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18 Feb 2017

Flying Island ‎ “Flying Island” 1975 US Prog Jazz Rock,Space Age

Flying Island ‎ “Flying Island” 1975 US Prog Jazz Rock,Space Age
Criminally overlooked US band with a very rich and elaborated sound and it's really a question,why this band's works remained and still remain in the shadows for so many years.They released two studio albums to my knowledge,a self-titled in 1975 and the follower ''Another kind of space'' one year later.FLYING ISLAND were led by violinist Fred Fraioli,featuring also well-known keyboardist Jeff Bova and later drummer Bill Bacon would also join the band.FLYING ISLAND were lucky enough to sign a 5-year contract with Vanguard Label and in 1975 they released a self-titled LP.

Offering some really adventurous musicianship,the album presents an all instrumental effort of 10 short tracks,based on Fraioli's excellent violin work, which ranges from leading up-tempo parts to weird complicated passages.Bova delivers some trully great keyboard work both on Hammond organ and electric piano,this time starting from a supporting role to end up in obscure soundscapes,doubled by Fraioli's violin.The tight playing of Thom Preli on bass and the confident drumming of Bacon gives the band another extra point.Finally,guitarist Ray Smith prooves to be a hidden ace for FLYING ISLAND's sound with a personal style consisting of good breaks and gear-ups.

I honestly tell you,this work should be spread all over the world for the different moods and professional arrangements it offers.Especially fans of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA,BRAND X or DIXIE DREGS will love it to death.Absolutely essential for your collection!  apps79 ............

This all instrumental progressive jazz/rock fusion LP is worth investigating by all fans of prog. It features It features some fine use of elec. violin, flute, clarinet, elec. piano, and some wailin' wah-wah guitar on a mix of light and heavy mat'l. They're relatively obscure, and deserve better recognition. Grades - 2 B+'s, 5 B's, 2 b-'s, and a C+. I have heard reports they were from .........

Artwork By – Jacques Wyrs
Bass – Thom Preli
Design – Jules Halfant
Drums, Percussion – Bill Bacon
Guitar – Ray Smith (5)
Keyboards – Jeff Bova
Producer – Ed Bland
Violin, Flute – Faith Fraioli

A1 Funky Duck 3:04
A2 Even The Birds Wear Gas-Masks 5:25
A3 Priestess Of Fantasy 3:15
A4 Aerial Jester 2:33
A5 Eddie 6:17
B1 Cry To The Moon 3:27
B2 Time Bound Wizard 4:03
B3 The Flying Island 3:13
B4 The Aquilon Wave 5:21
B5 I Love To Dance 6:34

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