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12 Feb 2017

East Side Kids “The Tiger And The Lamb” 1968 US Psych Rock

East Side Kids “The Tiger And The Lamb” 1968 US Psych Rock
One of those odd rarities that's always had a place within my collection, going all the way back to the beginning of my record collecting days. Though definitely not one of the more memorable albums of the late 60's, as over the years it's been considered 2nd rate psychedelic rock by some. Understandably, as is the case with many late 60's one shot bands, the album does contain what some may refer to as filler. Nevertheless, I've always had a soft spot for it. Though admittedly it required patience and repeated listens back in the day before I was able to say I thoroughly enjoyed this LP. "The Tiger And The Lamb" was produced by Buzz Clifford and Dan Moore, previously members of "Hamilton Streetcar". The musicianship on this album is quite good...most notably for me, David Potter's drumming. Yet at the same time the album seems to be lacking in direction and has a tendency to wander, in particular with some of the cheesy vocal passages. This was quite possibly the band and production staff's intention, as it was 1968 after-all...and far stranger things were issued during that era in an attempt to please the youngsters. The album definitely has a psychedelic/pop vibe, and if you can get past the intermittent directionless and just flow with the music, it's rather enjoyable.
"The Tiger And The Lamb" was released on UNI Records, who were a subsidiary of Universal City Records/MCA. Many other late 60's psychedelic and hard rock American bands saw issue on this label as well, and are today all very sought after by collectors. A few of those bands/artists were; The Hook, The Yellow Payges, Warm Dust, Giant Crab, Alexander's Timeless Bloozband, Mars Bonfire, Fever Tree, and The Smoke, to name a few..............

i'm befuddled by the low ratings. this album is incredible. "the tiger and the lamb" deserves the same acclaim that is slathered all over it's acid archives contemporaries. this is a severely stoned, pop masterpiece. at times this reminds me of condello "phase 1," which is underrated itself, but at least it has some sort of stature. all of the songs with "love" in the title are monsters......

Signed to the UNI (Universal City Records) label, the East Side Kids were an L.A. club rock band that managed to release one LP before calling it quits. It would be tempting, given their pedigree and choice of label, to say that this album is a lost classic from the Summer of Love. Truthfully, though, this is a second-rate release by a third tier band.

About all The Tiger and the Lamb has going for it is the production of Buzz Clifford and Dan Moore (formerly of the band Hamilton Streetcar). Clifford, something of a cult figure today, contributes the album's one stellar song, the trippy "I See, I Am". Moore's "Ballad of the Gentle People" is an ambitious but ultimately failed attempt at a sweeping pop-psych epic. Elsewhere, the opening track "Is My Love Strong" is catchy, but everything else is unmemorable or, in the case of their eight minute version of "Dancin' in the Street", unlistenable. This album is currently out of print and due to its lack of memorable material, probably won't be reissued anytime soon................

Although obviously connected with Texas because Dave Potter joined them from Endle St. Cloud and went on to Potter St. Cloud, they were from Los Angeles' East Side.
The album, which is largely mainstream pop aside from a psychedelic interpretation of "Dancing In The Street". Some tracks were written by H. Wesley Watt (of Euphoria) who also migrated between Texas and California. "Pigeon Of L.A." and "I See I Am" were written by Buzz Clifford of Hamilton Streetcar.
Their sole album was produced by Dan Moore and Buzz Clifford..............

East Side Kids:
Mike Doud - bass
David Potter - drums
David Doud - guitar
Joe Madrid - vocals

Is My Love Stong
I Remember The Good Times
Move Like Love
Pidgeon Of L. A.
Taking The Time
I See I Am
Heavy Love The Ballad Of The Gentle People
Can’t Feel Love
Ask The Bo
Dancing In The Street

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