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13 Feb 2017

Galaxy-Lin “G” 1975 Dutch Prog Jazz Rock

Galaxy-Lin “G” 1975 excellent Dutch Prog Jazz Rock..recommended..

Dutch guitarist, sitarist and songwriter Robbie van Leeuwen was born in The Hague on 29 October 1944. In the '60s it could be seen among the participants many Dutch rhythm-and-blues commands, such as: «The Atmospheres», «Motions», «The Ricochets» and «Six Young Riders». But the greatest fame, he received as a founding father and the main generator of creative ideas pop psychedelic group «Shocking Blue». By mid-'70 -x Robbie Van Leeuwen he was still nominally the number of participants «Shocking Blue», although he has not only taken part in their recordings and foreign tours, but also the densest way involved in her new project called «Galaxy-Lin ". To implement the new ideas that have arisen in its pristine, freed from the oppressive burden of the past and an enlightened pictures of other musical horizons creative imagination Van Leeuwen has attracted an impressive constellation of influential Dutch rock professionals. Among them: former vocalist «Jupiter» Rudy Bennett (Rudy Bennett), mandolin (? Mandolinschiki) Hugo Van Haastert (Hugo van Haastert), the future member of «Triad» and Hans van Vos (Hans van Vos) of «Lemming», former saxophonist «Ekseption» Remelink Dick (Dick Remelink), drummer Peter Riynvis (Peter Rejnvis) and bassist Peter Wassenaar (Peter Wassenaar) of «Blue Planet»
After signing a recording contract with the label «Polydor», the group, with its help, creates in 1974 his firstborn vinyl, betrothed to, without further ado, «Galaxy-Lin». The second and last release under the suggestive title of «G» was released in 1975. Although the project was originally conceived as a full-fledged creative union venerable musicians, first violin in it, of course, plays Robbie van Leeuwen, who showed themselves on both plates as an experienced producer and virtuoso with a delicate and elaborate approach to the sound structure of the group recorded material. In addition, its composer's penned, with a few exceptions, almost all authors array on both discs. It is worth noting that if someone is going to listen to albums «Galaxy-Lin» in the hope of finding a sound remake of the traditional musical style «Shocking Blue», he will certainly be very disappointed. First, Van Leeuwen in the formation of the composition completely abandoned the use of the guitar, as such, as in the minds of most listeners prevailing opinion that she is the primary instrument in the performance of this rock. Guitars have been successfully replaced by the acoustic and electric mandolins, and this fact alone is a deep respect for nature as the experimentation of Robbie, and he heads the Commonwealth of extraordinary daring and creative musicians. Second, the writing and sound material serving in the choice of genre itself one is not particularly limited, for a team clearly prevailed stylistic spirit of tolerance and democracy. And as in the group, according to the records, Van Leuven at the music section of the territories still managed to establish an atmosphere of mutual understanding and harmony, all the components of their sound palette reconciled to the millimeter and sound in harmony and in a single burst of performing. There was a place here and the English folk, progressive, jazz and the rock was not deprived of attention. At the same time on both plates are present and more pop-oriented tracks in a slight touch of psychedelia which show through, though not without difficulty, carefully filtered and the separated musical priorities Robbie van Leeuwen, familiar to us by Vinyl primary sources of his early work. The compositional skill, both the first and second discs above all praise, enough to go deep with the head and dissolve completely in the instrumental suites: «Bizarre» and «Ode to the Highways», that «in full growth" shows Van Leuven as an adult and thoughtful author whose works do not go on about the interest is not particularly discriminating, on the part of the creative innovations, public, requiring constant soap musical show based on podnabivshih Robbie already hefty nauseam «Venus» or «Alaska Country».
The harmonious and laid-back mix of jazz saxophone Remelinka and funky rhythm section, lovingly stitched fine synth beads and pearl loose fine mandolins, together with the enveloping soft charm hypnotically-silk singing Rudy Bennett, can not cause, when listening to this wonderful music man fully cured and mentally liberated from "venereal" pop infections of past years, a sense of euphoria and the internal space of the universal enlightenment, which is difficult to describe in words, letters or characters of any of the available earthlings currently languages ​​and dialects. Even the most commercial, according to the label «Polydor», and released as singles «Long Hot Summer» and «Traveling Song» periodically begin to sound in the reborn for the perception of positive vibrations consciousness of the world, as if re-arranged and energetically recharged Robbie Van Leuven, until now time unreleased little-known group «Focus» composition. Creativity «Galaxy-Lin» - is a priori very strange music that should please any extraordinary thinking person. As a matter of fact, we had to prove.............

Robbie van Leeuwen - Vocals, Mandoline [ex-Shocking Blue]
Rudy Bennett -Vocals [ex-Jupiter]
Dick Remelink - Saxophone & Flute [ex-Ekseption]
Hugo van Haastert - Mandoline, Vocals [Triad]
Peter Wassenaar - Bass [ex-Blue Planet]
Peter Rijnvis - Drums, Tubular Bells
Skip van Rooy -Organ, Piano [Buffoons]

I Know My Baby
Long Hot Summer
Hunting Song
Ode To The Highways
Ode To The Highways
The Entertainer
Mandolin Morning

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..