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3 Feb 2017

Fabio “LSD Lindo Sonho Delirante / O Reloginho” 1968 single 7" Brazil Psych Soul Garage

Fabio  “LSD Lindo Sonho Delirante / O Reloginho” 1968 single 7" Brazil Psych Soul Garage 
1968, in the Brazilian dictatorship, FÁBIO released this psychedelic gemm LSD (Lindo Sonho Delirante), writed by him and Carlos Imperial. A soul / garage floor killer till today. Besides the alucinated rhythm, the song was na explicit provocation to the political society of the 60’s………. 

The single “Lindo Sonho Delirante (LSD)” - by singer Fabio and Carlos Imperial - was edited in the repressed 1968 Brazilian. And because of his lyrics, not without controversy: “Beautiful Delirious Dream: today I want to travel. Where is my castle, my flying carpet?”, Provokes the acidic lyrics. On the B side of the 33 Simple, “Reloginho”, harmless but grooved funk. I read that, in fact, Fabio is Paraguayan. His real name is Juan Zeno Rolón. Now you’ll know. After much LSD (the song) in the head, he was “sex” - as it was called in the 70’s - soul and disco. See what you got …….. 

You met Carlos, and it was just one step to record your first compact … 
That part was interesting. Arriving in Rio de Janeiro, I marveled at the wonderful city, the beaches, the girls … only he said: “Juancito, oh, first step: you’re going to have to lose your accent” because I had an accent very strong. “Cantor with an accent in Brazil is not successful”. And another: “For you to record your first record, we’ll change your name.” 
And how did you get the name? 
There was a meeting between him and him, and the artistic director of the record company he had already contacted. They heard Juancito … “Ah, really, this boy has … and how it’s going to be, let’s change his name.” Each one spoke a name … Márcio Augusto, Roberto José, Luiz I do not know what … and I had a friend here that his artistic name … I thought his name was his maximum, his name was Fábio Marcelo. Who was Fábio Marcelo? It was Herondy, Jane and Herondy. And he gave no other, I remembered him at the time, and I said, “How about Fabio?” And then everyone thought … “Dude, you have Fábio’s face! This name is great, you’re Fábio from now on.” 
[About recording] 
So we went, we marked the first recording, we immediately booked a studio, where I chose some songs. The song chosen was “Lindo Sonho Delirante”, track A, which was just when the Beatles had released a very controversial album at the time, where it had “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” … there came “Beautiful Delirious Dream” “I said,” Imperial, let’s make a song, ‘Beautiful Delirious Dream, today I want to travel’ … “. Gee, the Imperial never had, nor did he know what LSD was, but he was a very intelligent and very inspired guy, and he got the story. Because the Imperial only drank Coke for the rest of his life. He did not drink alcohol, nothing, nothing, nothing … he was totally against any kind of drug. There appeared "Beautiful Delirious Dream”, accompanied by the Fevers, and “O Reloginho” on the other side. 
And the arrangement, from whom? 
Ourselves. There in the studio. 
Well, the record came out. The compact came out, and there was no selling success, did not make the success we expected, but I was able to sing on all the television shows of the time, everyone. 
And what was it like to sing in all the shows, shows of the time with a song about LSD? 
Exactly. Nobody until today understood how censorship has passed, and the system itself, the military … 
It was wide open on the cover! 
On the cover! L-S-D. You could have caught me. In fact, in fact, we wanted to create a controversy in order to use this artifice in order to leverage. But no one called, no one cared about anything … but the clever ones took it out. Then the following happened: the music played a little, some radios played, some did not … the forte was the television. Even because this environment Carlos knew well. Then six months later the record company looks for me to make the second album. Make another attempt. It was good, must have sold about six thousand compact, gave to do the next. But where is the Imperial? Imperial had been arrested by the military dictatorship because he had sent a postcard with a rather embarrassing situation: sitting in the vase, wishing the military a Merry Christmas … 

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