy percussion style similar to Francesco Froggio Francica (of Raccomandata R. R.) Despite composing most of the material, Zoccheddu kept a surprisingly low musical profile on many tracks. The highlights on the album are the two long tracks on side two - “Madre” (10:30) and “Duello” (7:59) - which sometimes almost fused John McLaughlin with Soft Machine. Quite a good album, this is recommended if you like the artists mentioned. Callero later played in two less interesting groups - Il Volo and Nova….. 

“Like Cincinnato, even Duello Madre, from Genova, only released a jazz-oriented album with just a single vocal track (probably the most convincing one on the LP), issued in 1973 on Produttori Associati. In the line-up Marco Zoccheddu from Nuova Idea and Osage Tribe, Bob Callero also from Osage Tribe and drummer Dede Lo Previte from Circus 2000, along with sax and flute player Pippo Trentin, and the great musicianship of the four-piece is evident throughout the album……………. 

DUELLO MADRE was an Italian group that released one album in the seventies. The group consisted of Pippo Trentin (saxophone, flauta), Marco Zoccheddu (electric & acoustic guitar), Bob Callero (bass) and Dede Lo Previte (drums). Many of the band members have been in other Italian groups. Zoccheddu has also been a member of NUOVA IDEA and OSAGE TRIBE, Callero a member of OSAGE TRIBE and IL VOLO, and Lo Previte a member of CIRCUS 2000 and NOVA. 

The only album, simply titled “Duello Madre”, was released in 1973. It is a jazz oriented, mostly instrumental album. Only the first track includes some minimal vocals. The musicianship in this album is good and it occasionally results in jamming like playing. Nice saxophone playing by Pippo Trentin is most notable. The rhythm section deserves a mention too. 

DUELLO MADRE should please fans of jazz-rock, also fans of the English jazz-rock scene. …. 

Marco Zoccheddu - guitars 
Pippo Trentin - sax, flute 
Bob Callero - bass 
Dede Lo Previte - drums 

1 Aquile Blu 6:59 
2 Momento 
Keyboards – Gian Piero Reverberi 
3 Otto 
Percussion – Mario Lamberti 
4 Madre 
Keyboards – Gian Piero Reverberi 
5 Duello 
Percussion – Mario Lamberti 

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