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21 Feb 2017

Fast Buck "Fast Buck" 1976 UK/US Hard Rock Heavy Rock

interview by  Mike O'Connor
official website…….
A little-known British-American band formed in the mid-70s Scott “Two-Teas” Gorham and originally referred to as “Special Brew”. Initially, it was a part of three Americans - Scott Gorham, Eddie Leach, Rob Grant, and a “wandering” the Scotsman Ed Hamilton. Changed its name to “Fast Buck” ( “Easy Money”) give the guys a few shows on the London stage, while Scott goes away in a reformed “Thin Lizzy”, and Eddie Leach joins “Slack Alice”. Ed Hamilton with two friends from the “Hot Chocolate” had a remarkable performance of the band and after audition the team appears a permanent guitarist Andy Locke. A little later the group left Rob Grant (decided to go back to the States), but Andy found a friend of bassist David Kerr-Clemenson. After a brief break, they come together for a concert in London’s Soho, which decided that they had bad turns to play together and need to be continued. So, after a few months of rehearsals, their residence becomes “Anchor Hotel” in Shepperton, and once a month they give an idea of ​​the legendary “Golden Lion”, that in Fulham. In order to reach a new level, the group needed a quantum boost and Ed asked his old friend on session work Steve Hall pokoldovat over their household accounts. Using the “Anchor Hotel” as a launching pad for the next 18 months, “Easy money” is firmly established themselves on the scene pub rock, signed a contract with the record company “Jet Records” and warmed on a tour of such stars as “Electric Light Orchestra”, Kevin Ayers and “The Pretty Things”. Ed and Dave founded the “Fast Buck Studios” and “Fast Buck Music Ltd.” in Chiswick, west London; Company conceived as a springboard for the group. In the ‘80s they continued to tour successfully, while Andy goes away to do a solo career. Currently, the group regularly tours the original lineup…………… 

Edwin Hamilton – lead vocals, guitar 
Andy Locke – lead guitar, vocals 
David Kerr-Clemenson – bass, vocals 
Mike Baron – drums, percussion, vocals 

01.Understanding Is The Word 3:38 
02.I’ve Got To Be Strong 3:43 
03.Rock 'n’ Roll Star 4:49 
04.Rockin’ Chair Ride 5:17 
05.Under It All 4:38 
06.The Mirror 4:52 
07.Practically 5th Avenue 3:34 
08.Hard On The Boulevard 3:25 
09.Sometime Man 4:01 
10.Come To The Country 4:55 

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